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About Lalaland

Are you ready to explore your hidden fashion icon and home décor guru? Lalaland can help you do just that. This Pakistani online fashion brand caters to individuals looking to embrace the fashionistas within them. Whether you’re looking for luxurious, unstitched Pakistani clothes in glorious patterns and hues or chic tops and contemporary tops and jeans, Lalaland has got your back. The online brand has got something for everyone and you can browse its men’s women’s and kids’ collections to make some needed wardrobe updates!


Lalaland online is also home to some of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring home décor items. So, if you’ve been itching to try your interior designing chops and revamp your home or add a little bit of your taste to your home, browse Lalaland’s irresistible home décor collection. You are guaranteed to find something that will speak to your heart and help you decorate your home.


It features some of the top fashion and home décor brands and makes everything accessible to you. The brand strongly believes in promoting authenticity and hence, all of its products are made from high-quality materials and have immaculate finishing touches. 


Lalaland online also believes in serving the customer with high-quality service, which is why the brand strives to deliver most of its products within 2 to 5 working days, and all items within 7 working days. Moreover, Lalaland’s website regularly features discounts on best sellers and selected products, on top of seasonal sales. You can further benefit from these offers by accessing the website via Savyour and earn a cashback on all your purchases! 


Shop Smartly

Lalaland online is a fashion-centric brand that believes in providing its website visitors with an unforgettable brand experience. It’s why the website offers you many ways to enhance and facilitate your customer journey. 


So, without any ado, here are some ways in which you can shop smartly at Lalaland:


Seasonal Sales & Discounts 

Lalaland is focused on offering its customers an enticing and memorable experience. In this stride, the fashion brand keeps things interesting by coming up with seasonal sales, Independence Day sales, and more offers to offer their customers the opportunity to buy their favorite products at a discounted price. What’s more is that you can visit Lalaland through Savyour to benefit from a cashback on the discounted purchases! 


Shop in Packs

Lalaland has an enticing collection on its website geared toward individuals who are looking for packs or bundles of skincare or clothing items at affordable prices. So, if you need of a skincare, grooming, or pajama set, among other bundles, you can scroll down the homepage to browse the “packs” collection.  


Shop for Recommended Items

Thanks to the increasing importance of personalization and algorithm-based search in e-commerce, Lalaland provides its users with an irresistible list of selected items based on your search history on the website. These recommended items include products that you would be most likely to buy or that would pique your interest. You can browse this section on the homepage by scrolling down to the “Recommended for You” section.


Order Tracking

Lalaland offers seamless, hassle-free order tracking to its customers. All you have to do is visit the “Track Your Order” webpage on Lalaland’s website, enter your order or tracking ID and the website will provide you with the information you need to know when your order status and when it will be delivered to your doorsteps. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Lalaland? 

Lalaland is a Pakistani online fashion store that carries branded fashion items and home décor and accessories. The best part about this online store is that it makes ordering your favorite items from celebrated international brands as easy and convenient as possible.  


What sort of fashion items does Lalaland have?

Lalaland is home to an impressively vast assortment of fashion items for women, men, and kids. In fact, many people search for Lalaland kids’ items, including summer and winter wear, online because of their high quality and stitching. 


The brand features a massive collection of women’s items, including unstitched and pret Pakistani wear and western wear items, such as figure-hugging jeans, loose bottoms, party-perfect jumpsuits, bold tees, etc.. Lalaland also carries comfortable and beautiful footwear, accessories, premium-quality makeup, nightwear, personal care items, and jewelry.


Lalaland online also sells an impressive collection of men’s items, including western and Pakistani wear, accessories, underwear, footwear, activewear, nightwear, and grooming items. 


What are the brands that Lalaland carries and are the branded products original?

Lalaland carries a vast collection of luxurious and well-loved Pakistani and international brands, including:

  • Calvin Klein

  • Coach

  • Gucci

  • Hugo Boss

  • Fendi

  • Jimmy Choo

  • House of Naaz

  • Marc Jacobs

  • Limelight

  • Ralph Lauren

  • Tommy Hilfiger & more


All of the branded products on Lalaland are 100% original as the platform does not believe in selling replicas or dupes under the brand name of the original product. In fact, selling authentic branded products under one roof was one of the reasons for founding Lalaland. So, you can rest assured that when you shop from Lalaland, you will only have access to credible brands and their authentic products.  


Does Lalaland carry home décor items?

Lalaland carries a wide array of gorgeous, one-of-a-kind home décor items including colorful beddings and cushions in various patterns and distinctive lighting items, such as vintage and minimalist lamps, LED lights, and more in different materials, designs, and hues. 


Moreover, Lalaland online also has an uber-cute collection of patterned bathroom accessories and sets. The brand also carries comfortable, foamed prayer mats and cushiony, adorable beddings, cushions, and cot sets for babies. 


However, the brand truly shines when it comes to its vast collection of eclectic home décor, including intricately designed candy boxes, serving trays, ashtrays, decorative pots, silver mirrors, wall art vases, fruit baskets, and so much more. You can also browse Lalaland’s heavenly collection of candles, fragrances, and aroma oils.  


How long does it take Lalaland to deliver the purchased items and how much are the delivery charges?

Lalaland online wants to provide a seamless customer experience to everyone, which is why the brand tries its best to deliver all orders within seven working days of order completion. In emergencies that threaten to extend the stipulated time, the brand will make sure to inform you of the delays. 


Additionally, the delivery charges are based on the weight and volume of your product. However, the brand strives to keep them as low as possible. Moreover, it also offers free delivery on select products. 


How do I avail a cashback on Lalaland?  

As an online shopper in today’s quickly evolving and customer-centric e-commerce landscape, it’s only natural to look for ways to make your shopping experience more memorable. Savyour can help you do just that! 


All you have to do is visit Lalaland’s website through Savyour to avail a handsome cashback on your order. Simply click on the red button that reads “Get Cashback.” Savyour will redirect you to Lalaland’s website, where you can shop for your favorite items. 


Place your order and choose your payment method. Savyour will notify you about the cashback amount you stand to receive within 15 minutes of order placement. You will receive your cashback within 21 days.

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Order PlacedToday
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Avg. Cashback time: 20 days

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