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Buy the Best Wireless Headphones to Get the Freedom you Need in your Life

Have the latest Bluetooth headphones that do everything for you! They have superior sound quality, comfortable design, and battery for hours.

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Updated Apr 13, 2023

Hand-Picked By Us

Best for Music Lover

4.3 Excellent


84,999 PKRs

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Sony WH-1000XM4 is a high-quality headphone that offers superior comfort, great sound quality, and stunning noise cancelation. Whether you're looking for headphones to use at work or while traveling, this is an excellent choice that won't disappoint.

What we like

  • Stellar noise cancellation performance.
  • Intuitive touch controls.
  • Impressive audio quality.

What we don’t like

  • High price
  • 360 Reality Audio is still limited
  • Multipoint support is buggy.

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Best for Bass-heavy Music Lovers

4.5 Excellent


43,999 PKRs

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Sony WH-XB910N headphones are a great option that offers incredible sound and long battery life. They are one of the most stylish headphones on the market having superior audio quality and functionality.

What we like

  • Very long battery life
  • Excellent companion app
  • Good ANC
  • Excellent Sound Quality

What we don’t like

  • Prone to inconsistencies in bass and treble delivery.
  • No IP rating
  • Basic Design

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High-quality Sound Headphone

4.1 Excellent

Hesh ANC

36,564 PKRs

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The Skullcandy Hesh ANC headphones are ideal for those who want high-quality music and sound without being disturbed by their surroundings. These headphones are a must-have because of their cutting-edge design, cozy fit, and lengthy battery life.

What we like

  • ANC
  • Stable Connectivity
  • Comfortable

What we don’t like

  • ANC struggles to reduce bass-range noise
  • Volume buttons
  • No ANC or EQ controls

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Best for Music Lover

3.6 Good

Crusher ANC

50,000 PKRs

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Skullcandy Crusher ANC headphones are designed to turn heads with their unique style, outstanding sound quality, and never-ending battery life. Whether you're looking for a new pair of headphones for the office or gym, these are a perfect choice!

What we like

  • Incredibly impactful bass
  • Big and easy-to-use buttons
  • Can be used passively with the included audio cable.

What we don’t like

  • Mediocre and noisy ANC
  • Bass is muddy at higher volumes
  • The Plastic build feels like a downgrade

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Best Ever Headphones

4.6 Excellent

Airpods Max

131,999 PKRs

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If AirPods Max isn't the best, they're a close second. They're a fantastic option for anyone searching for premium headphones because of their excellent sound quality, noise cancellation, comfort, elegant look, and 20 hours of battery life.

What we like

  • Comfortable Design
  • Superb Audio Quality
  • Ear Detection

What we don’t like

  • High Price
  • Not foldable
  • No Power Button

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Do you hate being tethered to your device? Want to enjoy it freely?

We feel you. That’s why we’ve got the best wireless headphones – so you can be free to move about the cabin without worrying about pesky cords getting in your way.

You’ll enjoy your favorite music and movies using these fantastic Bluetooth headphones. It has crystal clear sound that will make you feel like royalty, as well as being able to take it anywhere since they fold up easily!

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Headphones for you

When it comes to choosing the best Bluetooth headphones, there are a few things you need to take into consideration.

Compatibility – First and Foremost

You need to make sure that the headphones are compatible with your device. Most Bluetooth headphones will work with any Bluetooth-enabled device other than those explicitly built for specific devices, so it’s always best to check before buying.

Battery Life – Matters a Lot

Another essential factor to consider is the battery life of the headphones. If you’re going to be using them for long periods, you’ll need a pair with good battery life. Bluetooth headphones can last up to 20 hours on a single charge, so it’s worth checking the specifications before you make your purchase.

Price – Budget Friendly

Finally, you need to think about the price. Bluetooth headphones can vary significantly in price, so it’s crucial to find a pair that suits your budget.

Style – Must Suit your Personality

Headphones come in all shapes and sizes these days. You can find them in different colors

and styles to suit your personality. There are a few different styles that headphones provide. In-ear, on-ear, and over-ear are the three main types.

In-ear headphones – Best for Casual use

They are small and compact, making them great for use on the go. They fit snugly into your ear and can be used to listen to music and make phone calls.

On-ear headphones – Best for Battery Life and Portability

They are slightly larger than in-ear headphones and sit on your ears. They’re more comfortable to wear for long periods and provide excellent sound quality.

Over-ear headphones – Best for Overall use

They are the most significant type of headphones and fit over your entire ear. They’re great for use at home or in the office as they provide the best sound quality from all the different types.

Features – Choose What you Need the Most

Headphones have come a long way since their inception and now provide a wide range of features that cater to different needs. Here are some of the most popular features that headphones provide:

Noise-cancelling Technology

This is one of the most sought-after features in headphones as it allows you to block out unwanted noise so you can focus on your music or movie.

Built-in Microphone

A built-in microphone is handy for making hands-free phone calls or recording videos.

Built-in Storage

This is an excellent feature for those who want to keep their music and movies on their headphones and access them without carrying around a separate device.

