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Classic Breakfast Options: Best Wheat Flakes

Fauji Wheat Flakes are my favorite cereals. I enjoy this nutritional and loaded breakfast every other day. It is widely available so I do not have to worry about ever running out of these cereals. The great thing is these are also inexpensive so I can indulge in these cereals without breaking the bank.

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Updated Aug 24, 2023

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My husband is a die-hard fan of early morning breakfasts. On weekends, we go to try new and exciting cafes as we both are working individually and there is never time for fancy breakfast on weekdays.

Our busy schedules compel us to stick to either egg, toast, or cereal options. Luckily, there are so many cereal options available. And I am a fan of Wheat Flakes that is why I am always searching for the best wheat flakes in the market.

These are healthy and loaded with nutrients. I can make them in minutes which is ideal for me since I am busy all the time. 

With that, I also like to stay fit and on top of my routine throughout my day. I have explored a few different supermarkets to find the healthiest and best suited for my taste buds, and I realized that Fauji is the only brand that provides a Wheat flakes option.

And here is my take on Fauji Wheat Flakes. This will help you pick the best one for you and your family.

I have also rated the following brands based on price value for money, shelf life, availability, and packaging.

Best Wheat flakes Available in Pakistan

Fauji Wheat Flakes


  • Limited flavoring option

Fauji wheat flakes are widely available. These come sealed in a cardboard box and are inexpensive cereal options. Fauji wheat flakes are made using swiss technology.

These are loaded with nutrients and taste delicious with cold milk. These are also pre-seasoned so I do not have to worry about grabbing any seasonings. 

Kellogg’s All- Bran Wheat Flakes


  • Contains sodium
  • Expensive
  • Not readily available

Kellogg’s all bran wheat flakes contains whole grain of wheat and is very rich in fiber. However the cereal is very healthy and has 23% more fiber grams. The cereal has 7% sugar contains only 120 calories per serving.

The kellogg’s wheat flakes is an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and contains 60% of the daily required iron intake and 50% of Folate for your body.

Things I Look for Before Buying My Box of Wheat Flakes


A widely available option is one thing that helps me make my purchase decision. No matter how inexpensive or healthy an option is, driving to another supermarket just to pick a cereal is still a hassle for me.

The texture

I like to pick a cereal that does not get soggy as soon as I pour some milk. So I look for crunchy options whenever I am picking cereal.


Are wheat flakes healthy?

Wheat flakes are rich in dietary fibers and keep one full for a long time. It is good for diabetes and helps in maintaining low blood sugar levels. It also helps in reducing cholesterol and promotes healthy heart life. 

Wheat flakes are good for digestion and promote healthy gut bacteria which helps in preventing constipation. Wheat flakes also help to eliminate body toxins.

What are wheat flakes?

Wheat flakes are made using whole-grain wheat. The whole grain wheat is rolled into flakes, which helps in retaining the fiber content in whole grains and makes it a delicious yet nutritious treat 

Are Wheat Flakes and corn flakes the same?

Wheat flakes are not the same as corn flakes. Wheat flakes are made using whole wheat whereas corn flakes are made using flattened parboiled corn.

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