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Greens on the Go: Exploring the Best Frozen Spinach Brands in Pakistan

Simplify meal prep with the best spinach which is pre-cut - a convenient, time-saving solution for busy days. Explore my brand reviews and factors I consider before choosing. Eat well without the hassle!"

Written By Store Hopper

Store Hopper

Store Hopper

I am a staff writer and have visited countless grocery stores numerous times; whatever I need, I know exactly where to get it from! I am a superhero - I identify value for money in any grocery list.

Updated Aug 22, 2023

When I have a long day at work, I always look for ways to save as well as improve my productivity. So, cooking at home is one option to treat myself and my family. I like to make this process less burdensome for myself, so I look for solutions that make it simpler to prepare meals. As a result, I like to make use of a lot of veggies in my food since these are nutritious and do not take a lot of time to cook. 

Meanwhile, on other days, I usually end up buying food from outside when I cannot wash and cut vegetables because washing and chopping veggies consumes a lot of time until I find frozen options.

Pre-cut Frozen Spinach helps in making a healthy bite without the hassle and spending a lot of time in the kitchen. Not to forget, it is easier on the pocket than ordering from restaurants every other day.

Since I like to explore my options, I tried multiple brands available in the market, and here is what I think about each one of them.

I have also rated the following brands based on freshness, shelf life, availability, and packaging.

My Take on Frozen Spinach Available in Pakistan

Icepac Frozen Spinach 


  • Comes in non-biodegradable poly bags

I love how fresh and earthy this frozen spinach tastes when once thawed to room temperature. These are very convenient to carry and are readily available at any  supermarket. 

After opening them, I keep them in an airtight container to have a long-lasting shelf life. It comes in a polybag, which is easy to store later on and helps protect from freezer burns.

Finelife Frozen Spinach


  • Not widely available
  • Comes in non-biodegradable poly bags

Icepac Frozen Spinach tastes fresh as well although it is not as widely available. These have a long shelf life and are too inexpensive. 

Things I Look for Before Buying My Packet of Frozen Spinach


I always look for secure, and airtight packaging. I ensure that the package I am paying for is air-tight for freshness and flavorful results. After opening, I always store them in an airtight container to seal freshness.


Availability is an important factor for me. This makes it easier to pick up a packet whenever I go grocery shopping. Finding all my lists in one place helps me save time.

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