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Shiny Toilet Always: The Best Toilet CLeaners

Harpic is by far the best toilet cleaner in Pakistan and that is why it is my number one chice when i am looking to achieve a squeaky clean toilet.

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Store Hopper

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Updated Aug 22, 2023

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Cleaning the toilet is never fun. It takes a lot of time, and it is hard to find a good product to kill germs and remove bacteria. I always had a toilet cleaning habit as this area in the house has more germs than any other. To remove stains and germs I use different toilet cleaning products. I have listed down some of them which I use on and off. 

Best Toilet CLeaners in Pakistan

Harpic Toilet Cleaner 4.5


  • Expensive
  • Leaves blue stains behind

I got to know about the Harpic toilet cleaner when I saw its ad on the television. No matter how much my maid cleaned the toilet, it did not get neat. I was tired of thinking about the best toilet cleaner than I saw Harpic cleaner ad on television and bought this toilet cleaner. Now, I can see the good results. My maid is happy with the product as the gel stays on the toilet floor for 20 minutes and requires brushing.  Though it leaves the blue stain on the toilet floor and requires strong brushing. It takes a lot of energy, this is what my maid complains about. Despite of this, the results of Harpic are amazing. 

Net weight: 750ml

Domex Toilet Cleaner 4.4


  • Strong scent

As we all know germs bring different diseases and sickness. It is very important to keep home bacteria free, especially the toilets. My dad brought Domex toilet cleaner after seeing its good reviews on the internet. He bought it out of curiosity to check if it works like that or not. Our maid used it to clean the toilet floor and the results were amazing. It does not require harsh brushing. Also, it’s not runny like water. It comes in a gel foam which lasts long and kills bacteria.

Net weight: 500ml

Tyfon Toilet Cleaner 3.3


  • Does not come with nozzle
  • Large hole size

My maid uses Tyfon to clean her toilet and she was telling me that it is affordable, and she buys it every month. When I confirmed it, I was shocked after seeing the price. The price was low, and the quantity of the cleaner was much more than the ones I bought for the toilet previously. I bought it on her recommendation, and it works well but it was runny and does not come with a nozzle. Though it works well, therefore I would be buying it again no matter if the nozzle is not there. 

Net weight: 550ml

Say’s Sweep Toilet Cleaner


  • Runny consistency
  • Does not have nozzle

Being a woman, I aspire to make my home not only germs free but healthy too. That’s why I take extra care of my home and use good products. At first, I used to buy Say Sweep toilet cleaner. It was runny like water, but it was affordable. I used to buy 3 to 4 bottles of this toilet cleaner because it does not come with a nozzle instead it has an open bottle cap due to which my bottle gets empty quickly. I used it for multiple purposes like cleaning the wash basin and toilet. The only drawback is that it does not have a nozzle. 

Net weight:600ml


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