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A Flan-tastic Review of Pudding Mixes in Pakistan

Italiano Pudding Mixes won my heart. With three different flavoring options, and delicious taste, there’s no guest I can’t impress with these scrumptious puddings.

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Updated Sep 07, 2023

Expressing love and endearment to our loved ones can be done in many ways, but nothing beats the might and power of food, especially desserts. Whether it’s homemade Kheer or a cake, there’s something about the act of creating and sharing sweets that brings people together and creates lasting memories. 

Whenever I am hosting a dawat at home, I make sure to prepare a delicious dessert that will leave a lasting impression on my guests. This time around, I got bored of making traditional desserts. I wanted something quick, easy, and delicious without it being expensive.


I made pudding at home using a pudding mix and, I kid you not, this easily made yummy dessert left my guests wanting more and more! The impressive part about this dessert is that it can be upgraded simply by using leftover fruits and nuts at home. With so many versatile ways to garnish and serve this delicacy, the sky’s the limit.

And why stop here? Experiment with the best dessert mixes available in the market. Amp up every dawat table with minimal effort and time, and impress your guests every time.

 Like always, I had to start the quest to search for the best pudding mixes available in Pakistan. At multiple gatherings at my home, I made the pudding using the following brands to deliver my first-hand experience of these products, and here is my detailed review.

The Best Pudding Mixes Available in Pakistan

Italiano Pudding Mix


  • Dense texture

Italiano offers three different flavors of puddings; chocolate, french vanilla, and strawberry. I ordered all these exciting flavors from Naheed via Savyour

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The texture of Italiano pudding was velvety smooth and creamy. What’s more, it’s affordable and has user-friendly instructions, making it easy to cook and enjoy. 

I love the fact that it contains no preservatives, artificial coloring, or flavoring, making it a healthier dessert option. At only 160 calories per serving, it’s a guilt-free way to satisfy your sweet tooth and with three different flavoring options, there’s one for every dessert lover.

Want to explore more options? Make your every dawat table sweet and creamy, have a look at the list of dessert mixes available in Pakistan.

Rafhan Pudding Mix


  • Limited flavoring options
  • Contains sulfite
  • Has artificial flavoring

I tried Rafhan pudding at my aunt’s house and found it to be a tasty and creamy dessert option. Although it only comes in one flavor, vanilla, it still satisfies my sweet cravings. The pudding is easy to prepare with user-friendly instructions, readily available, and affordable.

 It has 150 calories per serving and 24g of sugar, making it a relatively healthy dessert choice. However, it does contain sulfite and artificial flavoring. Compared to Italiano pudding, Rafhan has fewer flavor options, but it still offers a delicious and convenient dessert option.

Happy Home Pudding Mix


  • Not readily available
  • Has artificial flavoring
  • Limited Flavors in Pakistan

Finding Happy Home pudding in the market can be a challenge, and unfortunately, the brand does not offer as many flavors as some other options in Pakistan. However, I recently tried their egg-flavored pudding and was pleasantly surprised by its subtle sweetness. It’s a great choice for those who prefer a less overpowering taste. 

It’s worth noting that the pudding does contain artificial flavors and colors. In terms of calories, it’s on par with other brands, with 150 calories per serving and 17g of sugar.

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What is a pudding made of?

Pudding is typically made of milk, sugar, and a thickening agent such as cornstarch, flour, or eggs.

What are the 3 types of pudding?

The three types of pudding are baked, steamed, and instant.

Why is it called pudding?

The origin of the name “pudding” is uncertain, but it likely comes from the French word “boudin,” meaning sausage or blood sausage, which was traditionally made in a casing and had a similar shape to a modern pudding.

Is pudding a custard?

Pudding and custard are similar desserts, but not the same. Custard is typically made of milk, sugar, and egg yolks, while pudding can contain other thickeners and ingredients.

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