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Top up Your Food with Best Barbeque Sauces

The Winner of my Plate - Fresh Barbeque sauce is the right fit for all my saucy snacks. Its balanced sweet and acidic flavor makes me reach for it everytime. The rich consistency of sauce makes my food more tender, juicer, and cremier

Written By Store Hopper

Store Hopper

Store Hopper

I am a staff writer and have visited countless grocery stores numerous times; whatever I need, I know exactly where to get it from! I am a superhero - I identify value for money in any grocery list.

Updated Apr 19, 2023

There’s nothing quite like the smell of freshly made barbeque. The smell of charcoal in the air, the sound of sizzling meat, and the taste of my favorite BBQ sauce, it’s enough to make my mouth water just thinking about it!

But what makes a great BBQ sauce? In my opinion, it all comes down to three things: balance, depth of flavor, and heat. I want a sauce that is flavorful but not overwhelming, with a good balance of sweet, savory, and spice. And of course, it should be finger-licking good!

Today, I’m going to share with you four of my favorite Pakistani BBQ sauces. These sauces are sure to please even the most discerning BBQ aficionado. So, fire up the grill and let’s get started!

My Top 4 Picks

The Sweet & Fresh – Fresh Street BBQ Sauce


  • Has preservatives
  • Has limited packaging options

Fresh Street BBQ Sauce has a smokey flavor and a nice hint of acidity that cuts through the sweetness. I think it’s the perfect pair for dipping or slathering on some ribs or barbeque chicken. The only downside is that it can be a little too sweet for some palates, but overall I think it is a great sauce.

Serving Size: 1spoon/35g Calories: 60 Carbs: 13g Proteins: 0  Sodium: 330mg

Gluten-free Ride – Dipitt BBQ Sauce 


  • Has preservatives
  • Contains ambiguity in nutritional values

Dipitt BBQ sauces are made from real hickory spicy and premium molasses which gives it natural smokey and spicy flavor. I think it is perfect for grilling, marinating or dipping and I like to marinate my chicken wings with it to air fry my chicken wings to be crispy and crunchy.

Serving Size: 1spoon/30g Calories: 31  Carbs: 8g Proteins: 0g  Sodium: N/A

The Hottie, Smokey – Knorr BBQ Sauce 


  • Limited packaging options
  • Nutritional information is vague

Knorr Barbeque sauce has a thick consistency. I like to pair it up with my frozen barbeque snacks to add a zing of smokey flavor to it since it has an extra punch of natural coal flavor which I love. I am a health conscious person, which is why I like to be mindful of what I am putting in my body. The ambiguity in Knorr BBQ sauce’s nutritional values does make me incline towards other brands.

Serving Size: N/A Calories: 148 Carbs: 28g Proteins: 1g  Sodium: 195 mg

The Tangy Winner – Shangrila BBQ Sauce 


  • Is made by mixing tomato ketchup with herbs
  • Comes in only one pouch option
  • Has a runny consistency
  • Contains sulfates

Shangrila BBQ sauce has a runny consistency. It is perfect for the people who like their bbq sauces on the sweeter edge of the town, like my mom. I always stock Shangrila BBQ Sauce for her but end up with some expired product at season. If only there were more sizes available.

Serving Size: 1 spoon/15g Calories: 60  Carbs: 5g Proteins: 0.4g  Sodium: 300mg

Things to Consider Before Buying BBQ Sauce

Texture, Aroma & Flavor

Texture is everything when making sauce. For instance, if there’s too much thickness from molasses then it might be hard to cover up any off tastes in food with sweeteners like honey because these ingredients won’t easily blend into each other unlike thinner sauces where more sweetness would mask anything else happening on its own.


The local Barbeque Sauces available in the market usually cost around Rs 250 to Rs 300 Rs 160 to Rs 180 for 400 gram pouches and the imported variants available are priced a little over Rs 900. The glass variants may cost a little more but I would definitely be okay in paying more to make eco-friendly choices. 

Ease of Packaging

I like brands which offer at least more than two packaging options, in terms of sizes and types of bottle. This helps me make mindful decisions, for example I buy family sizes which last for a longer period of time and it helps me save some bucks, or use eco-friendly glass containers to support our environment.


What are the Main Ingredients of Barbeque Sauce?

The main ingredients include vinegar, tomato paste, liquid smoke, and sweetners.

Is BBQ Sauce and Ketchup the Same?

They do share the same base but bbq sauce has additional smokey flavor, and is less tangy than ketchup.

What are the Main Flavors of BBQ sauce?

The main flavors include salty, sweet, spicy, tangy, and smokey as a base note.