Foldable Design

A foldable design is all you need for storage and portability.

Sound Quality – How Well do you want it to be?

Headphones have come a long way in terms of sound quality. You can now find headphones that provide excellent sound quality, whether listening to music or watching movies.

Comfort – Should be a Priority

When it comes to comfort, you should keep it a priority. Special headphones, designed to provide comfort when used for long durations, are also easily available. 


This is an excellent feature for those who want to use their headphones while working out or participating in other activities where they might sweat.

Our Top 5 Picks for the Best Bluetooth Headphones in 2022

  1. Sony WH-1000XM4 – Best For Sound Quality

The Sony WH-1000XM4 is an excellent headphone for everyday users. It’s comfortable and sleek, offering exceptional sound quality with active noise cancellation. The only downside is that it’s not cheap.

  1. Sony WH-XB910N – Best for Bass Lovers

The Sony WH-XB910N headphones are a great option if you’re looking for a pair of wireless headphones with incredible sound quality. They’re also very comfortable to wear and have great battery life. The only downside is that they’re not the most stylish headphones on the market, but if you’re more concerned with quality over style, these headphones are for you.

  1. Skullcandy Hesh ANC – Best for Noise Canceling

Skullcandy Hesh ANC headphones combine simplicity, comfort, and sound quality. These headphones are perfect for all occasions.

  1. Skullcandy crusher ANC – Best for Deeper Sound Dimensions

The Skullcandy Crusher ANC headphones feel like sorcery. The design, comfort, sound quality, performance, and battery life are all incredible. If you’re looking for a new pair of headphones, 

these should be at the top of your list.

  1. Apple AirPods Max – Best for Noise Canceling

We suggest the AirPods Max. The AirPods Max is one of the most premium headphones on the market, and it comes with a price tag to match. But if you’re an Apple fan looking for the best wireless headphones, these are the ones you need.

The Benefits of using Bluetooth Headphones

You get numerous benefits if you choose Bluetooth headphones. They are convenient, and affordable and come in various styles to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a pair of headphones to use while working out or simply want a hands-free option for making phone calls, Bluetooth headphones are a great choice.

FAQs about Bluetooth Headphones

How do Bluetooth headphones work?

Bluetooth headphones work by connecting wirelessly to your phone or other devices. They use Bluetooth technology to establish a connection and send audio signals.

How do I connect my Bluetooth headphones to my phone?

To connect your Bluetooth headphones to your phone, you need to turn on the Bluetooth feature and put your headphones into pairing mode. Once your headphones are in pairing mode, they should appear on your phone’s list of available devices. Simply select your headphones from the list, and they should be connected.

How do I know if my Bluetooth headphones are connected?

You should see a small Bluetooth icon on your phone’s screen if your Bluetooth headphones are connected. Additionally, you should be able to hear audio coming from your headphones.

What are the disadvantages of Bluetooth headphones?

The main disadvantage of Bluetooth headphones is that they can sometimes lag slightly in the audio. Additionally, Bluetooth headphones tend to have shorter battery life than other types of headphones.

How long do Bluetooth headphones last?

Bluetooth headphones typically last for 4-6 hours on a single charge. However, this will vary depending on the specific model and how you use them.

How far can Bluetooth headphones be from the device they are connected to?

Bluetooth headphones can typically stay connected for up to 30 feet away from the paired device. However, this range may be shorter if there are obstacles.

Do Bluetooth headphones work with all phones?

Bluetooth headphones should work with all phones that have Bluetooth capabilities. However, there may be some compatibility issues with specific models of phones.


If you’re looking for a high-quality set of headphones, Bluetooth headphones are a great option. They offer convenience and outstanding performance at an affordable price. Whether you want to use them while working out or take hands-free calls on the go, Bluetooth headphones are a great choice. Why not treat yourself to a pair today?


Buy the Best Wireless Headphones to Get the Freedom you Need in your Life

Our Picks








Available Colours

Noise Canceling


Battery life

Available Colors

WH-1000XM4 View Details 84,999 PKR



7.27 x 3.03 x 9.94 inches

254 g

Dynamic driver, detail-rich sound


USB Type-C

1200 mAh

Black, Midnight Blue, and Silver.





WH-XB910N View Details 43,999 PKR




252 g

Rich bass, solid mids, and clear highs.


USB Type-C


Black and Blue


7.8 x 2.6 x 10.3 inches

30 hours


Hesh ANC View Details 36,564 PKR





40mm driver unit ensures rich quality sound combined with ANC


USB Type-C




19 x 20 x 4 cm

22 hours

black, grey, and white.

Crusher ANC View Details 50,000 PKR




309 gm

Bass-heavy sound


USB Type-C




12.2 x 8.5 x 3" cm

24 hours

Deep Red and Black

Airpods Max View Details 131,999 PKR




384 gm

HiFi sound


Lightning Cable




9.43 x 9.57 x 3.15 inches

20 hours

Silver, Space Gray, Sky Blue, Pink, and Green.