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Best Laundry Soap Bars: Cleaning like a Pro

Trying to remove tough stains? Try these best laundry soap bars available in Pakistan. Tough stains like tea and curry all gone like magic.

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Store Hopper

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Updated Aug 22, 2023

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If you’re like me, I always ignored the measurement of the detergent powder in the laundry when I’m pouring it into the machine. I always throw extra powder in the machine just to be sure my clothes will be dirt free and full of good fragrance. That was all good for me until I found good quality detergent soap bars on the local aisle in marts. I was shocked that they are hand-friendly as well as can be used in machines, are affordable, have good fragrance and packaging, and whatnot. I now buy detergent soaps for my clothes, especially for my husband’s shirts and T-shirts. And I’ve been happy since then.

Here is everything I like about them. I have also rated them on various details like shelf life, packaging, and material features. Keep reading for all the details!

The Best Detergents Soaps in Pakistan

Sufi Detergent Soap 


  • Packaging
  • Not Readily available

My mother buys powder detergent and soap. She washes our socks with Sufi soap which is made with a special formula that is expert for powerful cleaning. It is a machine and hand-friendly soap. She washes socks with her hands and it does not itch. Also, it is affordable and readily available in local stores.

Net Weight: 1kg, 500g,

Pak Detergent Soap


  • Expensive

The first time I used Pak soap was at my grandmother’s place. I never really understood her choice of using soap detergent rather than powder. Long story short after an accident with a mango shake spill my sister and I saw ourselves stuck in a dirty situation.  Since my dadi only used Pak soap that was the one I picked.

To my surprise, the soap was foamy and milky to use. It didn’t leave the harsh residue that powders leave and the stain was gone within minutes almost like magic.
That was the day I understood why my dadi was so fond of Pak Soap. i then got myself a bar for tough stains.

Net weight:1kg,  500g

Milan Detergent Soap


  • Not readily available

Some of the toughest stains to get out are the cuffs and collars on my husband’s shirts. I can’t keep throwing them in the machine for the fabric would lose its color and charm. While grocery shopping I came across Milan Detergent soap. Well, hesitantly I bought it. I washed my husband’s shirt with Milan soap and Woah, I was totally amazed by the cleaning it did. It did not itch my hand nor did it create any harmful effect on my hand. Now, I do buy laundry soap whenever I go grocery shopping.

Net Weight:250g, 

Talwar Detergent Soap


  • No fragrance
  • dissolves quickly

Talwar soap is made with a special formula to remove stains and dirt from the clothes. It comes in nice packaging. It is affordable and contains a cuboid shape. It doesn’t melt quickly which is why I like it the most. It has a longer shelf life.

Net weight: 250g

So if you are looking to get rid of those spills and collar stains in a jiffy you need to get your hands on detergent soaps too. they are quick, milky, and easy to use. I get mine from Naheed via Savyour. With a single click and my laundry is sorted. That too with a cashback bonus!

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Sufi Soap


Pak Soap


Milan Soap


Talwar Soap


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