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Chopping Like A Pro: Review Of AG-3059 Super Deluxe Chopper

This chopper is 1.25 liters and equipped with top-quality stainless steel blades, making chopping much easier. Plus, it only uses 500 watts of power! Not to mention, it's easy to clean which makes your life that much simpler.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Apr 17, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

14,000.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Plastic bowl

This product review is based on several features that a microwave oven should have, these features could be – capacity, body material, bowl material, power consumption, and it has warranty.

Chopping vegetables and meat is a time-consuming task. The AG-3059 Super Deluxe Chopper makes my life easier in the kitchen as it features an ergonomic handle that fits comfortably into either hand while you work tirelessly over hot surfaces waiting till all those yummy flavors blend together just right on top before serving them up at long last. With its sharp blades, I can quickly cut up ingredients to save myself from endless peeling or washing of dishes.

What makes the AG-3059 Super Deluxe Chopper Stand Out?

Have you ever been in the kitchen, chopping away vegetables, And wished that there was an easier way? I have. The AG-3059 Super Deluxe Chopper is my solution to this problem. This chopper features a 1.25-liter plastic big chopper which makes it easy to quickly chop large quantities of ingredients, A time saver for me. Plus, The easy-to-clean design means hours spent scrubbing the bowl are no longer part of my reality.

A Closer Look at the Features of the AG-3059 Super Deluxe Chopper

I was sick of mincing meat by hand, so I went on a hunt for an alternative that led me to the AG-3059 Super Deluxe Chopper. Now, I will never have to mince meat by hand again. This 1.25-liter chopper is equipped with super-quality stainless steel blades that make chopping and mincing meat, beans, garlic, onion, ginger, etc. a breeze, And it only consumes 500 watts of power. Not to mention, it’s easy and clean – a dream for anyone who hates the hassle of traditional methods. I can finally save time with this chopper. After a long day, I can relax knowing that dinner is under control.


Best For:
500 watts power consumption


About the Brand:
Anex is a leading tech company, manufacturing kitchen, home, beauty care, and baby care appliances. It is considered one of the most premium brands.

Final Verdict

Though I prefer my belongings to be unassuming and easy to use, The AG-3059 Super Deluxe Chopper caught my eye immediately. This gadget comes with a 1.25-liter plastic bowl and a two-year warranty, Not to mention it consumes 500 watts of power only. That is enough to chop through anything that comes in its path. So if you need a reliable chopper that can handle any task, The AG-3059 Super Deluxe is your best bet.


Body Plastic
Safety locking system Yes
Power Not specified
Voltage 220-240V
Chopper bowl Not specified

At a Glance:

Power Consumption









Value for Money



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