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Eat Good Do Good: Review Of Al Rehman Biryani

Al Rehman Biryani is a great place to enjoy biryani solely or with a group of friends. This is not a place for family dine-in as the atmosphere is very basic. The biryani is excellent all around, from taste to quality to quantity.

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Updated Apr 19, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • The restaurant is pretty basic and not very spacious.

If you’re in the mood for some delicious Pakistani food, you should check out Al Rehman Biryani. This restaurant is located in Hajra Manzil Kharadar in Karachi. They have many shops in Kharadar, and the taste is the same in all of them. They also deliver biryani to your doorstep without any delivery charges.

Biryani: Tempting

I’m a lover of food, so after countless positive reviews of biryani, I decided to venture to Al-Rehman Biryani and try their famed dish. And let me tell you, it did not disappoint! The rice was cooked perfectly, the chicken was tender, and the spices complemented each other and makes Al Rehman the tastiest biryani place ever. If you’re as big a Biryani fan as I am, you owe it to yourself to check out this place.

Price: Moderately

Al-Rehman Biryani is quite reasonable. A plate of chicken biryani costs only Rs. 230. One plate of chicken biryani is enough for one person. In Case you don’t like chicken, They also have Plain biryani with Potato. It will cost you only Rs. 130.

Prices of Biryani are as follows:

  • Chicken Biryani Single: PKR 230
  • Chicken Biryani Double: PKR 330
  • Aalo Biryani: PKR 130

Honorary Sweet: 

Al-Rehman Biryani also offers some delicious Pakistani sweets. If you’re a sweet lover, then you should definitely try their Kheer. Kheer is a traditional Pakistani dessert with rice, milk, and sugar. It is usually served cold and has a vibrant and creamy taste. You can also try their Zarda; another traditional Pakistani dessert made with rice, dried fruits, and nuts.

  • Kheer: PKR 70
  • Zarda: PKR 80

Service: Live Up To

The service at Al-Rehman Biryani was slow because there were too many customers, but the waiters tried their best to serve everyone. The best thing was when I called the waiter and asked for chicken, and he brought me an extra piece of chicken on a plate without any charge. This made me really happy, and I will definitely be back for more Al-Rehman Biryani.

Atmosphere: Casual

The atmosphere at Al-Rehman Biryani was basic, with some tables and chairs. but if you are going to enjoy biryani with family or a partner, they have a separate family Hall available on the first floor. So you can enjoy your meal in a peaceful and relaxed environment.

Final Verdict:

If you’re ever in the area craving delicious biryani, make sure to check out Al Rehman Biryani. The taste, quality, and quantity were all worth the price. The service was a bit slow, but the waiters did their best to serve everyone. The only downside was that the restaurant was not very clean and needed a good cleaning. Overall, Al Rehman Biryani is excellent for getting your biryani fix.

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So what are you waiting for? Go and try Al-Rehman Biryani now!

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