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Blend, Grind, and Chop: Check Out the Black & Decker Blender BLX-300!

Black & Decker 3-In-1 Blender, BLX-300 is the perfect all-in-one kitchen companion, offering to blend, grind and chop - with excellent performance, ease of use and safety features.

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Updated Feb 03, 2023

Editor’s Rating


Starting From

11,200.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • No preset functions - settings must be adjusted manually
  • Does not work with hard ingredients such as nuts or seeds

Are you looking for an all-in-one kitchen companion that will make cooking easier? Look no further than the Black & Decker 3-In-1 Blender, BLX-300.

This handy appliance is the perfect & affordable tool for making quick and delicious meals with minimal effort. The BLX-300 has three functions – blending, grinding, and chopping – so it’s suitable for any task. This machine will do the job if you’re making smoothies, sauces, dips, or salsas.

Interested in knowing everything about this product? Read on for my comprehensive review of the Black & Decker 3-In-1 Blender, BLX-300.

I’ll discuss its features, performance, experience, and my overall verdict for you all to take advantage of it. 

What Makes the Black & Decker 3-In-1 Blender Stand Out!

The first thing that stands out about this blender is its ability to multi-task such as; blend, grind, and chop. It packs in two mills and has a 1.5L blender jar capacity. It also has two-speed control and pulse settings to suit different ingredients. The anti-slip feet stabilize during blending and chopping, while the twist-to-lock system makes handling easy.

The BLX-300 also features a grinder mill for coffee, herbs, and spices – so I’m all set for my morning cup of joe! And I love that it has a filler cup which allows me to add ingredients while blending safely.

Finally, this appliance comes with a two-year authorized company warranty – so you can rest assured your investment is secure.

Performance and my Experience

I’ve been using the Black & Decker 3-In-1 Blender for a few months, which has undoubtedly exceeded my expectations. I’ve used it to make smoothies, sauces, dips, and salsas – with excellent results. It blends ingredients quickly and smoothly without any lumps or chunks. The grind and chop settings work well too; I’ve made everything from coffee to pesto with ease.

The appliance is manageable to wash and clean – the parts are dishwasher safe, so I pop them in my machine after I have prepared my meal! Plus, it looks great on my countertop; the sleek design makes a statement without taking up too much space.


Best For:
Blending & Milling.


About the Brand:
Black & Decker is a leading tech company, manufacturing kitchen, and home appliances. It is considered as one of the most premium brands.

Final Verdict

I am an avid cook and highly recommend Black & Decker 3-In-1 Blender, BLX-300. It’s an affordable and versatile appliance that will help you make delicious meals in no time. Whether you’re making smoothies, sauces, dips, or salsas – this machine has got you covered!

And with its two-year authorized company warranty, you can rest assured that your investment is secure.

Do yourself a favor and get the Black & Decker 3-In-1 Blender, BLX-300 today! Because if you buy it from Naheed.pk through savyour.com, you can get fantastic cashback and discounts – so take advantage of this great offer! Happy cooking!


Jar material Glass
Jug Capacity 1.5 Ltr Blending Jar
Power 300 Watts
Material blade Stainless Steel
Main Body Material Plastic
Warranty 2 Years Warranty
Color(s) White
Accessories Included Jug with 2 Dry Mills

At a Glance:

Power Consumption









Value for Money



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