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Defense Againt Germs and Dirt: The Best Toilet Blocks

No more scrubing and rubbing once you install these toilet blocks. These ar the best toilet blocks available in Pakistan.

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Updated Aug 22, 2023

Toilet cleaning blocks are known as drop-in tablets too. They are easy to use and affordable to some extent. These tablets are a convenient way to clean toilets and make them smell good. They are a big alternative to gloves, cleaners, and brushes which saves time too. These tablets have chlorine as the active agent. These tablets have made cleaning toilets easy and good. I highly recommend using these tablets for commode cleaning. I have mentioned some products which I have used for cleaning commodes. It will save you time from buying bad products online.

The Best Toilet Blocks Available in Pakistan

Blue Lu Toilet Block


  • Blue Residue

I have been using it for many years. It lasts for a week which is great. It is budget-friendly. So, I don’t have to worry about the quantity and quality as it is amazing at its job. Blue Lu toilet block comes in a packet of 4 which lasts a month. Every time anyone flushes it cleans and clears the commode. It also removes the limescale as well by preventing rust marks. It easily dissolves into the water which lasts a long week. It leaves a fine fragrance every time we flush it.  It is affordable and easily available in the local stores. I highly recommend it.

Net Weight| 150g

Astonish Toilet bowl


  • Expensive
  • Not easily available

I tried Astonish toilet bowl last year and I must say it is a great product. One should have it in their commode. It does not require scrubbing which saves time as well as does not make you feel tired. The packet contains 8 bowls which is great and lasts a month and a half.

It does a great job without making you tired of cleaning. Also, every time you flush it leaves a good fragrance which will remove the odor. Though, it is expensive, it is worth buying because who wants to sit longer in a toilet with the odor? Anyways, it is a great and must-have product. I highly recommend it.

Net weight: 200g

Domestos Toilet Block


  • Expensive
  • Not readily available

Domestos toilet blocks are a great hygiene product to have in your commode. It kills germs and bacteria and protects you from getting infected. It has a long-lasting fragrance that will beat the odor and prevent the limescale. It makes a rich foam that will clean the commode within seconds and make the commode shine bright. I highly recommend this product because it does wonders.

Net Weight|160g

Clorox Toilet Block


  • Expensive 
  • Strong bleach smell

I like Clorox bleach tablets as it leaves water clear and has no horrid perfumes unlike some other products available in a store. Though it has a slight smell of bleach which irritates me but that’s okay I guess because it does great cleaning, and that bleach is for killing bacteria. This will leave the toilet cleaner for a long time, and it does not require extra brushing and scrubbing. I like the fact that something in the water is killing bacteria and germs which gives me satisfaction about hygiene concerns.

Net Weight| 600g

The next time you are looking to clean your toilets without scrubbing and rubbing I suggest you get hold of the best toilet blocks in Pakistan. I get mine from Naheed Via savyour and enjoy a clean toilet and amazing cashback too. Download the savyour app and earn cashback on every purchase.

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