About Us

Savyour is Pakistan’s first and only cashback app that offers REAL cash to customers for shopping their favorite brands through the app. Established in 2017, the app has come a long way from primarily partnering with brands for in-store deals, to being the biggest cashback app in the region. Through Savyour, customers can gain access to hundreds of local online merchants, shop from categories like food, fashion, electronics, beauty and healthcare and so much more - all on one platform. At the core of our brand is the philosophy of empowering our customers to upgrade their lifestyles. 



With Savyour cashback, you can earn thousands just by shopping through the app itself. Acting as a local guide to discovering the best online retailers in Pakistan, Savyour has thus far distributed Rs. 100,000,000, and counting, in cashback to its users. The app allows customers to make smart shopping decisions, get the most out of every deal and ensures your wallet is constantly replenished with cashbacks, whether you’re shopping for a comb or a computer. The process is simple, our brand partners pay us commission for sending customers their way, and we share that commission with customers in the form of cashback. Not only will you be saving money, but will be able to earn back what you spend on every single transaction made. Your cashback is guaranteed on the orders you place, whether your order is small or big.