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Sizzling Secrets: Pakistan’s Best Qeema Masalas

I love making everyday qeema using Shan Qeema Masala as it is widely available and provides a consistent taste no matter how I use it. However, whenever I am hosting a dawat, I like to use Mehran Dum ka Qeema Masala to win all my guest’s hearts.

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Updated Sep 01, 2023

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Qeema is a hearty, and nutrition full of dish. It is made in combination with onions, and tomatoes, along with minced beef, mutton, or chicken. 

Qeema is an everyday dish in Pakistani households; everyone loves and enjoys having it as dinner or lunch in multiple ways. It is often served with flatbread or naan; however some people do enjoy it with steamed or boiled rice as well.

Qeema is cooked and enjoyed in several ways, such as dum qeema, bhuna qeema, or with qeema biryani.

Most importantly, it is easy to cook and takes less a half an hour so whenever I am having a super busy day, it’s always Qeema to the rescue. 

I still find it hard to gather multiple spices and grind them; these  create a mess in my kitchen with no help and being super busy with work, I just do not have either energy or time to invest.

Gladly, now the market has so many qeema masala options so finding the right now, according to taste buds was not that tricky. I thought about how I shared what I had learned so far in my quest to find the best pick. 

I have also rated the following qeema masalas on the bases of their variants available, easy-to-follow instructions, availability, blend consistency, packaging, and additives information.

My Top Picks

Shan Keema Masala 

What we don’t like about it

  • No other variants available

Shan keema masala packets are widely available and are very consistent with the taste. I have been using this masala packet for quite some time and can indeed say that these are surely heart winners. The only downside is that no other variants such as dum ka qeema etc are available.

Mehran Dum Ka Qeema

What we don’t like about it

  • No other variants available
  • Not widely available

Whenever I am planning a buffet dawat or hosting a lunch, I always pick Mehran dum ka qeema Masala since it creates delectable dish every time which helps me get a lot of compliments. The only problem is their non-availability. 

Things I Look for Before Buying My Packet of Qeema Masala


A well-packed spice blend ensures longer shelf life. I always check for the quality of airtight sealed packaging in my masala packets. It helps to store masalas for a long safely and ensures that masalas do not get lumpy before the expiry date.


A consistent blend of spice mixes, makes a delicious pot of food every time without the fear of anything going wrong. I always prefer spice mixes that are consistent for years., providing quality at a reasonable cost.


What is Qeema made of?

Qeema is essentially tomatoes and onions combined with minced meat, herbs and spices.

What is Qeema meat?

Keema or qeema is minced meat. It can be either beef, mutton, or chicken. 

What is Qeema called in English?

Qeema is called minced meat in English.

Brand Ratings

Shan Keema Masala


Mehran Dum ka Qeema Masala


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