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Audionic Airbud 550 Slide Earbuds: Design Meets Innovation

Audionic Airbud 550 Slide Earbuds redefine audio excellence with elegant design, immersive sound, and seamless connectivity. A harmonious blend of comfort, features, and performance that delivers on its promises.

Written by Ramiz Haider

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Updated Aug 24, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

3,899.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • No ANC.
  • No wireless charging.

As an avid admirer of Audionic’s audio accessories, the anticipation for their latest release, the Audionic Airbud 550 Slide Earbuds, had me on the edge of my seat. Having explored various offerings from the brand, I embarked on a personal journey with these earbuds, and today, I’m thrilled to share my experience with you. Join me as we delve into the design, comfort, features, audio quality, battery life, and, ultimately, my final verdict on these innovative earbuds.

Audionic Airbud 550 Price in Pakistan

Audionic Airbud 550 slide price in Pakistan is 3,899 PKR. At this price, these earbuds stand as a testament to Audionic’s commitment to providing quality audio solutions at an accessible price point. And the added bonus of cashback through Savyour adds a touch of savings to the mix.

Audionic Airbud 550 Design: Fit for Every Style

From the moment I laid eyes on the Audionic Airbud 550 Slide, I was captivated by its sleek elegance. Available in four beautiful colors—Black, White, Sky Blue, and Pink—each variant carries its own charm. Personally, the White variant spoke to my aesthetic sensibilities, while the Black exuded a level of style that caught my attention. For those seeking a pop of color, the Sky Blue and Pink options are equally enticing.

Their premium sliding design is a feature that gives them an edge over other earbuds in Pakistan. It is a feature that resonated with me instantly. The intuitive slide cover design isn’t just a visual flourish; it’s a statement of convenience and sophistication. It’s a practical masterpiece that I found myself ahead of the competition.

Comfort is paramount during long listening sessions, and these earbuds understand that well. The soft rubber tips provide a snug fit that’s gentle on the ears, making extended usage a breeze. The water-resistant feature, with its IPX4 rating, assures me that the earbuds can handle my active lifestyle without worrying.

Audionic Airbud 550 Features & Controls: My Music, My Way

The Airbud 550 elevate user control to an art form with its smart touch controls. The seamless ability to play/pause, pick up/reject calls, and change tracks simply by tapping the earbuds brings a newfound level of convenience. A double tap on the left earbud seamlessly takes me to the previous track, while the right earbud leads me to the next one—a small but impactful feature that enhances my engagement with Airbud 550.

Additionally, the inclusion of a voice assistant eliminates the need for manual control. As I navigated through my day, having a virtual assistant at my back and call felt like a glimpse into the future. And for the gamers out there, the 45ms low latency gaming mode combined with the latest Bluetooth connectivity, the BT 5.3 delivered an impressively synchronized experience. And ensure that I don’t lag during games and music. Although I did miss the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) feature that I’ve previously encountered with SoundPeats Life TWS Earbuds, that silenced everything around me and let me focus on my work.

Audionic Airbud 550 Audio Quality: Beats that Touch the Soul

The most prominent feature of the 550 slide earbuds undoubtedly lies in their audio quality. The extra bass sound and the power of a 10mm dynamic driver transported me into a world of rich, immersive soundscapes. I found myself completely absorbed in the music, experiencing each note with a level of clarity and depth I wanted.

I vividly remember listening to the song “Tum Ho” by Mohit Chauhan. The sheer richness of the sound made me feel as though I was enveloped in the melody, forging a connection that transcended the physical world. Even while riding my bike, Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) came into play, shielding me from external distractions and allowing me to savor my music without interruption. The ability to immerse me fully in the audio journey is a testament to the Airbud 550’s prowess.

Audionic Airbud 550 Battery Life: Uninterrupted Melodies

With a considerable playtime of about 7 hours and a total playtime of 26 hours, these Audionic slide earbuds offered me a level of endurance that matched my on-the-go lifestyle. The standby time of approximately 90 days meant I could trust these earbuds even after periods of sporadic use. The quick charging times of 1.5 hours for both the earbuds and the case further exemplified the earbuds’ commitment to keeping up with my pace.


Best for
Bass-heavy music lovers

Battery life
26 hours 

About the Brand
Audionic is a Pakistani brand that manufactures various consumer electronics products. Some popular Audionic products include Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and earphones.

The Verdict

In a world where music is a constant companion, the Audionic Airbud 550 slide earbuds have seamlessly integrated themselves into my daily routine. From their stunning design to their exceptional audio delivery, these earbuds have struck a chord with me. Their intuitive features and impressive battery life make them one of the best earbuds in Pakistan.

For those seeking a perfect blend of design, comfort, and audio excellence, these earbuds are worth exploring. To dive into the tech world and avail cashback offers, I encourage you to explore electronic stores through Savyour. Let the beats of innovation and music guide your journey!


Color Black/White/Pink/Blue
Weight Lightweight
Input Type-C
Water resistance Yes(IPX4)
Battery life 26 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.3

At a Glance:













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