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Saeed Ghani
Saeed Ghani

Saeed Ghani

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About Saeed Ghani

There’s hardly any millennial in Pakistan who hasn’t grown up listening to their ammi or nani raving about Saeed Ghani’s hair oils, ubtan or other hair and skincare products. That’s the power of a brand that has been in the beauty industry since 1888 and won hearts all around!


Saeed Ghani started its journey from a tiny retail shop in Delhi in the Indian subcontinent. Today, the brand enjoys a household stature in Pakistan, with many successful stores throughout the country and a commanding online presence. 


Saeed Ghani online store has an impressive collection of popular products that the brand sells under specific categories, including skincare and haircare – the two industries that it has ruled for ages now! The brand is also well-known for its heavenly fragrances, including its signature perfumes and attars. 


Moreover, Saeed Ghani offers many appealing deals, discounts, and other irresistible offers, such as incredibly affordable product bundles and kits. You can benefit more from these deals if you use Savyour to access Saeed Ghani’s website to avail a cashback on your order


Saeed Ghani’s online delivery is also always on-point as the brand makes sure to send your product to you within two to four days of order placement. Plus, if there are any problems with your order, you can reach out to the brand’s customer service and they will help you out. 


Shop Smartly

Saeed Ghani is inarguably a quintessential skincare and haircare brand in Pakistan. As a brand that has been operational for decades now, Saeed Ghani is constantly looking for ways to ensure customer satisfaction. To keep its online customers satisfied, the brand offers various irresistible sales, deals, and discounted product kits. What’s more is that you can access Saeed Ghani’s website via Savyour to earn a cashback on your purchases! 


Flash Discounts

Saeed Ghani’s online sale is essentially all of the products that the brand sells at a discounted price for a short time. You can view these /products in the Flash Discounts section of the website that you can access on the top left-hand side of your screen. This webpage includes a vast array of products, including hair oils, face washes, facial cleansers, shampoos, soaps, hair masks, foot scrubs, and more products.   


Deals & Kits

If you’re interested in Saeed Ghani deals, you can visit the Deals & Kits webpage on the official website. This webpage displays all the attractive product kits, sets, and combos that the brand offers at a discounted rate. These include complete hair care sets, bundles of hair oils, packs of soaps, bundles of face washes, facial kits, nourishing haircare kits, and many more enticing combinations of products. 


Free Shipping

As one of the oldest brands in Pakistan, Saeed Ghani wants to keep its consumers happy and ensure customer loyalty. It’s why the brand offers free shipping on all orders above PKR 500. Moreover, even for orders that are priced below PKR 500, the brand charges a minimal delivery fee of PKR 99. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Saeed Ghani products Halal?

Saeed Ghani products online are 100% halal. The brand firmly believes in upholding its religious values and refrains from using any ingredient in its products that contradict those values in any way. 


Are Saeed Ghani products safe?

Saeed Ghani prides itself on earning its customers’ unquestionable trust and is a huge believer in creating and offering safe products to its consumers. It’s why none of Saeed Ghani’s products contain any toxins. Its cosmetic products are also free from toxins or harmful additives. 


The brand keeps a tight quality control check and ensures that all of its ingredients are premium-quality and offer exceptional consumer safety. Moreover, Saeed Ghani also makes sure to rigorously test all final formulated products while complying with strict international consumer safety laws. 


Does Saeed Ghani offer organic products? 

Saeed Ghani online store offers a wide range of natural hair care products that are free from all sorts of artificial ingredients and harmful ingredients. This popular organic line of products is one of Saeed Ghani’s specialties. 


Is Saeed Ghani’s shampoo sulfate-free?

Saeed Ghani carries a range of shampoos made from organic ingredients that are safe to use for people of all ages. Not only does the brand ensure top quality for its shampoos, but it also avoids using sulfate in any of its shampoos to promote good hair health. 


Is Saeed Ghani rose water pure?

Saeed Ghani’s rose water is 100% organic. It’s made from fresh natural roses and is a pure solution that helps your skin feel rejuvenated. It will help balance the natural oils on your face and hydrate your skin to give it a younger, more glowing appearance. 


Which Saeed Ghani oil is the best?

Even though Saeed Ghani has an extensive range of hair oils, its most popular hair oil has to be Mughziat Oil. It’s a blended oil formulated with numerous natural ingredients, including neem oil, mineral oil castor oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and more. Mughziat Oil is an effective hair repair solution that nourishes your scalp and makes your hair shinier, thicker, and stronger. 


Is Saeed Ghani face wash good?

Saeed Ghani has been widely trusted for its skincare in Pakistan for eons now. The brand maintains its high standards by ensuring all of its skincare products are tested thoroughly before launching them into the market. They follow the same strict protocol for their face washes as well, which is why they are one of the best, most affordable face washes in the local market today. 


Saeed Ghani’s face washes will keep your face acne-free and your skin glowing and healthy. What makes these products stand out is that they are herbal, free from harmful ingredients and artificial preservatives, and made from all-natural ingredients to ensure excellent skin health. 


How long is the delivery time?

Saeed Ghani can take anywhere between two to four days to deliver your products to you within Karachi and Lahore. The brand will take four to seven business days to deliver orders placed from other cities in Pakistan. 


How do I avail a Cashback on Saeed Ghani?  

Savyour offers you the enticing opportunity to earn a sizable cashback on your Saeed Ghani online order. So, if you want to avail the cashback, visit the platform via Savyour by clicking on the “Get Cashback” button on the website. Savyour will direct you to Saeed Ghani’s website


You can browse the products on the platform and add the ones that you need to your cart. Place your order and then wait for Savyour to notify you about the cashback amount you will receive on your order. You will receive your cashback amount within 10 days of order placement.  

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Order PlacedToday
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Avg. Cashback time: 14 days

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