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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Geysers in Pakistan

Stay warm and cozy with our top picks for the best geysers in Pakistan - the ultimate guide for making a smart purchase.

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Updated Feb 16, 2023

Hand-Picked By Us

Best Hybrid Geyser

4.2 Excellent

GEH-855 AI

56,500 PKRs

View Details

The Super Asia GEH-855 AI Geyser is the perfect way to upgrade your showering experience. It's user-friendly, efficient, and will help you save energy costs. Upgrade your geyser today and enjoy hot water on demand! You won't regret it.

What we like

  • Uses AI technology
  • Energy-efficient
  • Intuitive and user-friendly controls

What we don’t like

  • Expensive than other traditional geysers
  • Installation may require professional help
  • Require frequent maintenance

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Best Gas Geyser

4.2 Excellent

Heavy Duty Gas Geyser 100 Gallon

160,000 PKRs

View Details

The Fischer 100 Gallon Gas Geyser is ideal for those who require a great deal of hot water. Not only is it enduring, energy-saving, and simple to install and operate, but its stylish appearance also serves as a bonus!

What we like

  • 100 Gallon Capacity
  • High-efficiency
  • Can be used in load shedding

What we don’t like

  • Dependent on gas supply
  • Requires proper ventilation
  • Requires regular maintenance

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Best Electric Geyser

4.2 Excellent

Canon EWH-55

43,700 PKRs

View Details

With Canon EWH-55 Electric Geyser, experience hot water all year round with zero hesitation! Not only does this remarkable product feature imported insulation and a 3-year warranty for its water storage tank, but it also comes with low electricity consumption.

What we like

  • 55 Gallon processing capacity
  • Imported insulation
  • 1-year parts warranty

What we don’t like

  • Expensive initial cost of purchase
  • The service team may not be available in all areas

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Best Instant Geyser

4.2 Excellent

10L-PB Instant Gas Geyser

20,500 PKRs

View Details

The Rays 10L-PB Instant Gas Geyser is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and efficient hot water system. It provides ample capacity, energy-saving features, and easy installation, making it the perfect bathroom solution.

What we like

  • Attractive and modern design
  • 80% energy saving
  • Flame-out protection

What we don’t like

  • Only works with gas
  • Requires regular maintenance
  • Expensive

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Best Mid-range Geyser

4.3 Excellent

Electric Water Heater 8G

16,500 PKRs

View Details

Invest in the Rays Electric Water Heater 8G and enjoy endless hot water with a rust-free body and tank. Its thermostat makes temperature control simple and energy efficient so that you can save money on electricity bills!

What we like

  • Rust-free tank
  • Easy installation process
  • Energy-efficient

What we don’t like

  • 8-gallon capacity
  • Needs periodic cleaning
  • Heavier than other models

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For many Pakistanis, a hot shower or bath is a must-have during the chilly winters. But with so many options, how do you know which geyser is the best for you?

From modern-day electric geysers to traditional ones, there's something for everyone. We have compiled a list of the top geysers in Pakistan to provide relief from the bitter cold.

In this article, we'll look at the various geysers available in the Pakistani market, the top brands, and what to consider when making your purchase.

So, we've got you covered whether you're looking for an electric, gas, or instant geyser. Let's dive in and discover the best geysers in Pakistan!

Best Hybrid Geysers - Stay Warm this Winter 

Hybrid geysers are a type of water heater that combines the benefits of both electric and gas-powered systems. They use electricity to heat water but also have a built-in backup system that uses natural gas when electricity is unavailable or too expensive.

In places like Pakistan, where there is a shortage of natural gas and high electricity costs, hybrid geysers can be an attractive option for homeowners. Since these systems use electricity and gas, they can save up to 10-20% on electricity costs compared to traditional electric water heaters. Additionally, they can provide a reliable source of hot water during power outages or gas shortages.

The best hybrid geysers in Pakistan include 

  1. Super Asia GEH-855 Ai
  2. Rays Electric & Gas Water Heater 55G Twin H-G
  3. Canon GWH-55 T
  4. Crown Tank Geyser 50G1010G-1
  5. Hotline Water Heater Geyser HL50

Best Gas Geysers - Experience Supreme Comfort 

Gas geysers are water heaters that use natural gas to heat water. In Pakistan, where electricity cost is high and natural gas is scarce, gas geysers can be an attractive option for homeowners. Gas geysers do not rely on electricity to heat water, which means they can save buyers money on electricity costs. They can provide reliable sources of hot water during power outages.

Gas geysers are a smart choice for homeowners in Pakistan and other areas where electricity is expensive and natural gas is available. They can help reduce energy costs and ensure a steady hot water supply. It is crucial to weigh the costs and benefits before investing in a gas geyser.

The best gas geysers in Pakistan include  

  1. Fischer Heavy Duty Gas Geyser 100 Gallon
  2. Super Asia GH-655 Ai
  3. Canon GWH-55 S
  4. Nasgas DG-55 Super Deluxe
  5. Rays Heavy Gauge 55-Gallon Gas Storage Geyser

Best Electric Geysers - Getting the Heat Right

Electric geysers are water heaters that use electricity to heat water. Electric geysers have a cost-benefit advantage over gas geysers as they require less maintenance. Consider the cost of electricity in your area before purchasing them. Electric geysers come in various sizes and models. Read our product reviews to know which is best for your household. 

