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Howdy Mate: A Review of Aussie Burger

From the vibrant buns to their signature sauces, Aussie Burger serves top-notch burgers that are surprisingly affordable. The friendly staff and fun ambiance add to the experience. Aussie Burger – now that's the way to do burgers!

Written By Hafsa Sheikh

Hafsa Sheikh

Food Critic

I’m Hafsa Sheikh, a fearless food critic extraordinaire! My insatiable hunger for exceptional cuisine has led me to explore some of Pakistan’s most renowned restaurants and hidden eateries.

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Updated Aug 09, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • Limited seating in the SMCHS branch (though there are other branches to choose from)

We Karachiites are weird people. We’re always in a rush, racing through life at a breakneck pace. To capture our attention, you must shout with all your might! And in recent memory, there’s one thing that has taken this city by storm like nothing else: the extraordinary Aussie Burger –  a welcome addition to Karachi’s burger scene! As an honest food critic, it’s my solemn duty to report that these burgers are worth all the hype!

Taste: Hello, Yellow Fellow

When someone asks you what, according to you, is the best burger restaurant in Karachi, what’s your answer? And why is it Aussie Burger (*wink, wink*)? As soon as you lay your eyes on one of Aussie’s signature burger buns, their vibrant hue buns will astound you! 

They’re not regular boring beige; they’re a vibrant sunshine yellow! It’s like you have a mini ray of sunshine to brighten up your meal. And don’t worry – that isn’t just a show to get you in the door; these buns are just as tasty as they look!

For carnivorous connoisseurs, the Outback Burger is nothing short of heavenly! Almost like a work of art. As you take in the smoky aroma of the perfectly grilled patty, you can’t resist sinking your teeth into its juicy texture and bold flavors. 

The savory beef bacon and creamy cheddar cheese masterfully balance the tangy pickled peppers while crunchy mushrooms and onions round out each bite. And to top it all off – garlic mustard aioli, poured generously, leaves a deliciously-pungent taste. Now pass me some napkins; I’m drooling!

But all you chicken lovers, no need to worry. Aussie Burger’s HellFire Chicken is tailor-made for you! Just looking at it is enough to make the stomach growl in anticipation! It features a fried chicken breast dripping with melted cheddar cheese and a generous dollop of Aussie mayo. What’s not to like?

Price: Astonishing Reasonable

Disclaimer: The prices quoted below are at the time of publishing. They are subject to change.

Considering the exquisite ingredients and meticulous creation process, they remain surprisingly affordable. For instance, you can savor a HellFire Chicken Burger for just PKR 625 – an absolute steal! The Outback Burger starts at an equally wallet-friendly price of PKR 725. They’re also highly filling, so the price is not too much discomfort. It’s what you’d expect to find at any other of our city’s restaurants, and that’s why we Aussie so much!

Service: Signature Australian Hospitality

Not only is the food delicious, but it also has a side of satisfaction! How, though? The staff is always eager to make you have a good time, which adds to the experience. No request is too big or too small, as they go above and beyond to accommodate your desires. 

Their enthusiasm is infectious, and their genuine interest in ensuring your utmost happiness is palpable. Whether you’re a regular or a first-time visitor, they treat you like family, ensuring you feel right at home. It is one of those fast-food restaurants in town that just gets it, you know!

But the best part? Their thoughtful service extends beyond the restaurant walls. With the convenience of FoodPanda delivery, you can bring the extraordinary experience of Aussie Burger right to your doorstep.

Ambience: Take a Seat

Aussie Burger’s ambience is as unique as a kangaroo doing a salsa dance! The moment you step in, you’re greeted by a burst of bright lights that set the perfect stage for a burger extravaganza with your pals. The chairs are so cozy you’ll feel like you’re lounging on a cloud of burger buns.

And while you’re at it, feast your eyes on the captivating wall art and quirky portraits that sprinkle a lot of color and charm into the place. It’s like the Aussie Burger team invited a bunch of funky artists to a burger art showdown! But hey, here’s a little secret – watch out for the single washroom in the SMCHS branch! It does tend to get crowded around there!

Honorable Mentions: Honey Magic

Don’t forget about the whole host of starters that Aussie serves! Burgers are great on their own – but pair them with Honey BBQ Wings, and you’re in for a real treat! These juicy strips of deliciousness will give you a feeling that’s quite difficult to describe.  

They’re like a big hug from an old friend – only they’re crispy and coated in sweet-and-spicy honey BBQ sauce. The chicken is so succulent that it practically dissolves on the tongue. And it’s finished with a sprinkle of crunchy onion strings, adding a bit of zing to make you dance joyfully!

Final Verdict

To wrap it all up, Aussie Burger lives up to its reputation! From the vibrant buns to their signature decór – everything is simply perfect. The prices are also quite reasonable, and the service is nothing short of amazing! Aussie Burger – now that’s the way to do burgers! Yeehaw!

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