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Peppermint Perfection: Best Bubble Gums for a Refreshing Chew

Experience the refreshing delight of peppermint bubble gum! From Lotte Cool Mint's convenience to Extra Peppermint's boldness, each chew is a burst of coolness. Fresh Up Peppermint reinvigorates, while Mentos Fresh and 7 Stick Peppermint offer lasting flavor. Elevate your chewing experience with peppermint's exhilaration.

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Store Hopper

Store Hopper

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Updated Aug 16, 2023

Peppermint bubble is the best feeling in the world. That first moment you pop a piece of peppermint bubble gum into your mouth and feel the cool, refreshing flavor explode on your tongue. It’s like a mini vacation for your tastebuds. And it doesn’t hurt that it makes your breath smell unique, too. Whether you’re just looking to enjoy a delicious treat or want to impress someone with your minty-fresh breath, peppermint bubble gum is a perfect choice. So go ahead and enjoy the ride. Your taste buds will thank you for it!

Lotte Cool Mint

What We Don’t Like

  • Small in size
  • Thin in structure

I’m a big fan of Lotte Cool Mint Bubble gum. I like how it smells, and it’s refreshing to chew on after a meal. It’s also great for blowing bubbles. The gum comes in a small, rectangular container, and each piece is individually wrapped. The taste is minty and sweet, and the gum lasts long without losing its flavor. I recommend Lotte Cool Mint Bubble gum to anyone who is looking for a good quality gum. 

Specialty Easily available 
Size  9 chewing gums 
Flavor  Mint 

Extra Peppermint Bubble Gum

What We Don’t

  • Expensive

If you’re a fan of extra peppermint flavor, then you’ll love Extra Peppermint Bubble Gum. This gum has a strong peppermint flavor that is sure to freshen your breath. The gum’s texture is also soft and chewy, making it perfect for blowing bubbles. And because it’s sugar-free, you can enjoy it without worrying about your teeth. So if you’re looking for a gum that is both flavorful and fun, be sure to try Extra Peppermint Bubble Gum. You won’t be disappointed.


Specialty  A crisp refreshing flavor that lasts 
Flavor  Mint 

Fresh Up Peppermint Bubble Gum

What We Don’t like

  • Contains permitted food color

I have a confession to make: I am addicted to gum. I always have a pack with me, and I chew it constantly, even when I’m not hungry. My friends make fun of me, but they can’t deny that my gum habit comes in handy sometimes. For instance, there have been many times when I’ve needed a pick-me-up during a long study session or a tedious work meeting. And that’s where Fresh Up Peppermint comes in. This gum has saved me on more than one occasion. It’s refreshing and minty taste is the perfect pick-me-up when I’m feeling sluggish, and it helps me to focus when I need to concentrate. Plus, it’s always nice to have fresh breath. So if you’re looking for a gum that will give you a boost when you need it, Fresh Up Peppermint is the way to go.

Specialty Strong mint flavor 
Calories  280 kcal 
Flavor  Strong mint 

Mentos Fresh Peppermint 4.2

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Contains artificial flavors

Mentos Fresh Peppermint Bubble Gum is my go-to gum for long lasting fresh breath. I enjoy the peppermint flavor, and the fact that the gum lasts for a long time. It’s also great to have a pack of gum that I can take with me on the go that doesn’t take up too much space. The individual wrappers are also handy, as they help to keep the gum fresh. Overall, I recommend Mentos Fresh Peppermint Bubble Gum to anyone looking for a refreshing and long-lasting gum experience.

Specialty  Strong flavors 
Net weight  61.25g 
Flavor  Strong mint 

7 Stick Peppermint

What We Don’t Like

  • Emulsifier

My all-time favorite gum is 7 Stick Peppermint Bubble Gum. I love the taste of peppermint, and the bubbles last a long time without getting too big. The gum also doesn’t get too hard after being chewed for a while. I always have a pack of 7 Stick Peppermint Bubble Gum in my purse, and I make sure to put a piece in my mouth before meeting someone new or going into a job interview.

 Because I’m such a fan of this gum, I always buy it in bulk so never run out. If you’re looking for a great gum that will keep your breath fresh and your mind focused, 7 Stick Peppermint Bubble Gum is a perfect choice.

Specialty Rich in flavor, easily chewable 
Flavor  Strong flavor 

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