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Reviewing the Sweet Jam: Best Rose Petal Spreads in Pakistan

I am in love with Ahmed Rose Petal Spread. It is aromatic and perfectly sweetened. The great thing is it is widely available so I do not have to worry about ever running out of it. Yum, sweet, and delicious.

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Updated Jul 26, 2023

Rose petal spread or, Gulqand is not just a delicious condiment but also a powerful symbol of family, tradition, and love. For many of us, the taste and aroma of rose petal spread are deeply intertwined with memories of our childhood, family gatherings, and the extraordinary people who made it for us.

For me, the rose petal spread reminds me of my grandmother, who used to make it at home every summer. From her beautiful garden, she used to handpick freshly bloomed rose flowers. Adding the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness from sugar and lemon juice, her rose petal spread was bittersweet like her stories.

Even today when she is no more, whenever I have a rose petal spread, I am transported back to those happy times, and I can feel my grandmother’s warmth and sweetness wrapped in a jar.

Although I do not have time to make rose petal spreads, I love to have it on toast in summer mornings. It’s sweet, light, and delicious. To find the perfect Rose petal spread or, dadi’s gulqand, I tried the following brands available in our local market.

I ordered this rose petal spread from Krave Mart through Savyour and had the added benefit of receiving cashback. The combination of convenient online shopping and the opportunity to get cashback made my experience even more rewarding.

And here is what I think about Ahmed Rose Petal Spread and Sadabahar Gulqand Sukkar Wala (Rose Petal Spread).

Top Rose Petal Spread Picks Available in Pakistan

Ahmed Rose Petal Spread


  • High-caloric spread

As soon as I opened the Jar of Ahmed Rose Petals, the aromatic rose scent hit my nose. I could smell the sweetness, and could not help having a spoonful on its own. And oh man, the delicious sweetness hit the tip of my tongue and transported me back to my grandmother’s lap.

However, I have stayed conscious of my daily intake since it is high caloric spread, without 30g of sugar per serving (2 tbsp, 40gm).

This delightfulness comes in 3 packagings: plastic, glass, and tin jars. To my surprise, this spread is made in Pakistan and is also imported to many different countries, from the UK to India. You can order yourself a jar from Naheed and if you use the Savyour app you can even earn amazing cashback

Quantity:  450g| Calories: 120 | Allergen: None| Packaging Type: Glass Jar| Additives & MSG: No

Sadabahar Gulqand Sukkar Wala


  • Not widely available
  • Coarse consistency

I found this spread online, it had mixed reviews so I had to try it out for you guys. It has a rather coarse consistency and has real petals coarsely blended into sugarcane syrup whereas, I was expecting it to have a jam-like consistency.

It tasted too sweet for my liking and I could not feel the tartness I am used to finding in rose petal spread. Although it is inexpensive, I could not find nutrient facts.

Quantity:  1kg | Calories: No calories mentioned | Allergen: None| Packaging Type: Plastic Bottle| Additives & MSG: No


What is rose petal spread used for?

Rose petal jam, also known as gulqand, is used as a jam. It can also be used as a topping on different desserts due to its sweet taste properties.

How do you eat rose petal spread?

I like to spread rose petals on toasted bread as an evening snack.

What does rose petal spread taste like?

Rose petal Spread is sweet and aromatic with a hint of tartness from lemon.

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