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Al Sultan Bannu Beef Pulao: An Exclusive Review

Want to treat your stomach with a great experience? Try Al Sultan Bannu Beef Pulao. With attentive and quick service and tasty flavors the offers a flavorful beef pulao, while keeping you worry-free from spending too much.

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Updated Apr 13, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • They only provide one food item.

Feeling hungry? Don’t know what to eat? Have a look at Al Sultan Bannu Beef Pulao. 

I went there without planning to go. After iftar, I was feeling a little hungry and was passing by this little restaurant. I parked my car in front of Al Sultan Bannu Beef Pulao and head towards trying their famous beef pulao.


When I went there, I placed an order for two plates of beef pulao.  One for myself and one for my friend. Our order eventually came after some waiting. The pulao was served warm and smelled delicious. Every bite of it feels like having a spoon full of flavors. The rice used to make the pulao was basmati. 

The meat was tender, the rice was properly cooked, and the flavors were incredible. The combination becomes divine when raita and salad are added. And when paired with a cold beverage, it is the ideal meal. Their pulao was delicious, and we both agreed. This is among Karachi’s top pulao dishes.

We end our food by ordering 2 cups of tea, which give us a soothing feeling. The tea was good too.


Disclaimer: The prices quoted below are subject to change.

Not only was the pulao amazing, but its price was also economical. We ordered their One Pao Pulao, which cost us 320 Rs each, which is not too much for a pocket. And their tea cost us 60 Rs each cup. They priced everything while keeping the pocket of an average person.


The waitstaff was quick and attentive. They frequently answered my questions on the things that confuse me like the quantity of pulao. Their staff takes care of the hygiene and tidiness of the restaurant. The food was served searing and fresh. And when the customer left, the staff start cleaning the tables.


The ambiance was not satisfactory. The place was crowded with people but mostly males visit this place. The place was filled with the aromas of their tempting pulao which feels pleasing. The parking was on the road, so you can park your vehicle wherever you find a spot.

But if you want to try their detectable Pulao, you must ignore their ambiance. I will not prefer to visit there with my family. All n all, the atmosphere was lively and full of the rackets and laughter of people sitting there.

They are located at Main University Road, near Al Jadeed Supermarket, opposite to city tower & shopping mall, Mosamyaat Block 4 Gulistan-e-Johar, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh.

Honorable Mentions: 

They offered a detectable beef pulao, which draws the attention of their customers. But the drawback is they only offer beef pulao for the main course. For dessert they offer halwa. And if you are a chai lover so for you, they offer chai too. 

Final Verdict:

Craving for a pulao? Try Al Sultan Bannu Beef Pulao. You will surely feel filled after eating their pulao. And if you caný visit their location, then you can order their food from food panda too. So chill and satisfy your craving with their irresistible pulao.

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