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Anex Food Processor – It’s Time to Level up your Cooking Game!

If you are looking for a way to optimize your cooking experience then you should consider buying Anex Food Processor AG 3156 white. This incredible food processor is perfect to cater to all your food processing needs

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jan 04, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

19,809.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Expensive
  • Power consumption is High

This product review is based on several features a food processor should have. These features include – Bowl Capacity, power consumption, Speed Setting, number of Attachments, the material of blades, and some additional features.

During the lockdown, my son started taking interest in cooking as he was binge-watching the master chefs’ episodes and it was all of a sudden that he decided to go to culinary arts school. For this reason, he has to practice and learn some cooking skills from me. 

The first thing we bought was Anex Food Processor AG 3156 so that I would be able to teach him the cooking and cutting hacks with this ideal food processor. And since then it has been our absolute favorite! 

What makes the Anex Food Processor AG 3156 stand-out?

I started teaching him all the soup recipes for starters and Anex Food Processor AG 3156 made chopping vegetables easy for us. I just had to cut the vegetable into pieces and then put it in the chopper. As a result we got the flawlessly chopped vegetables within minutes. 

For shredding the chicken, we used the blade, and in no time perfectly shredded chicken was in my hand. Making soup recipes has never been this much easier!

Now for the main course, we began with juicy and tender meatballs with salsa sauce and spaghetti. The WestPoint Blender with stainless steel sharp blades is perfect for making finely ground beef. 

I was impressed with the results! For the salsa sauce, we just added tomatoes, onions, and spices in the blender. And with Anex Food Processor triple speed settings, we blend the puree according to our preferences.

A closer look at the features of the Anex Food Processor AG 3156

And finally, Anex Food Processor AG 3156 also helped us in making scrumptious desserts and drinks. We opt for baking Hershey’s fudge cake. I mixed all the ingredients for baking cake by using Anex Food Processor AG 3156 beater and the mixture turned out perfect without any lumps or granules. 

For topping, I chopped the nuts in the chopper while I used the grater to grate the chocolate. I also tried making many different recipes by using Anex Food Processor AG 3156, with its easy-to-use parts and powerful motors – cooking has been made easy for me. 

My son is now a fan of this food processor since it made him enjoy cooking.


Best For:
Triple speed Settings


Used to Chop, blend, shred, knead, slice, mix, Grind and whisk

About the Brand:
Anex is a leading tech company, manufacturing kitchen, and home appliances. It is considered as one of the most premium brands.


Overall, it is a wonderful experience using Anex Food Processor AG 3156. It has some outstanding features including powerful motors, stainless steel sharp blades, and multiple attachments that make it an ideal kitchen appliance! So, if you are looking to make your cooking experience a bit more enjoyable and easier then look no further than Anex Food Processor AG 3156.


Brand Warranty 1-year
Chop Yes
Blend Yes
Slice Yes
Grate Yes
Grind Yes
Mix Yes
Speed Setting 3
Pulse Setting Yes
Safety Lock Yes
Rubber feet Yes
Power Yes
Voltage Yes
Frequency Yes
Compact Design Yes

At a Glance




Speed Setting



Power Consumption



Number of Attachments



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