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Enhancing Flavor: The Best Frozen Kofta in Pakistan’s Culinary Landscape

Quick, Tasty, and Convenient: The Best Frozen Koftas in Pakistan. Elevate your meals with hassle-free options. Explore expert-rated brands for delicious kofta dishes.

Written By Store Hopper

Store Hopper

Store Hopper

I am a staff writer and have visited countless grocery stores numerous times; whatever I need, I know exactly where to get it from! I am a superhero - I identify value for money in any grocery list.

Updated Aug 24, 2023

Koftas are a staple dish in any Pakistani home. The juicy decedent meatballs, drenched in that spicy tomatoey salan and accompanied with a hot off-the-tandoor naan. I can’t think of anything more scrumptious. Bet this brought water in your mouth, just like it has in mine,

Koftas are also one of a kind. Although they are enjoyed throughout the world and are commonly known as meatballs, there are some variations in the way they are made, based on the region or country they originate from. Koftas are a popular dish in Pakistan and are mostly referred to as the dish fit for a king. In my house, we love kofta biryani and Malai Kofta.

Koftas are delicacies that usually include ground meat (usually lamb or beef but also chicken), onions, herbs, seeds, and spices like cumin, coriander, and other spices. However, they can be quite tedious to prepare since

Frozen koftas make a great option, whenever I am looking for a quick meal option. They’re easy and quick to prepare. Just pop them out, defrost them, and devour them. With frozen kofta options, I never have to worry about spending hours in the kitchen.

In a quest to find the best for my taste buds, I scanned through the frozen aisle of the grocery store and rated a few of these brands based on variants, packaging options, additives information, cooking methods, and availability.

My tried and tested Frozen Koftas

PK Frozen Kofta


  • Not widely available
  • Limited packaging options

PK frozen kofta comes in three variants with meat forms popular in the Pakistani market. Their chicken koftas are great for any pasta dish. For Beef lovers, they got it covered with Beef and Mutton koftas, as well. And without additives, these delicacies are never to be missed in your fridge.

K&N’s Frozen Kofta 


  • Has no beef or mutton variant available
  • 15 pieces
  • Limited packaging options

K&N’s Koftas are made with the best quality chicken. It has no MSG, no preservatives, and colorants, which is amazing. These can also be warmed up in the air fryer, oven, or microwave. 

Monsalwa Frozen Kofta 


  • Limited variants available
  • Has preservatives

Monsalwa koftas have permitted preservatives. Without compromising on taste, Monsalwa is also priced very reasonably but has only chicken koftas available. 

Simply Sufi Frozen Kofta 


  • No mutton or beef option
  • Is not widely available
  • No information on preservatives

To not include Simply Sufi Chicken Badami Koftas in my list felt like a crime. These tasteful nutty meatballs won everyone’s hearts in my family. Also, they provide no information on additives and are not widely available. 

Menu Frozen Kofta 


  • No beef or mutton variants
  • Limited packaging options

Menu Koftas are relishing meatballs. It has no preservatives and is made with prime chicken minced meat.

My Go-to recipe: Meatballs Pasta

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. In a large baking bowl, put some meatballs. Add in some bread crumbs, Parmesan cheese, garlic powder, salt, and pepper on top. Mix in milk until well blended. Pour pasta sauce over the meatballs and add the cooked spaghetti and bake in a preheated oven for 20 minutes. Serve these meatballs over cooked spaghetti.

Do not forget to store and defrost wisely

Before buying frozen Koftas, I always make sure to check for additives such as MSG, preservatives, and other additives that can be harmful to health. I also check for the expiry date before purchasing. To make good use of my money, I always pick fresh batches which gives my frozen products longer shelf life.

I always store my frozen koftas in the fridge as soon as possible after purchase and only defrost them when I am ready to cook them. I make sure the meatballs are completely thawed before cooking. I also check the label for cooking instructions to get great results. 

Kofta for the win

There is nothing quite like delicious koftas to get taste buds tingling and all saucy. Whether I am dipping them in sauce or gobbling them up whole, koftas are a treat for every mouth. And with the frozen option, I can get as many as I want without the hassle of tiring long hours in the kitchen. So, why not pick some today? It’s easier and yummi-er!

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