Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Savyour is a Lifestyle App, offering Cashback, free deals and discounts on 500+ brands.
Savyour cashback program is available all over Pakistan. The only catch is whether our partners deliver in your city or not. Savyour in-store deals are currently only available in Karachi.
YES IT DOES! Isn't that amazing? All cashbacks are applied over your total bill, irrespective of any deal, discount and so on. (Not inclusive of tax and delivery charges)


No, cashback is applicable only on the online orders placed on our partner’s website exclusively through the Savyour app.
There are two ways to earn cashback through Savyour:

1- Use the Savyour app to shop your favorite brands online that are offering cashbacks, and earn incredible cashbacks in your wallet as per the brand policy.
2- Refer the Savyour app to your friends and earn Rs. 250 when your friend uses Savyour for their first order.
Add your account, such as any bank account details or mobile wallet information like Jazzcash and Easypaisa, in your Savyour wallet to directly transfer and withdraw cash to and from your bank account. You can easily withdraw cash when your wallet balance is from (Rs.1000 to Rs.200). The cash will be deposited to your bank account within 24 to 48 hours of the withdrawal request.
Savyour distributes cashback as soon as your order status is confirmed from our partner. It usually takes from a few hours to 5 days for our partner to update the status. Sometimes our partner’s cashback policies also add to this. So, if you have ordered something that has a 10-day return policy, you’ll receive your cashback on the 11th day, when the return policy expires.
Your cashback amount is safe in your Savyour wallet and will never expire as long as you remain active on the Savyour app. However, if you’re inactive for more than 90 days, Savyour will deduct Rs. 25 per month as processing fee till the amount becomes 0. Important note: Your amount will never be negative.
The Savyour wallet is where you receive all cashback from your online shopping sprees. You can also save a deal for future use by adding it to the wallet for quick access!

Referral Reward

Refer Savyour to your friends and family to earn special rewards! Simply use your link to refer Savyour and enjoy Rs. 250 cashback when your friends and family place their first order. You can invite as many people as you want as there’s no limit to the referral reward! Not just this, your friend or family will also receive Rs. 250 cashback on their first order – a win-win situation for everyone!
As soon as your friend completes their first order using Savyour and gets cashback for their purchase, Rs. 250 will be instantly added to your Savyour wallet!

User Reviews

You can post a review about all the businesses listed on the Savyour app. Remember not to spam because that would block your account without any notification or warning.
Yes, we always prioritize customer feedback and allow them to voice their opinion on the Savyour app. However, we would truly appreciate if you can discuss the issue directly with us so we can cater to it better.
Yes, all businesses on the Savyour app can respond to your reviews.
Simply share the review from the Savyour app as they are easily shareable across all your social media platforms.
The reviews are posted in chronological order – the most recent one is viewed first.
Savyour has the right to remove reviews that are against the terms of use and harmful for the community. The reviews can also be edited or deleted by the author.
Savyour wants all its users to amplify their voice. Hence, it recommends all honest and genuine reviews.
Yes, because the more the reviews the better! Encourage your customers to write reviews so more people can choose and order from your business.


Yes, businesses can easily advertise on Savyour using specifically allocated spots for brand advertisements.
Savyour uses your location, hence the businesses nearest to you would appear first in the search.


You can simply edit your account and update your basic information on your profile.
Once an account is registered with an email ID, it cannot be changed.
All active users on the app can see you and your reviews.


The Savyour wallet is where you receive all the cashback from your online shopping sprees. You can also save a deal for future use by adding it to the wallet for quick access!


When a review is marked as ‘helpful’ by the community multiple times, it is considered as a good review. Quick-tip: Add pictures to your reviews to make them stand out!
Sharing your experience with others help them make a better and more informed buying decision. People read your reviews before buying a product.

Activity Tab

The activity tab keeps you updated about all the recent activity on the Savyour app, like the new brands onboarded, new user reviews, photos and much more!