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Affordable yet Premium: Reviewing Baseus Bowie H1 NC Headphones

Baseus Bowie H1 Noise-Cancelling headphones provide an affordable yet premium experience for users. With comfortable ear pads, impressive battery life, and effective noise cancellation, these headphones offer excellent value for money.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jun 12, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

16,999.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Slight audio latency.
  • Lack of touch controls.
  • No wireless charging.

I am an expert at finding headphones that fit within budget and provide a high-quality experience. And let me tell you, the Baseus Bowie H1 noise-canceling headphones offer a promising combination of affordability and a high-end aesthetic.

As someone who has personally tested and reviewed these headphones, I am confident about the comfortable over-the-ear design, canceling out noise without compromising the music. 

Baseus, the brand known for its top-quality original accessories, has created a stylish and reliable headphone option that caters to a broad audience. Let’s begin the review as I break down the features of this product.

Bowie H1 Design: Feels High-End 

Ahh, the design! The Baseus H1 portable headphones exhibit a lively and appealing look. It is available in matte Gray and Rice White colors; both versions exude a sense of sophistication and remind me of the iconic Apple AirPods Max, making it stand out from the other headphones in its price range.

Despite being constructed from hard plastic, the headphones are surprisingly lightweight, weighing only 300g, and exert minimal pressure on the head. The metal headband adds both durability and stability, ensuring a secure fit without causing discomfort during extended listening sessions.

The headphones come with comfortable leather ear pads that are well-padded. They don’t put too much pressure on the ears, making them ideal for extended wear. I wore them for 2-3 hours without any issues while working on a hectic project at my office. Therefore, they are my top headphones.

Bowie H1 Design Features and Controls: Easy-to-Use

The Baseus Bowie H1 features a button-based control system; while lacking touch-sensitive controls still offers a satisfactory user experience.

Button to Control Everything

There are three buttons on the right earpiece to handle various functions, such as Bluetooth pairing, volume and track control, and noise cancellation activation. Although it may take some time to become accustomed to the different button combinations, the presence of touchable dimples helps provide a better sense of control.

The middle button serves as the play/pause button and also activates the voice assistant, while the +/- buttons adjust the volume and control track selection. Additionally, this handy accessory facilitates call management, allowing me to answer, hang up, or switch between calls. And Charging is conveniently done through the Type-C port.

Bowie H1 Audio Quality: Satisfying

Despite being budget-friendly, the Baseus H1 delivers impressive audio quality. Equipped with a 40mm dynamic driver, these headphones produce high-quality sound without distortion, even at higher volume levels.

The emphasis on well-balanced and tuned bass allows genres like dance, electronic, and hip-hop to shine. In contrast, other genres, like pop music, may experience slightly lower vocals and less clarity in the high frequencies.

However, considering the price range, the bass response is commendable, adding depth and power to the overall listening experience. 

Baseues H1 Noise Cancelling and Calling: High-End or Average

The Bowie H1 shines in the realm of noise cancellation thanks to its Hybrid ANC technology and advanced noise reduction algorithm. With the ability to filter out up to 90% of external noise, these headphones offer a pleasant and immersive listening environment.

While it’s important to note that the noise reduction is not absolute, as some minor noises and low frequencies may still be audible, it is a significant feature in this price category. I found its ANC less classy than these noise-canceling headphones, but it has impressed me greatly.

Call quality is above average, thanks to the high-quality built-in microphone that captures clear voice audio without distortion or echoes. Whether it’s daily phone calls, online conferences, or classes, the Baseus H1 headphones provide a reliable and satisfactory calling experience.

Baseues H1 Battery Life and Latency: No Room For Improvement Left

The Baseus H1 headphones impress with their battery life and low-latency performance. With a built-in 400mAh Li-Polymer battery, these headphones offer an impressive playback time of 40-50 hours, depending on the usage of ambient noise or noise cancellation features.

The headphones can last for about two weeks with moderate use before needing a recharge. They stayed around 65 hours when used with moderate volume and without the ANC turned on, which is the best way to use them to avoid damaging your ears. 

The headphones also exhibit minimal latency, allowing for seamless audio synchronization during gaming and video streaming. While a slight delay of around half a second may be noticeable during movie playback or gaming, it remains within acceptable limits, considering the price range.


Best for
Office Use/Travel

Battery life
70 hours 

About the Brand
Baseus has been one of the leading brands manufacturing tech products and mobile accessories for years.

Baseus Bowie H1: My Final Thoughts

As I end this review, I would like to say the Baseus Bowie H1 NC headphones offer a compelling package that combines affordability, premium design, and impressive audio performance. These headphones deliver a comfortable fit, exceptional sound quality, and effective noise cancellation.

While they may lack certain advanced features and touch controls, they more than make up for it with their overall value for money. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or enjoy immersive audio experiences, the Baseus H1 headphones are a solid choice.

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Color Black/ White/ Pink
Weight 300gm
Dimensions N/A
Water resistance No
Battery life 50 hours
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.2

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