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Privacy Policy

Disrupt Ventures Pakistan Limited, and/or its affiliates ("Savyour," the "Company," "we," "us," and "our,") respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it through its compliance to its privacy policies. The policies describe:


The types of information that Savyour may collect from you when you access or use its website, applications, browser extension and other online services (collectively, referred to as "Services"); and,


Its practices for collecting, using, maintaining, protecting and disclosing that information.


This policy applies only to the information Savyour collects through its services, in email, text and other electronic communications sent through, or in connection with its services.


This policy DOES NOT apply to information that you provide to, or that is collected by, any third-party, such as businesses with which you transact through Savyour's services, and social networks that you use in connection with its services. Savyour encourages you to consult directly with such third-parties about their privacy practices and policies.


Please read this policy carefully to understand Savyour's policies and practices regarding your information and how Savyour will treat it. By accessing or using its services, and/or registering for an account with Savyour, you agree to this privacy policy and you are consenting to Savyour's collection, use, disclosure, retention, and protection of your personal information as described here. If you do not provide the information Savyour requires, Savyour may not be able to provide all of its services to you.


Disrupt Ventures Pakistan Limited, located at Plot 140H, Block II, P.E.C.H.S, Karachi, Pakistan, will be the controller of your personal data provided to, or collected by, or processed in connection with our services.


Your data controller is responsible for the collection, use, disclosure, retention, and protection of your personal information in accordance with its privacy standards as well as any applicable national laws. Your data controller may transfer data to other members of Savyour as described in this privacy policy. Savyour may process and retain your personal information on its servers in Pakistan where its data centers are located, and/or on the servers of its third-parties (in or outside Pakistan), having contractual relationships with Savyour.


This policy may change from time to time. Your continued use of Savyour's services after it makes any change is deemed to be acceptance of those changes, so please check the policy periodically for updates.


Collection of Personal Data

Disrupt Ventures Pakistan Limited ("Savyour," the "Company," "we," "us," and "our”) collects several types of information from and about users of our Services. This includes the following:


Name: Your name is used to personalize communication through email, push notifications, and in-app communications.


Email: Your email is used to notify you regarding Savyour’s services.


City: Your city is used to help Savyour launch city-specific features and personalize the brand's catalog as per your location.


Gender (Optional): Your gender is used to showcase a personalized set of brands targeted towards a particular gender.


Phone number (Optional): Your phone number is used to contact you in case of any issue with fund transfers. It also helps Savyour receive OTP on the number to help fight fraud on referrals.


Bank Name: Your bank name is used to initiate the cashback withdrawal request.


Account Number: Your account number is used to initiate the cashback withdrawal request.


Accurate Location: Your accurate location is used to show nearby brands where you can check in to claim cashback. This is optional in case you wish to select your city manually.



In this section of the Privacy Policy, “Personal Data” refers to data about our users that helps us identify them, and to personalize their experience on the app. This data may be updated to include more data in the future, and might be updated from time to time.


Each type of information listed above helps us provide a more personalized experience for users operating Savyour. The details of their city and gender particularly help us localize the brands that are visible to users across Savyour. The Personal Data collected also helps determine the services, products and promotions users may come across while on the app. Savyour collects this data for the sole purpose of enabling our services as well as our platforms to function properly, and to help us build further understanding of how our product works on different devices and browsers.


Typically, Savyour will collect Personal Data relating to you when you:


Register with the app using your email address


● Input your data for cash withdrawal 


● Register for our services and/or submit any forms relating to any of our products and services.


●  Sign up for alerts or newsletters or respond to our marketing collaterals e.g. advertisements, brochures or flyers.


●  Provide your location for Savyour Instore Module; on the basis of which, brands will be visible for you to check-in and avail cashback.


●  Contact us with enquiries or requests for assistance or interact or communicate with us or our employees, e.g. via our online interface, email, telephone calls, text messages, Whatsapp or face-to-face meetings.


●  Participate in competitions, lucky draws, surveys, or other such events.


●  Are referenced to us by other users, business partners or third parties.



Deletion of Account : 

If you no longer wish to use your account or for Savyour to access your personal data, you have the right to delete it by all means. Upon clicking on “Delete my account”, you will be given the option to confirm the action. Once confirmed, the account deletion process may take around three days, after which your account will be permanently deleted. However, if you wish to revert this action within 30 days, you may log in to restore your account back to its current settings.


Data deletion request is equivalent to deleting an account as Savyour can't operate optimally without required data from you.All the required, data from you will be deleted when you choose to delete your account from Savyour.


Please note that you may withdraw your consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your data at any time by deleting the app, as well as uninstalling the web extension. However, do note that we may not be able to continue providing our products or services to you in the future, through the same user account.


If you wish to access or change the Personal Data that we have collected relating to you, or inquire about the ways in which Personal Data may have been used or disclosed by Savyour, you may contact us at [email protected] We will make sure we attend to your request as diligently as we can.