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Laundry 101: Reviewing the Best Fabric Conditioners

I now buy comfort fabric conditioners whenever I run out of them. It is a great addition to my laundry kit. I highly recommend you try these best fabric conditioners in Pakistan.

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Store Hopper

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Updated Aug 22, 2023

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Who would have thought ironing will be easy on the cotton fabric? But now it is because of fabric conditioners. Fabric conditioners have made it easy as it removes wrinkles from clothes also they are affordable and come in capsule and liquid form. 

It always depends on your budget and the type of laundry machine used. . But, fabric conditioners are a blessing to the laundry kit. It has made ironing easy. It leaves behind a great fragrance that many of us love.

deliver my first-hand experience with these products, and here is my detailed review.

The Best Fabric Conditioners Available in Pakistan



  • Expensive

I am lazy when it comes to ironing clothes. Then my mom introduced me to the comfort fabric conditioner. It conditioned my clothes so well that it makes ironing easy and fabric wrinkle-free. I use it religiously whenever I do laundry. It is a great addition to my laundry essentials. Also, it is quite expensive but it is all worth buying. It is easily available in local stores and can be bought from there. 

It has a really nice fragrance which is not overpowering. I like it and thank my mom for introducing it to me. I highly recommend it to you all who like your clothes soft and fragrant.

Net weight: 200ml, 400ml 1.26| Variants: Lillies, blue fresh sky, Morning fresh fabric



  • Strong Scent

Softlan is my favorite fabric conditioner. It not only softens my clothes it also helps in making fabric wrinkle-free. It does not damage the color of the fabric nor lighten the fabric. It makes fabric wrinkle-free and soft so you can not resist buying it. 

Also, it is very affordable and easily available in the local market. So, I highly recommend it to you. 

Downy Fabric Softener


  • Not readily available
  • Expensive

My mom loves this Downy Fabric Softener as it softens the clothes and protects the color of the fabric. She got to know about this product a couple of years before through Facebook. She saw an ad for it and then she bought it straight from the market. 

She now uses it religiously. Also, it is very easy to use in top and front-loading machines. It just removes the wrinkles so perfectly and makes the cloth very soft. When I asked her what that smell was coming from my clothes she told me she has started using  Downy fabric softener that leaves the perfect fragrance behind.. She recommended it to many of her friends so now I am recommending it to you. 

Romar Fabric Softener 


  • Expensive

I discovered Romar on one of my trips. At the hotel when I gave y clothes to washing I was shocked to have been returned clothes that looked like mine but they felt so exceptionally soft, almost like a cloud. Upon asking I was told it was Romar fabric conditioner. When i found it at the grocery store i quickly picked up a bottle for my fancy clothes.

It was a capsule in a big bottle which I didn’t like but the result was amazing. It softened my clothes and removed wrinkles from it. It was the best experience I had on my clothes in 2019. It also has made my ironing easy.

Net weight: 2L

Whether you are a new mum looking to give your baby the best and the softest clothing or just looking to prolong the life of your clothes then you need to add an extra step to your laundry, a cap of fabric conditioners.
I get mine from Naheed vis Savyour and enjoy the fresh scent, the soft fabric, and the cashback.


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