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Baseus Mini S Bracket Wireless: A New Wireless Power Bank

Baseus Mini S Bracket Wireless is a powerful, compact wireless power bank charger that offers fast and efficient charging for your phone. Whether you're looking for wireless or wired charging, this charger has you covered.

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Updated Apr 26, 2023

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Starting From

6,499.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • Fewer ports

Now charge your devices with the Baseus Mini S Bracket Wireless Power Bank Charger! This is a high-quality power bank that offers both wireless and wired charging, has a lightweight design, and has a user-friendly interface.

In this review, we will discuss all its features and benefits, as well as its performance and capacity. And if you’re looking to upgrade your mobile accessories, be sure to check out various online accessory brands for amazing cashback offers through Savyour.

Design – Humanized

I love the design. It’s so compact, too small yet a heavy performer so why shouldn’t I? The three available colors are white, black, and red. The black one looks so classy and its plastic build is so shiny that it catches my eye every time.

Weight – Lightweight

The weight of the Baseus Mini S Bracket is only 213 gm. It’s very lightweight and portable, making it ideal for use on the go.

Ease of Use – User-friendly

The Baseus Mini S Bracket Wireless is very easy to use. It’s a compact and easy-to-carry accessory, and the three available colors make it easy to find in your bag or purse.

Performance – Fast and Efficient

This is a fast and efficient wireless charger. It charges my phone quickly and efficiently and is also compatible with most phones on the market.

Wireless and Wired Charging

What you like the most about Baseus Mini S Bracket Wireless is that it offers both wireless and wired charging. This is great for when you need to charge your phone quickly, or if you want to use the wireless charging function to save battery life.

Mobile Phone Bracket Function

I adore the mobile phone bracket function! This great feature allows you to prop up your phone while it’s charging, so you can continue to use it without having to hold it in your hand. Now I can watch movies or my favorite football matches without holding my phone because it works as a mobile stand for me.

Capacity and Ports

Although it is compact and jam-packed with features it provides an amazing 10,000mAh capacity! And not just that it also offers 2.4A fast charging support for both wireless and wired charging which is great!

If you have a type-C or Micro USB charger then its two types of input ports keep you tension free. The two output ports ensure it can charge your phone and AirPods at the same time. 


Best for

10000 mAh

About the Brand
Baseus has been one of the leading brands, manufacturing tech products, mobile accessories for years now.

Final Verdict

I bought it from Telemart via Savyour and have tested it myself and I am thoroughly impressed with the Baseus Mini S Bracket Wireless. It’s a great product that offers both wireless and wired charging, is easy to use, and has a mobile phone bracket function that is very handy. If you’re looking for a fast and efficient power bank with a wireless charger, I highly recommend the Baseus Mini S Bracket Wireless.


Weight 213 gm
Capacity 10000 mAh
Dimensions 9.40 x 6.20 x 2.50 cm

At a Glance: