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Audionic Prime X: The Magnetic Marvel with Studio Sound

Audionic Prime X offers a balanced and high-quality studio sound with magnetic earbuds for added convenience. It's a top choice for gamers and music lovers in Pakistan.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Aug 10, 2023

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Starting From

799.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Not water prrof.

When it comes to handsfree, I’m always on the lookout for the best option that delivers both sound quality and durability. As a tech enthusiast, I stumbled upon the Audionic Prime X, which thoroughly impressed me. With its plethora of features, including magnetic earbuds and a studio-quality sound system, it’s no surprise that why this handsfree is considered one of the most trusted choices in Pakistan. It has quickly become my go-to choice for an immersive audio experience.

The Audionic Prime X handsfree price in Pakistan is Rs. 799 at the official Audionic store. Wait, there’s more; with Savyour, your purchase becomes even more fruitful as you can enjoy cashback on your trade. This fantastic deal makes the Prime X an irresistible choice for music lovers and tech enthusiasts.

Audionic Prime X Design & Fit: Colors, Comfort, and Durability

First things first, the Prime X by Audionic comes in two stylish colors – Shiny Black and Metallic Grey. I must admit, choosing between the two was a tough call for me. Both options looked attractive, but as black is my all-time favorite, I couldn’t resist going for the classic black variant. And the dual-color cable in grey and black is not only visually appealing but also tangle-free, ensuring a hassle-free experience for me.

Moreover, the rubber tips and earbuds provide long-lasting comfort, even during extended listening sessions. And the cherry on top? Audionic has been generous enough to include 8 extra rubber tips, ensuring a perfect fit for every user.

The feature that truly impressed me is the magnetic earbuds. It is a rare gem typically found in neckband earphones. This innovative design allows for easy storage and convenience when not in use, making it a standout choice for on-the-go music lovers. And the rubber cable organizer makes my life so much easier! I never have to worry about tangling the cables again.

L-Shaped 3.5mm Jack: A Gamer’s Delight

Lastly, the L-shaped 3.5mm jack is a game-changer for gaming enthusiasts. It provides a seamless connection to my gaming device, and I can comfortably wear the handsfree during long gaming sessions. Whether I’m dominating in PUBG or immersed in Call of Duty, the Prime X keeps me in the zone with its ergonomic design.

Audionic Prime X Features: Let Google Do Your Job

The Audionic Prime X boasts a convenient three-button control scheme with a built-in microphone. With the volume control and multifunctional button, I can effortlessly manage my music and calls. The multifunction button acts as a play/pause control, call pickup/reject button, and even allows me to activate Google Assistant with a simple press.

Here’s a nifty little feature that I absolutely love – the volume button doubles as a selfie shutter; giving it an edge over other handsfree in Pakistan. As an avid selfie-taker, this function has saved me from dropping my phone countless times while trying to capture the perfect shot with one hand. Now, I can take selfies like a pro without any hassle.

The microphone quality of the Prime X is exceptional. Crystal clear calls are a breeze with the first-ever magnetic earbuds in Pakistan. Whether I’m in a noisy environment or enjoying a quiet moment, the Prime X ensures that my voice is heard loud and clear on the other end of the line.

Audionic Prime X Sound Quality: Bass-Heavy Sound

Everyone knows that when it comes to sound quality, the Audionic doesn’t disappoint; and so does the Prime X. It boasts the Audionic special bass-heavy sound; adding a whole new dimension to the music. The beats are deep and thumping, making every track feel like a live concert in my ears.

The 8-D sound effect of the Prime X provides a surround sound experience that engulfs me in a world of musical bliss. From pop melodies to rock anthems, I found the audio output to be balanced and immersive. And I find myself getting lost in the music with its noise-isolating earbuds design. Although they are not noise-canceling headphones, they still do an impressive job of blocking out external noise.


Best for
Gaming & Music


About the Brand
Audionic is a Pakistani brand that manufactures various consumer electronics products. Some popular Audionic products include Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and earphones.

The Verdict

After spending considerable time with the Audionic Prime X, I can confidently say that it’s one of the best hands-free options available in Pakistan. From its sleek design to the magnetic earbuds and superior sound quality, this handsfree ticks all the right boxes. For those seeking an affordable yet feature-packed hands-free, the Prime X is a top contender.

As a tech enthusiast, I highly recommend the Audionic Prime X to anyone looking to elevate their audio experience. Don’t miss out on this gem! For more gadgets and accessories, explore the electronic and mobile phone stores at Savyour to find what you need with added cashback benefits on your purchase. Happy listening!


Color Black/Grey
Weight Lightweight
Water resistance No
Frequency Response 20-20k Hz
Connectivity L-shaped 3.5mm Jack
Driver 10mm

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