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Reviewing the Best Condensed Milk : Your Dessert Partner

Whenever I see comelle condensed milk I can not resist myself from buying it. It brings back my school memories. What about yours? Does it happen to you too? I highly recommend it to you if you haven’t tried it yet

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Updated Aug 23, 2023

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It was said that condensed milk had the ability to make people happy and content. One day, I decided to try condensed milk for myself. I quickly found out that it is a lifesaver for any dessert.

It can add value to any dish by making it creamier, sweeter, and more flavorful For example, I love to make condensed milk ice cream. It’s super simple to make and it’s always a big hit within my family and friends.

I ordered the condensed milk from Krave mart via Savyour, which saved time and effort and allowed me to earn some fantastic cashback. Condensed milk has now become a household staple for me!

I just start by boiling some water and then adding the condensed milk to it. I let it cook for a while until it thickens up, and then I let it cool down before transferring it to my ice cream maker. Within minutes, I have delicious condensed milk ice cream that everyone loves! Now condensed milk is a staple in my house.

Best Condensed Milk Available in Pakistan

Comelle condensed milk


  • Inorganic
  • Soya lecithin

If you’re a fan of creamy, sweet condensed milk, like me then you’ll love Comelle condensed milk! It’s made with the highest quality ingredients and has a delicious, rich flavor that will satisfy your cravings.

I always keep a can or two of Comelle condensed milk in my pantry for when I need a quick dessert. It’s perfect for making milkshakes, smoothies, and ice cream, and it also makes a great addition to coffee and tea. I highly recommend giving Comelle condensed milk a try. Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Quantity: 72g-1Kg | Calories: 321 Calories | Allergen: lactose, Soy| Packaging Type: Tin Can| Additives & MSG:No

Milkana Condensed Milk 


  • Vegetable fat
  • Permitted food conditioners

Do you know that in many parts of Asia and Europe, condensed milk is preferred to be added to coffee or tea? Countries like Vietnam and Cambodia use condensed milk to flavor their hot or iced tea. Well, here in Pakistan you can use Milkana condensed milk imported from Malaysia which can be used as a tea or coffee whitener. It has just the right amount of sweetness which adds flavor to all your hot and cold beverages.

Quantity:  390g, 1kg | Calories: 320 Calories | Allergen: None | Packaging Type: Tin Can| Additives & MSG:No

Polac condensed-filled milk 


  • Shelf life

Polac Sweetened Condensed Milk is one of my all-time favorite treats! It’s so sweet and creamy, and it goes perfectly with cookies, cakes, or just about anything else. I never hesitate to reach for it when the mood strikes me. If you’re looking for a delicious, sweet treat, you definitely need to try Polac Sweetened Condensed Milk as it is less expensive.

Quantity: 1kg | Calories: 380 Calories | Allergen: None | Packaging Type:Tin Can| Additives & MSG:No

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