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From Moo to You: A Review of Angus Steakhouse

Angus Steakhouse is a restaurant located in Defence, offering exquisite cuts of beef and other dishes. Though the food is slightly expensive compared to other steakhouses, it is well worth the price. Service is satisfactory, and customers are sure to be satisfied with their experience at this steakhouse.

Updated Jun 15, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • The price is a little high

I have been longing for some finest cuts of beef, and I came across a name: Angus Steakhouse. The name turned into a roar, and the promise of greatness hung in the air. 

How could I resist such a siren’s call? It felt as though the universe had conspired to guide me toward this moment. With each passing day, my hunger grew, fueled by the tales of exquisite cuts, tender marbling, and a commitment to craftsmanship that bordered on obsession. 

The simple mention of Angus Steakhouse became a mantra on my lips. Words cannot capture the fervor that ignited my soul, for the wordsmith’s palette pales in comparison to the thrill of discovery that awaited. And what did I discover? Let’s see!

Taste: What’s on Angus Steakhouse’s Menu?

As the waiter laid the Angus Special Steak before me, I was immediately captivated. The char-grilled beef fillet, adorned with a spicy southwest marinade, glistened under the soft glow of the restaurant’s ambient lighting. The beef fillet bore the marks of a passionate dance with the grill’s flames. With the first bite, the tender meat surrendered to my eager teeth.

The spicy southwest marinade, like a clandestine love affair, infused the meat with a fiery zest that teased my palate. And as I indulged, the spicy garlic herb butter cascaded over the steak, adding a velvety richness that harmonized with every savory bite. It was a moment frozen in time, oh-so-delicious!

The finale was the Hot Sizzling Brownie. Ah, the temptation of decadence! I watched as the sizzling platter arrived, carrying a dark chocolate walnut brownie that promised sinful delight. The air crackled with anticipation as the hot chocolate sauce, thick and luscious, cascaded over the warm brownie, releasing an intoxicating fragrance that made my mouth water. 

A scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream nestled beside the steaming dessert, while billows of whipped cream added a cloud-like indulgence. With each spoonful, the richness of the dark chocolate mingled with the crunch of walnuts. It was a moment of bliss, a sweet rendezvous that enveloped me in pure, unadulterated pleasure.

Price: A Delicate Balance

Indulging in the Angus Special Steak at PKR 1995, I found myself momentarily torn. That was because, compared to other steakhouses in the city, the price seemed slightly steep. However, when it came to the Hot Sizzling Brownie, priced at PKR 845, it was a different story altogether. 

The dessert represented excellent value for money. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend it, a sweet finale that left me enchanted and satisfied in equal measure.

Service: Navigating the Seas

The service at Angus Steakhouse sailed a steady course, neither rocking the boat nor soaring to extraordinary heights. It was alright, a functional aspect of my dining experience that neither marred nor elevated it significantly.

The presence of valet parking provided convenience, ensuring smoothness. Additionally, the inclusion of a FoodPanda delivery option impressed me, extending the reach of Angus Steakhouse’s offerings beyond the confines of the restaurant.

Ambience: Embracing the Embers

Located on Main Zamzama Boulevard, Defence, Angus Steakhouse embraced the essence of a proper steakhouse. The restaurant’s simple yet elegant décor spoke of timeless sophistication, while the soft, warm lighting cast a gentle glow upon the surroundings, creating an atmosphere of cozy intimacy. Within these walls, conversations flowed, laughter resonated, and steaks sizzled. If that’s not a steakhouse, I don’t know what is!

Honorable Mentions: Captain Crunch

Have you ever had steak with nachos? Well, after carefully going over Angus Steakhouse’s menu, I also ordered the Ultimate Nachos – crispy tortilla chips, their golden edges beckoning with a satisfying crunch. Adorned with a velvety cascade of nacho cheese sauce, they became a canvas of indulgence. 

Dotted with black olives and jalapeno peppers, each bite ignited a fiesta of flavors that danced on my tongue. The vibrant salsa lent a zesty freshness, while dollops of cool sour cream added a creamy balance. I even ate some with the Angus Special Steak – the best decision ever!

Final Verdict

Oh, Angus Steakhouse, you have become more than a mere restaurant. You have transcended into a metaphor for desire, a temple of indulgence, and a testament to the power of a steak. I am but a humble pilgrim guided by the fires of passion. And I couldn’t recommend it enough, despite the few shortcomings!

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