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Best Yogurts in Pakistan: Powerhouse of Protein and Calicium

I like Milk pak yogurt as it is pure and affordable. It fullfilled the lack of protein and make hair healthy and long. I highly recommend it.

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Store Hopper

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Updated Aug 23, 2023

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The only reason I skipped incorporating it into my diet is the fact that it goes very sour and tangy until I found Nestle plain yogurt. The texture of the yogurt is super creamy and silky. I truly am a huge fan of Nestle yogurt and my favorite way to have it is in my egg salad with jalapenos, boiled potatoes, and cream.

Yogurt is a delicious and nutritious dairy product that contains probiotics that support a healthy digestive system, enhance nutrient absorption, and promote gut health.

With its high calcium content, yogurt helps maintain strong bones and teeth. It is also a good source of protein, aiding in muscle repair and weight management.

My newfound love for yogurt had me searching mart from marts in search of all the best yogurts in the market. to my amazement, I found quite a few options which I have ranked according to various factors.

The Best Yogurt Available in Pakistan

Milk Pak Full Cream Milk


  • Short shelf life
  • Hard-to-store packaging

I’m very insane when it comes to protein and for me to take care of my diet is hard so my mother suggested I to have Milk Pak yogurt every day. And to be honest from the day of her suggestion I have never felt a lack of protein. My hair got shiny and silky also, I have felt the difference in the length of my hair. 

Milk Pak yogurt is low in fat, so your health is nothing to worry about. It’s affordable and easily available in a local mart or save yourself the trouble and order from your favorite grocery stores via savyour to get cashback too.

Net weight:500g| Product type: Dairy| Allergen: Lactose

Nestle Yogurt


  • Short Shelf life

I wonder who does not love Nestle yogurt all sweet and tasty. It’s so delicious and rich in taste along with it it’s low in fat. I do not know anyone who has not tried it even once. If you’re among those who have not tried it then man you’re missing something very delicious which is creamy in texture. Do not worry about the store from where you will get it you can order it online through any website. I highly recommend it to you.

Net weight: 125g| Product type: Dairy| Allergen: Lactose

Prema Yogurt


  • Expensive
  • Not easily available

Yogurt is my favorite dairy product and the day I tasted Prema yogurt I fell in love with the taste. It was Saturday morning when I had Prema yogurt with blueberries for breakfast. It was all healthy. Also, the best thing about Prema yogurt is that it is made from 100% Australian cow’s milk which is all healthy and full of nutrients. Though it’s expensive it’s all worth buying. You do not have to worry about its availability as it is readily available in local marts too.

Net weight: 400Gm| Product type: Dairy| Allergen: Lactose

Adams Yogurt


  • Short shelf life

Have you heard about the Adams yogurt? And if not then definitely you’re missing out on something very rich in taste. It is made from fresh milk so there’s nothing to worry about the quality of the yogurt. Though it requires refrigeration but is affordable and readily available in stores. 

You can have it in breakfast with berries and Museli or can make a lassi in summer to beat the heat, order from Foodpanda, and use the Savyour app to get amazing cashback.

Net weight: 25ML, 1L| Product type: Dairy| Allergen: Lactose

Amsons Yogurt


  • Expensive
  • Short shelf life

I had Amsons yogurt at my friend’s house in Karachi. She served it with biryani and man I ate it with a spoon it was that delicious. It was sugar-free and was given a natural taste. It is naturally made without sugar and it is rich in taste. 

If you are worried about the fat yogurt contains then you do not have to worry about it because it is low in fat. So, order yours now from Naheed via Savyour.

Net weight: 1Kg| Product type: Dairy| Allergen: Lactose

Cottage Yogurt


  • Short Shelf life

Cottage yogurt is my go-to yogurt and I often eat it as a side dish by adding a few things to it. Though cottage yogurt can be eaten solely it tastes even greater with berries. It’s the best source of natural calcium and protein. 

Just order it now and test it yourself. Do not target to comment below once you have tried it.

Net weight: 400g| Product type: Dairy| Allergen: Lactose

Whether you are looking to make a scrumptious dessert like Mango delight or want to whip up a quick snack or breakfast, these yogurts will fill your food with nutrition and taste you will not be able to forget. Order these yogurts from  different grocery brands and stores at Savyour and start earning extra cash back on every order.

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