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Unleashing Your Inner Athlete: The Amazfit GTR 4 Smartwatch Review

The Amazfit GTR 4 is an impressive smartwatch with many features, making it the perfect companion for an active lifestyle. It has a classic design, 5ATM water resistance rate, sleep & health tracking features, and Zepp OS mini app ecosystem.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Apr 19, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

58,000.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Heart-rate monitor isn’t the best
  • Slow to charge
  • Expensive

When I was young, taking a ride on the free-fall roller coaster gave me butterflies in my stomach! I had the same feeling when I put on the Amazfit GTR 4. This feature-packed watch is amazing to use, and I discuss it in great detail in my review below! 

In this article, I will review the GTR 4’s features, design, features, and performance. Also, I will also provide a comprehensive overview of how this watch can help you stay active and healthy. Let’s get started! 

Display and Design – Classic in Action

Amazfit GTR 4

The Amazfit GTR 4 smartwatch has an exquisite, classic design. Housed in a one-piece metallic middle frame, it looks sturdy and provides protection from scratches or falls. The Navigation crowd is stainless steel, adding to its looks, and enhancing the ease to use. You can effortlessly access the menu and open your favorite apps with a few simple taps.  With its vintage round watch body, it is a combination  of classic style with modern precision inspired by streamlined sports cars. A true testament to how timeless design never goes out of fashion – always keeping one eye on the rear-view mirror!

If you’re searching for the best smartwatches with stunning visuals and classic design, the GTR 4 by Amazfit should be on your radar. With its large 1.43″ HD AMOLED display is vivid and crystal clear. It has excellent pixel density and brightness, making the UI look incredibly sharp even in bright sunlight. It also comes with more than 200 watch faces and always-on displays, allowing you to customize your interface as per your preferences. 

Features – Gear up for Adventure

Amazfit GTR 4

The human body is engineered to move,  Amazfit smartwatch helps you do that better with its huge selection of over 150 sports modes, making it the perfect companion for all your outdoor activities. From jogging sessions to strength training to golf swing tracking, this watch can do it all! You can also track your swimming data and enjoy swim tracking even in deep waters – thanks to its 5ATM water resistance. The GTR 4 has 12 sports health features that  accurately measure  fitness levels and track overall body composition. This data is then analyzed, providing  you with personalized insights on improving  overall physical performance.

The watch will sense your movement and automatically suggest you open the corresponding sport mode. You can also use its AI-assisted exercise tracking feature to track your heart rate during physical activity. The GTR 4 also supports GPS and GLONASS positioning systems so that you can track your outdoor runs and hikes accurately.

The Amazfit does not only cater to physical activities but also offers comprehensive health monitoring traits. It is installed with an accelerometer and gyroscope to track your steps and sleep patterns! Its PeakBeats workout status algorithm provides data such as maximum oxygen uptake (VO2 Max), total recovery time, training load, and training effect, helping you comprehend factors that most impact your progress, exercise capacity, and recovery. These features set the GTR 4 apart from all other smartwatches in the market.

Operating System – Personal Assistant

Amazfit GTR 4

The Amazfit GTR 4 runs Zepp OS and connects to the Zepp app on Android and iOS. The Zepp OS offers many features but comes with limited app support. It stores all your membership cards, so you don’t need to carry anything extra in your wallet. You can also use Amazon Alexa, an offline voice assistant that helps you control smart devices, but its e compatibility  with appliances in Pakistan may not be available. The GTR 4 can even answer calls over Bluetooth,  whenever you’re away from your phone. 

The Zepp OS also has a built-in fitness coach, offering  advanced insights and workout plans tailored to the user’s fitness goals. With its access to real-time data, the Zepp OS helps you track your progress as you work towards a healthier lifestyle. It offers a rich mini-app ecosystem with games such as chess and others, allowing you entertainment! 

Battery Life – Power to Last

Amazfit GTR 4

When using phones and mobile accessories, the most irritating pop-up of “low battery” is quite annoying, and the battery life of smartwatches is no exception. But the Amazfit GTR 4 has  you covered for longer periods of time! The battery of this watch packs a 475 mAh rated value, and its new Battery Saver Mode even enables continued use of features like sports modes, measurement of health metrics, and more, all while saving power. 

Let me share how enduringly the single charge lasts for each mode.

  • Heavy Usage: 7 Days
  • Battery Saver Mode: 24 Days
  • Clock Mode: 50 Days
  • Accuracy GPS Mode: 25 Hours
  • Balanced GPS Mode: 44 Hours
  • Power Saving GPS Mode: 52 Hours


Best For:
Water Resistance

475 mAh

About the Brand:
Amazfit is one of the leading tech companies in manufacturing smart wearables. It is considered as one of the most premium brands for smartwatches and smart bands. 

Final Word

Amazfit GTR 4

The Amazfit GTR 4 is a feature-packed smartwatch with its classic design, 5ATM water resistance rate, vast sports modes selection, sleep & health tracking features, access to Alexa voice assistance, and Zepp OS mini app ecosystem. All of these make it an ideal companion for people seeking an active lifestyle. The battery of this watch is also impressive, as it can last for up to 50 days in clock mode.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed testing the Amazfit GTR 4. After my review, I recommend it to anyone looking for a powerful smartwatch that follows them on their daily adventures. Now you’re ready to take on the day and look good while doing it! Let the GTR 4 be your assistant as you embark on a healthy lifestyle journey.

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Dimensions 46x46x10.6mm
Weight 34g
Display Type AMOLED
Screen Size 1.43 inches
Resolution 466 x 466
Operating System (OS) Zepp OS
Camera No
Sound Loudspeaker
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Radio No
Sensors Acceleration sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Geomagnetic sensor, Barometric altimeter & Ambient light sensor
Battery life 475 mAh
Available Colors Grey, Black

At a Glance:







Operating System






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