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The 5 Best Mayonnaise to Make Your Burger Juicy

I love Young’s creamy and salted mayonnaise! It's one of my favorite condiments. I like to use it as a dip for chips and veggies. Mayonnaise is very versatile and it's a great way to add flavor to any dish.

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Updated Sep 05, 2023

Uh, mayonnaise. That delicious, rich condiment makes everything taste better. Sandwiches, salads, and even fries are all elevated by the addition of a few spoonful of this creamy goodness. Mayonnaise is a sauce made from eggs, oil, and vinegar. The egg yolks act as an emulsifier, meaning they help to bind the oil and vinegar together into a smooth sauce. While there are many store-bought brands of mayonnaise available, it is also relatively easy to make at home. But why make it at home when it is easily available at an affordable price?

However, why bother when you can easily find affordable options like Young’s Creamy and Salted Mayonnaise or Dipitt Spicy Mayonnaise at online grocery stores like Kravemart? Enjoy variety of spreads and sauces , along with the opportunity to get cashback through Savyour!

My top five mayonnaise picks to make a boring meal delicious.

Young’s Creamy and Salted Mayonnaise


  • Contains preservatives
  • Less shelf life

Young’s creamy and salted mayonnaise is a creamy and delicious condiment that is perfect for adding flavor and creaminess to any dish. It has a mild saltiness that enhances the flavor of food without overpowering it, and its creamy texture makes it perfect for spreading on sandwiches or using as a dip. Additionally, Young’s mayonnaise contains preservatives. By sealing in moisture, it helps to keep food fresh and delicious for longer. It has a shelf life of one year only. Young’s mayonnaise is a versatile and essential ingredient in any kitchen. I personally love it. 

Specialty  High-quality ingredients 
Net weight  500ml, 200ml, 1ltr, 
Product variation Real mayonnaise, mayo maza, regular mayonnaise, cream mayonnaise, dressing mayonnaise
Flavor variation  Creamy and slated, young’s mayo and red chili, young’s french mayo, mayo garlic, mayo chup, 
Texture  Thick creamy 

Dipitt Spicy Mayonnaise


  • Less flavor variation

Looking for a smokey and creamy flavor with a little spice? Try Dipitt Spicy mayonnaise! This mayonnaise is made with real hickory smoke to give a perfect bbq flavor. It is gluten-free, and it is non-GMO. Plus, it comes in pouch packaging, so it’s easy to take on the go. And best of all, there’s no artificial color or flavor. So dip away and enjoy! It has a shelf life of up to 1 year.

Specialty  Gluten-free, Non-GMO
Net weight  400ml, 800ml 
Flavor variation  Spicy mayo, classic mayo, garlic spread 
Texture  Light and creamy texture 

Fresh Street Black Pepper Mayonnaise


  • Allergens: soya and mustard

Fresh street black pepper mayo is rich in flavor with crushed black pepper. Fresh street black pepper mayonnaise is perfect for those who enjoy a little spice in their life. The bottle packaging ensures that the mayonnaise stays fresh and creamy, while the smooth texture makes it perfect for spreading on sandwiches or using as a dip. It contains milk and wheat gluten. Whether you’re looking for a new condiment to liven up your lunchtime routine or simply want to try something different, fresh street black pepper mayonnaise is sure to hit the spot.

Specialty  Rich in flavor and made with high-quality ingredient 
Net weight  300ml 
Flavor variation  Mayonnaise classic, mayo chup, mayonnaise garlic, mayonnaise premium 
Texture  Unforgettable creamy texture 

National Garlic Mayonnaise


  • Contains preservatives
  • Gluten

Who would have thought that garlic and mayonnaise would make such a delicious combination? Certainly, not many of us. But that’s exactly what national garlic mayonnaise is: a bottle of mayonnaise with a subtle garlic flavor. It’s perfect for sandwiches, salads, and dipping sauce. And it’s also great for those who love garlic but don’t want to smell like it all day. The bottle packaging is also very convenient and makes it easy to take on the go. National garlic offers essential nutrients like omega 3 and AMPK-6 and vitamin A. It is bottled in hygienic conditions to maintain its flavor and color. It has a shelf life of one year only. 

Specialty  Contains omega 3 and AMPK-6 and vitamin A
Net weight  350g, 1kg, 700g, 500ml, 200g
Flavor variation  Classic mayo, garlic mayo, real mayo 
Texture  Smooth, creamy texture 

Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise


  • Expensive

Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise is a classic condiment made with simple ingredients. It has a rich, creamy texture and a tangy flavor that enhances the taste of any dish. For those who have allergies, it contains mustard and eggs and it may contain traces of soy. Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise has a shelf life of one year when stored in a cool, dry place. The mayonnaise is packaged in a squeezable bottle with a flip-top lid for easy dispensing.

Specialty  Flip top lid 
Net weight  200ml, 100ml, 475ml, 900ml
Flavor variation  Real mayonnaise, extra creamy mayonnaise, light mayonnaise, mayonnaise dressing with olive oil, organic spicy chipotle mayonnaise, canola cholesterol-free mayonnaise dressing, low-fat dressing mayonnaise, vegan dressing and spread 
Texture  Thick creamy mayonnaise 

Make Your Burger Saucy with Mayonnaise


  • 1 pound of ground beef 
  • 1/4 cup of breadcrumbs 
  • 1/4 cup of mayonnaise 
  • 1 teaspoon of salt 
  • 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper 
  • 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder 
  • 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce 
  • 1/4 cup of ketchup 
  • 4 hamburger buns 


In a bowl, mix together the ground beef, bread crumbs, mayonnaise, salt, pepper, garlic powder, and Worcestershire sauce. Shape into 4 patties. Grill or fry over medium heat until fully cooked. Spread ketchup on the top and bottom of each bun, and place the patty between the two buns.

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