Electric geysers are an excellent option for people who want to save on energy costs as they use electricity instead of natural gas. When choosing an electric geyser, it’s essential to make sure that the model you select can handle the hot water needs of your home. Also, make sure to factor in the cost of electricity in your area before making a purchase. 

The best electric geysers in Pakistan include 

  1. Canon EWH-55
  2. Fischer 55-E
  3. Nasgas DE-20 Gallon
  4. Rays Electric Water Heater 15G
  5. Super Asia EH-620

Best Instant Geysers - Instant Gratification

Instant geysers are water heaters that provide hot water on demand. These small systems can be installed under the sink or in a cabinet. They do not require a storage tank, which makes them perfect for small spaces. Instant geysers are energy-efficient as they heat water only when needed, reducing energy consumption and costs.

Instant geysers are ideal for those who want hot water on demand without waiting. They also require minimal maintenance and installation compared to traditional electric or gas water heaters. Before making a purchase, compare the costs of instant geysers with traditional heaters to get the best deal.

These are some of the best geysers in Pakistan that can help you instantly get hot water this winter. Consider your budget and hot water needs before making a purchase. With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect geyser for your home!

The best instant geysers in Pakistan include 

  1. Rays 10L-PB Instant Gas Geyser
  2. Fischer Imported Instant Electric Heater
  3. Super Asia GH-512
  4. Nasgas DG-20L Super Plus
  5. Canon Inse-24D Digital

Best Mid-Range Geysers - In your Budget

Mid-range geysers in Pakistan are the perfect solution for middle-class families looking for a balance of affordability and efficiency. These geysers are packed with features that make them stand out from the rest, such as digital temperature control, energy-saving modes, and multiple safety features like overheating protection and pressure relief valves. 

Not only are they designed to last, but they also come in various sizes and storage capacities so that you can find the perfect fit for your household. With an energy-efficient design, these geysers can help you save on your electricity bill while providing you with hot water when needed. 

Additionally, the price point of these geysers is very reasonable, making them an accessible option for a wide range of consumers.

The best mid-range geysers in Pakistan include 

  1. Rays Electric Water Heater 8G
  2. Canon EWH-08
  3. Nasgas DE-08 Gallon
  4. Super Asia EH-612
  5. Fischer 8-E Electric Geyser


This guide outlines the best geysers in Pakistan to help you get hot water as per your need this winter. There is something for everyone, from hybrid to electric, gas, and instant geysers. Consider your budget and hot water needs before making a purchase. With so many brands available, it’s easy to find the perfect geyser for your home!

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Q.1. Which brand is good in geyser?

Super Asia is the go-to brand for Reliable Geysers! For over two decades, Super Asia has provided high-quality and durable geysers for households all over Pakistan. With their cutting-edge technology and advanced features, you can be sure that you're getting the best value for your money with Super Asia's geysers. Whether you are looking for a tankless geyser or a hybrid one, Super Asia provides the perfect solution.

Q.2. Which company gas geyser is best in Pakistan?

Fischer is the Best Brand for Gas Geysers in Pakistan! Fischer has been providing top-of-the-line gas geysers in Pakistan for many years. Their products are well known for their quality and durability, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to get a reliable and long-lasting gas geyser. Fischer's gas geysers have many features, including adjustable temperature settings and a sleek design.

Q.3. Which geyser is best for bathroom?

Rays Instant Geyser is the Perfect Choice for Your Bathroom!  Rays Instant Geyser is the ideal choice when it comes to bathroom geysers. With its adjustable temperature settings, energy-saving technology, and sleek design, this geyser will give you the perfect shower experience each time. It is also effortless to install and maintain, making it an excellent choice for any household.

Q.4. How many Liters geyser is best for bathroom?

A 6-Litre Geyser is the Best Choice for a Bathroom. A 6-liter geyser is optimal for bathroom use as it provides enough hot water for showers and baths. The capacity also ensures that the geyser only takes a little time to heat up, providing you with hot water quickly and efficiently.


The Ultimate Guide to the Best Geysers in Pakistan

Our Picks








GEH-855 AI View Details 56,500 PKR



90 kg

55 Gallons


Oxide Coating for Rust



Heavy Duty Gas Geyser 100 Gallon View Details 160,000 PKR



Not Specified

100 Gallon


Imported Glass Wool

Metallic Grey


Canon EWH-55 View Details 43,700 PKR



Not Specified

55 Gallons

2 x 2000 Watts

Not Specified



10L-PB Instant Gas Geyser View Details 20,500 PKR



Not Specified

10 Ltr


Flame out protection


Ultra-low water-pressure start system

Electric Water Heater 8G View Details 16,500 PKR



65 kg

08 Gallons




Thermostat to Control Water Temperature