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Reviewing Audionic Crystal Airbud 575: Latest Affordable Audionic Earbuds

Audionic Crystal Airbud 575 is an exceptional pair of earbuds that offer a great combination of style, features and audio quality. This earbud features crystal clear glass body, impressive features & controls, crystal-clear sound and reliable battery life.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Aug 01, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

3,899.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Basic Touch Controls
  • Older Bluetooth version

Immerse yourself in a world of crystal clear sound with Audionic Crystal Airbud 575, the latest offering from Audionic, Pakistan’s best audio brand.  Now stand out in a crowd and experience exceptional audio quality at an affordable price. 

As an enthusiast of budget-friendly yet high-performing audio devices, I had the pleasure of reviewing the Audionic Crystal Airbud 575 myself, and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed. In this review, I will share my insights into the design, features and controls, audio quality, battery life, and overall verdict of these incredible earbuds.

Design of Crystal Airbud 575: A Mixture of Elegance and Functionality

The Audionic earbuds come in three exciting colors – black, white, and green – offering options to suit various styles. Each color brings its own charm, whether I prefer a classic look with black, a clean and minimalist vibe with white, or a vibrant and energetic touch with green.

However, it’s not just the colors that make these earbuds visually appealing. The unique design featuring a crystal clear glass body sets them apart from the competition. In fact, this design is a significant upgrade compared to Audionic’s higher-end earbuds like the Signature S-75.

The transparency of the earbuds adds a touch of elegance while showcasing the advanced technology within. Moreover, the Crystal Airbud 575 provides a comfortable fit, thanks to the included three sizes of ear tips, ensuring a secure and personalized experience.

The silicone case adds convenience and protects the earbuds when not in use. It’s unusual to find the water-resistant design in a set of earbuds with an affordable price of around 4,000 PKR.

Features and Controls of Crystal Airbud 575: Empowering Your Music Journey

The Audionic Crystal Airbud 575 has features and controls that enhance the music experience. The Environmental Noise Cancelling (ENC) technology, combined with Quad Mic Technology, ensures no disruption through external noise, allowing an immersive music experience.

Additionally, the earbuds feature a big LED digital display that provides clear information about the battery level and connection status. This eliminates any guesswork and keeps me informed at all times. The auto-connect feature simplifies pairing, enabling hassle-free connectivity with my device.

I found it particularly convenient that this mobile accessory is compatible with all devices, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or laptop. And its touch control functionality allows me to manage my music playback, answer calls, and even access my virtual assistant with a few simple taps.

Audio Quality of Crystal Airbud 575: As Clear As Pure Water

The audio quality of the Audionic Crystal Airbud 575 shines like a sun. These truly wireless headphones deliver high-quality sound in a compact and fashionable package. Equipped with 10mm dynamic drivers, these earbuds produce remarkable sound with powerful bass and clear treble.

Listening to my favorite tracks, such as the lo-fi versions of AR Rahman’s songs, was a sheer delight. The bass notes resonated deep within, while the crisp treble added a layer of clarity to the music. Whether I enjoyed upbeat tracks or mellow melodies, the Crystal Airbud 575 never failed to deliver a satisfying audio experience.

Battery Life of Crystal Airbud 575: Your Music Companion All Day Long

The Audionic Crystal Airbud 575 can play continuously for up to 6 hours on a single charge, and its case makes up to a total usage time of 25 hours. I enjoyed my favorite music, podcasts, or calls throughout the day without worrying about running out of power.

The compact and lightweight charging case is convenient to carry and protects the earbuds when not used. With a recharging time of 1.5 hours, it uses Type-C charging port for faster, more efficient charging.


Best for

Battery life
24 hours 

About the Brand
Audionic is a Pakistani brand that manufactures various consumer electronics products. Some popular Audionic products include Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and earphones.

My Final Verdict: Crystal Clear Sound Within Reach

My end note is that the Audionic Crystal Airbud 575 is a standout option for anyone seeking an exceptional audio experience on a budget. With its eye-catching design, impressive features and controls, crystal clear sound, and reliable battery life, these earbuds provide incredible value for their price.

They are indeed the best & latest earbuds from Audionic.  And you can find these earbuds on Daraz or Audionic official store at Savyour and enjoy cashback. Sign up now and explore various electronic stores available on Savyour.


Color Black/ White/ Green
Weight Lightweight
Dimensions N/A
Water resistance Yes (IPX4)
Battery life 25 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0

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