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A Quiet Revolutionary: The Al Habib Restaurant Review

Al Habib Restaurant will exceed your expectations for flavorful Pakistani cuisine. The dishes are masterfully crafted, and the staff is attentive and passionate. Furthermore, the atmosphere is very inviting. On the negative side, it comes at a higher cost though.

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Updated Mar 23, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • The prices are quite steep.

Al Habib. The name makes it sound quite dated, right?! 

Well, what if I told you that’s not the case? Al Habib has quite literally revolutionized how authentic Pakistani cuisine can be enjoyed. Not just regarding food, Al Habib has upheld the desi tradition in all facets of the culinary experience. From the seating to the serving, everything screams Pakistani.

They have truly stayed true to their roots.

Furthermore, Al Habib Restaurant is located on the Super Highway, near New Sabzimandi. That alone should leave you thrilled. Long drives and BBQ. What more could you want? 

Next time you’re in the mood for something desi, be sure to visit Al Habib. You’ll love it!

Food: Melt-In-Your-Mouth 

The Chicken Chapli Kebabs were absolutely phenomenal! I’m still salivating just writing about them. They were so succulent and juicy. It was as if the chicken had been marinated for a long time in a blend of spices and fresh herbs. The meat was cooked perfectly and emanated a flavorful aroma. 

You’re gonna be hooked! The kebabs were then sprayed with lime juice and served hot. A side of freshly sliced onion rings and chutney went perfectly with the kebabs. The size of the kebabs was also pretty satisfactory. 

Another dish worth trying is the Mutton White Karahi. It’s a mouth-watering combination of yogurt and green spices. I was left feeling extremely content like I’d just had a wholesome and filling meal.

Last but not least, the Garlic Naan had the perfect amount of crispiness and garlic. They were also generous as far as their portion size is concerned.

Price: Exorbitant

Disclaimer: The prices quoted below are subject to change. The current prices are dated 9 September 2022. (As per the official FaceBook page).

We went as a group of 4 for a night’s dinner. Our cumulative order was:

  • Chicken Chapli Kebabs (3 pcs): PKR 1149
  • Mutton White Karahi: PKR 3299
  • Garlic Naan (8): PKR 80

This is the only downside. While the serving size is extremely generous, the prices are really high. Even if you consider the overall ambiance and experience, the prices still need to match up. Not everyone can afford it.

Service: Hot And Happening

The customer service was excellent. No complaints.

The staff was friendly and understanding, and they went out of their way to make us feel welcome and at ease. Truly quite special!

Ambiance: Authentic Pakistani

Being at Al Habib Restaurant made me feel like I’ve really stepped into a true Pakistani diner. The staff were dressed in traditional clothing and spoke in Urdu. Unlike many other restaurants, Al Habib has been loyal to its identity, which separates them from the rest of the cookie-cutter eateries.

There were no Western-style chairs and tables. Instead, the customers were seated on takhts with Pakistani music on repeat in the background. Overall, it made me appreciate our rich culture.

Honorable Mentions: Nothing Wrong With Staying Desi

You can’t really go wrong with plain old Chicken Reshmi Kabab. It’s simple, it’s fulfilling and it’s delicious. The kebabs are charcoal grilled to make them tender and juicy. 

Mouth-watering, no?!

The first bite of the soft meat will bring you to culinary heaven. Add in the barbecue sauce, and the flavor is beyond words. Yeah! It is that good.

Final Verdict:

Al Habib Restaurant is a perfect place to satiate your desi taste cravings. So, visit Al Habib next time you’re in the mood for a good Pakistani meal. Won’t regret it!

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