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Premium Selection: Best Honey in Pakistan for Natural Sweetness

I'm a big fan of honey and I was excited to try Young Bee Honey. It definitely didn't disappoint! The honey is really smooth and has a lovely flavor. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for high-quality honey.

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Updated Aug 25, 2023

Looking for a sweet treat and loads of natural benefits? Look no further because I am going to tell you about my favorite honey. Honey is a delicious natural product and is a healthy alternative to refined sugar. 

There are several types of honey available in the market, each with a unique quality and flavor. I have listed down my favorite brands available in the market for you to choose the honey best suited for you on the basis of shelf life, net weight, pricing, packaging, additives, preservatives, etc.
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The Best Honey Available in Pakistan

Young Bee Hives Natural Honey


  • Plastic bottle

I am a big fan of Honey and was excited to try Young’s Bee Honey. I wasn’t disappointed! The honey is smooth and has a great flavor. It’s perfect for use as a sweetener in tea or coffee or for adding to recipes. I also like to use it as a face mask. It’s great for moisturizing my skin. I highly recommend Young’s Bee Honey to anyone who loves honey!

Quantity: 400g| Allergen: None| Packaging Type: Plastic Bottle| Additives & MSG:No

Haut Notch Blossom Honey


  • Expensive

I’m a big fan of honey, and I love trying different kinds. I was excited to try Haut Notch Honey because I’d never had blossom honey before. It was really good! The flavor was mild and slightly sweet. I would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a good, all-natural honey.

Quantity: 250g | Allergen: None| Packaging Type: Jar| Additives & MSG:No

Al-Shifa Black Forest Honey


  • Expensive

The reason I buy Alshifa black forest honey is that this delicious, mildly sweet honey is gathered from the Bavarian black forests and comes in a simple yet convenient, transparent bottle. This honey comes with a very strong flavor profile and has a lovely black color. It is perfect for adding a little sweetness to your dish. Also, its amazing health benefits make it a must-have for everyone. 

Quantity: 250-500g | Variations: Acacia, Cedar, Black Forest | Allergen: None| Packaging Type: Bottle Jar | Additives & MSG:No

Hemani ginseng


  • Expensive

This special honey is made with natural extracts. It is considered a premium choice of honey, sought after by those who want to improve their health. I use it for its ability to boost energy levels, improve mental functions and fight off fatigue. It also is recommended for its pivotal role in improving immune systems and reducing stress levels.

Quantity: 250g, 310g,  |Variations: Royal jelly, Zafran, ten spoons, Black seeds, Slimming Honey, Al-Hakim Honey | Allergen: None| Packaging Type: Glass jar| Additives & MSG:No

Italia Honey 


  • Packaging

Italia honey is golden honey which is 100% natural and pure, making it a healthy option that can replace refined sugar, and it tastes absolutely amazing!

Quantity: 125g, 500g, 250g  |Variations: 100% pure honey| Allergen: None| Packaging Type: Glass jar| Additives & MSG:No

Make Sure You Buy the Right Honey 

When shopping for honey, it is important to keep a few factors in mind, for instance

Decide the type of honey you need

With several different types of honey available, each with its own unique flavor and benefits. It is important to know the different  types of honey. These can be;

  • Clover honey 

Honey is made from the nectar of the clover flowers. It is usually light in color and supports a mild flavor.

  • Lavender honey

Made with the nectar of lavender flowers, it has a slightly floral flavor.

  • Orange blossom honey

Extracted from the orange blossom nectar, this honey has a citrusy flavor. 

  • Thyme honey

Honey made out of the nectar of the thyme flowers has a uniquely strong and herbal flavor. 

The decision to choose honey depends mostly on personal preferences. It is advised to try out a few types before you make your decisions; 

How we use honey

1. Cooking or baking

If you plan on using your honey mostly for cooking or baking, you’ll want to choose a honey that has a flavor profile that is milder.

2. Eating

If you plan on eating it directly from the jar, using a spoon, or mixing it in refreshing drinks, you should choose honey with a bolder/stronger flavor profile. It is simply a matter of your personal preference.

The types of containers 

1. Glass containers

Glass is considered to be an all-natural material, meaning that it doesn’t contain any preservatives or chemicals. Hence, no contamination is caused in the honey, keeping it as pure as it was when harvested. Also, the see-through glass containers allow you to be sure of the quality based on the color and consistency

2. Plastic Containers

Plastic containers can release harmful chemicals into your honey, and since many of the plastic jars are lined with Aluminum – linked to causing diseases like Alzheimer’s, it is better to avoid them. Plus, a plastic container hides the quality, color, and consistency, making it a difficult job to check the quality of the honey.

When it comes to honey, quality is something that you don’t want to compromise on. Hence it is important to make sure you choose a glass jar as a container for your honey and ensure unadulterated flavor, quality and purity. Read the label when buying honey.

Ensure that you read the label and check if it is certified halal – prepared while being Shariah compliant – as per Islamic law. Also, look out for additives, or preservatives added (if any).

Look at your budget when buying honey 

Budget is important when purchasing pure honey. The price range varies from product based on purity or type of benefits. Make sure that you buy the right fit for you and your family! 

While buying honey, remember this guide!

Whenever you visit your grocery store next, take a minute and look closely at the honey section. Notice all the different types and flavors available that you missed before. And to look out for the halal certification

Hopefully, this article will help you make the right decision when it comes to honey, and you too could choose pure honey & enjoy the immense benefits from it.

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