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Spice Up Your Life: Exploring the Best Peri-Peri Sauces in Pakistan

Shangrila Peri Peri Garlic Sauce is a surely a win, drenched in garlic and spice. This garlic sauce is my best friend when it comes to sauces. The hot, garlicky flavor is a perfect fit to hit any bad day.

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Updated Sep 06, 2023

The intense heat in Peri Peri Sauces absolutely wakes every nerve in my body for a spicy, flavorful ride. I love the sweet garlic, sun-ripened lemons, and wild herbs that make the perfect base for the fierce heat of the chili. I always keep a bottle of Hot Peri Peri in my fridge, and I put it on everything from Grilled chicken to Crispy shrimp. It is the perfect sauce for adding a little bit of spice to any dish. 

Confused where to start with your journey of extra saucy, peri peri sauces?

Read on to find my take of these relishing sauces. I have also rated these brands based on additives information, affordabilibility, packaging options, and availability.

My top 5 Peri Peri picks

Garlic Fortress – Shangrila Peri Peri Garlic Sauce


  • Has preservatives

Adding lots of garlic to my fries, wraps and any food I could, is how I use it to curb my garlic cravings. Now I understand my excitement when I found Shangrila Peri Peri Garlic sauce, which is both hot, spicy and garlicky. Unlike my husband, I like to drive my car on the spicier side of the town. Now I just grab my bottle of Shangrila Peri Peri Sauce and munch my favorite snacks with it.

Serving Size: 1 spoon/ Calories:11  Carbs: 0.2g Proteins: 0.5g Sodium: 376mg

Rare breed – Nando’s Peri Peri Wild Herb Sauce 


  • Has fragile packaging
  • Not economical

Love at first bite. That’s what I felt when I tried Nando’s PERi-PERi sauce for the first time. This perfect blend of African Bird’s Eye Chili, with flavorful herbs sauce tantalizes my taste buds, leaving me always wanting more. It’s distinct, and it’s tangy, do give it a try if you want to get your hands on something unique.

Serving Size: 1 spoon/ Calories: 11  Carbs: 1g Proteins: 0.2g Sodium: 399mg

Sour and Tangy – Nando’s Peri Peri Lemon and Herb 


  • Has limited packaging options
  • Has fragile packaging
  • Is not economical

Nandos Peri Peri Lemon Herbs Sauce is my husband’s favorite. In his words to me, “I can only handle one fiery hot in my life, and that’s you.” He likes his sauces to be tangy, sour, and mildly spiced, and he claims that this is a perfect sauce for people who like to enhance the flavor of their food without losing the original zing of their food.

Serving Size: 1 spoon/20g Calories: 9 Carbs: 0.5g Proteins: 0.1g Sodium: 103mg

Hit Starter Kit – Dipitt Peri Peri Medium


  • Has a runny consistency
  • Comes in a fragile bottle
  • No sodium content information

My nephew loves this one with his fries and well, sometimes I like to steal his lemony, hot fries. Dipitt Peri Peri Medium is lemony, and spicy. It is mild and rightly balanced between sour lemon and hot spice. It is hit for the starters, and kids, both.

Serving Size: 1 spoon/ Calories:7  Carbs:0.3g Proteins: 0.2g Sodium: N/A

Hotness Overloaded – Nando’s Peri Peri Hot Sauce 


  • Has a fragile bottle
  • Is not ecomical
  • Does not come in different packaging

For all the fiery heads, this sauce is go-to. This was recommended to me by a friend to add into my Spaghetti and Tarragon Chicken, and this has been a game changer ever since. The hot peri peri sauce is a perfect zing to any food to make it extra spicy and saucy.

Serving Size: 1 spoon/ Calories: 11  Carbs: 1g Proteins: 0.2g Sodium: 399mg

Things to Consider Before Buying


Most of the peri peri sauces range between Rs 250 to Rs 300 for 300g, locally available. Though, the pioneers of peri peri sauces in Pakistan charge about 2x of the price. 

Packaging Options

I like the concept of glass bottles which helps me make eco-friendly choices and can be re-used in many different ways. 


Peri peri comes with many flavoring options. It has flavors for everyone, from kids to grandparents, it has a way to win everyone’s hearts. When selecting a flavor, I always factor in who I am purchasing for, hot and garlicky flavors for myself, mild, lemon flavors for my husband, and wild herbs for my spice intolerant friends.


What are Peri Peri sauces made of?

Peri Peri sauces are made of crushed chiles, lemon, pepper, garlic, salt, onion, bay leaves, vinegar, and oil.

Where are  Peri Peri sauces used ?

These sauces are versatile and can be used for seasoning, marination, and dipping or splashing.

Are Peri Peri sauces healthy?

Peri Peri sauces use red chilis as a base ingredient. Chillies are not just hot, they’re also heart-healthy. The bioactivator in chili capsaicin can help lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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