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Reviewing the Best Breakfast Jellies Available in Pakistan

I have been using Shezan Apple Jelly since my childhood. It has no artificial flavoring and fewer calories, making it my go-to sweet treat!

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Updated Jul 26, 2023

Hey foodies,

If your breakfast habits are anything like mine, breakfast is only complete after a generous spread of tasty jelly on my toast or biscuit. As someone always looking for new and exciting jelly flavors to add to my mornings, I’ve tried my fair share of flavors to experiment with over the years.

From classic apples to exotic pineapple and everything in between, something about jelly’s sweet and fruity taste makes me feel warm and fuzzy. And remember the satisfyingly smooth texture that adds an extra oomph to each bite. Jellies are indeed something!

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Because of their similarities, people are often confused between jams, jellies, and marmalades, because of their similarities. Here is the main difference between these commonly used breakfast condiments.

Jam, Jelly, and Marmalade

Jam is made by cooking crushed fruit with sugar and pectin, a natural thickening agent found in fruit. The result is a thick, chunky spread with small fruit mixed in.

Jelly, however is made by cooking only the fruit juice with sugar and pectin. The mixture is then thoroughly strained to remove solids, resulting in a smooth and translucent spread.

Lastly, Marmalade is a type of jelly made from citrus fruits, such as oranges or lemons. The fruit is sliced into thin pieces, including the peel, and cooked with sugar and water to create a tangy and slightly bitter spread.

Each of these breakfast condiments has a unique texture and flavor profile, and are often used interchangeably, even though they have their distinct differences. Have a look at the list of breakfast options available for your ease.

Now let’s look closer at these delicious breakfast jellies and how this yummy sin in a jar makes every toast fruity, sweet, and oh-so-mouth-watering!

To help you pick the best breakfast jelly, I have taste tested the following brands in Pakistan.

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Breakfast Jellies in Pakistan

Haut Notch Jellies


  • Fragile packaging
  • Artificial flavoring

I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical when I first tried Hautnotch Jelly – artificial flavoring? Only 65 calories per serving? But one bite of this stuff, and I was hooked.

The strawberry and pineapple flavors are both bursting with sweetness and super flavors that can only come from the magic of artificial ingredients. But don’t let that fool you – it’s not sickeningly sweet, just the right amount to satisfy your sweet tooth.
And the texture – oh, the texture. Smooth, velvety, and oh-so-satisfying. It’s like spreading a cloud of sweetness on your toast.

Shezan Jelly


  • Fragile packaging

I love Shezan Apple Jelly! It’s the perfect sweet and fruity breakfast spread with a smooth, easy-to-spread texture making it the perfect pairing for my toast. I appreciate that it’s made with real apple juice and sugar, giving it a natural taste that is hard to beat.

Plus, I can indulge without guilt at only 54 calories per serving. If you’re a fan of apple-based spreads or just looking for something new, I highly recommend trying Shezan Apple Jelly!

Salman’s Jelly


  • Fragile packaging
  • Not widely available

What I love about Salman’s apple jelly is that it’s made with all-natural fruits, adding extra freshness and quality to its taste. I love knowing I’m getting a high-quality product that is both delicious and good.

The taste is spot on, with just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy my cravings. The texture is smooth and spreadable, making it easy to enjoy on my favorite breakfast foods.

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Haut Notch Jelly


Shezan Jelly


Salman's Jelly


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