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Too Fast, Too Furious: A Review of Bon Bistro

If you're looking for affordable fast food, then Bon Bistro is your answer. Their menu has something for everyone with an array of options. Plus, their prices are unbeatable, and delivery is lightning-fast. However, the ambience leaves something to be desired.

Written By Hafsa Sheikh

Hafsa Sheikh

Food Critic

I’m Hafsa Sheikh, a fearless food critic extraordinaire! My insatiable hunger for exceptional cuisine has led me to explore some of Pakistan’s most renowned restaurants and hidden eateries.

You can call me a foodie adventurer, blazing a trail through the culinary wilderness of Pakistani food, Fast Food, Chinese delicacies, Continental delights, and the wonderful realm of beverages. Just so you don't have to!

With my fork as my compass and my stomach as my guide, I’ve discovered some of the country’s most delectable delights. Join me on this journey, and get ready for a wild ride!

Updated Mar 14, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • Lackluster atmosphere
  • Unappealing seating arrangement

Bon Bistro, oh, how you’ve left me in a state of culinary euphoria! Why do I hear you ask? Well, let me tell you, they add a unique ingredient to every patty: pure, unadulterated deliciousness. 

Highly trained bread ninjas bake their buns, and their toppings are hand-picked by a squad of salad samurai. And let’s keep in mind Bon Bistro’s top-secret recipe that’s so good; they keep it under lock and key (and a few heavily armed guards, just in case). 

If you’re looking for a dining experience in Karachi that will leave your taste buds doing the cha-cha, then Bon Bistro is the place for you.

Interested? Read on!

Taste: No Disappointments

First, let’s start with the appetizer, the Saucy Fries. These fries are not your average side dish; oh no, they come with a variety of sauces to choose from: Buffalo Hot, Nacho Cheese, Sweet Thai Chilli, Dynamite Sauce, Garlic White, and BBQ Sauce. 

The real question is, how will you choose just two? Will you play it safe with the classic BBQ and Nacho Cheese or take a risk with the fiery Buffalo Hot and Dynamite Sauce? The choice is yours, but whatever you choose, be prepared for your taste buds to be tantalized.

Next, it’s time for the main course. Are you feeling like a classic beef burger? The Double Melt beef burger is just what you need. Juicy beef patty, melted cheese, crispy beef bacon, and all the fixings, it’s the perfect burger to sink your teeth into. It’s for the carnivores among us! 

Or do you want something a little lighter? The Chicken Cheese Grill Sandwich is a mouth-watering masterpiece. Melted cheese, crisp lettuce, and tangy sauce are all nestled between two toasted bread slices. Either way, you can’t go wrong with either of these options.

Price: A Value-For-Money Meal

Bon Bistro offers incredible prices that you won’t find anywhere else. 

From flavorful Saucy Fries for only PKR 250 to Double Melt at an unbeatable price of PKR 490 and the Chicken Cheese Grill Sandwich priced just right at PKR 450 – it’s not a meal deal to miss! Trust me; it’ll be worth every penny!

Service: Time is Money

And the best part? You can get these tasty treats in a fraction of the time it takes for other restaurants! So, why bother waiting an eternity for your food when you can have Bon Bistro’s fast food delivered to your table in the blink of an eye? 

Give Bon Bistro a try, and you’ll say, “Bon Appetite!”

Ambience: Some Work Needed

Despite the outlet’s unsavory condition, with dusty furniture and a cacophony of fan noise filling the air, I’m still willing to overlook these less-than-ideal characteristics for one main reason: the delicious food. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the lighting is decent and other patrons are classy!

Honorable Mentions: Where Land Meets Sea

Ditch the fast-food joints and head to Bon Bistro for a delicious surprise! Sure, they’ve got burgers and sandwiches – but don’t underestimate their seafood selection. Prawn Tempura, Fishsticks, and Fish Zing.

The sea never tasted so good without even getting your feet wet! For an unforgettable land meets sea experience, come down to Bon Bistro today and dive into the deep blue yonder.

Final Verdict

Bon Bistro is the perfect place for lunch or dinner; its menu offers an abundance of delicious options that are brought to you in a flash at an affordable price. Although the atmosphere may be lacking, the food more than makes up for it. 

If you’re looking for amazing burgers, Bon Bistro should definitely be your go-to spot!

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