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Mamma Mia: A Review of Broccoli Pizza & Pasta

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta at the LuckyOne Mall is definitely a must-visit for anyone looking for a delicious Italian culinary experience. The price point was also reasonable, making it worth every penny spent. Service was quick and attentive, despite the bustling atmosphere of the food court area.

Updated Jun 02, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • Limited seating area in the LuckyOne Mall food court (though this is not a fault of the restaurant itself)

I remember my stomach was grumbling as I sat in LuckyOne Mall’s food court. I was done trying out all the food chains in the area and felt an impending sense of doom on no new food prospects. Disappointed, I looked around, and a plate of fantastic pasta grabbed my attention. A couple sitting at the very next table was busy devouring it. The aroma that drifted over to my table was so irresistible that it made me ask them about it.

They told me it was  Chicken Alfredo Pasta from Broccoli Pizza & Pasta, and my curiosity was immediately piqued. Without a second thought, I bee-lined my way to the restaurant’s counter. How clueless I was about how this will be a  game-changer!

Taste: Oh-So-Freaking-Good

I grabbed my  Chicken Alfredo Pasta and settled down to devour it, with the excitement that matched the one on Chand Raat.  The aroma of the pasta was heavenly, and as soon as I took my first bite, I knew I had made the right decision by taking the chance on a whim. 

The Alfredo sauce was creamy and flawlessly coated the penne pasta evenly! It has a delicate, silky-smooth texture,  enhanced by the amazingly-seasoned grilled chicken. The hint of garlic and Parmesan cheese added a burst of savory flavor that sent me into a trance of pure bliss.  

But what really set this dish apart were the vegetables. The mushrooms were earthy and packed loads of flavor,  the broccoli was tender and crisp, and the green pepper added a subtle, fresh crunch. And black olives should not be missed, they elevate the creamy Alfredo Sauce with its contrasting salty and tangy flavor profile. 

But that’s not all – to my delight, the restaurant even served a slice of garlic bread, which was soft, buttery, and full of garlicky goodness. I knew I’d definitely be back! And soon, too, no doubt!

Price: Worth an Arm and a Leg

Sometimes when you spend a lot on food, you regret leaving with an empty wallet.  that was certainly not the case at Broccoli Pizza & Pasta.  These were probably the best PKR 1000 spent.  Not only was the pasta absolutely delicious, but the serving size was also generous enough to leave me feeling satisfied.

Service: No Complaints

One of the things that made my visit to Broccoli Pizza & Pasta even more memorable was the excellent service. As soon as I placed my order, I could see the chefs busy at work in the live cooking area, preparing the dishes with utmost care and precision.

Despite the restaurant being quite busy, I only had to wait around 15-20 minutes for my order to arrive, which was quite impressive. Moreover, Broccoli Pizza & Pasta also offers FoodPanda delivery, which makes it even more convenient for those who prefer to dine at home.

Ambience: Nothing Out of the Ordinary

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta was limited to the food court area, without a separate sitting area. However, this did not dampen the experience  – the clean and well-lit counter, live cooking in action in the backdrop, and a feverish buzz of activity, made me feel as though I had stepped into an Italian kitchen.

Even though there was no separate sitting area,  the food was worth the hassle of finding a spot for yourself in the crowded food court. I really think this restaurant has what it takes to be a standalone highlight with its own space; that is how good the food was! Hopefully,  other branches may open up in the future, and if they do, I am going to visit them again and again! 

Honorable Mentions: Spoiled for Choice

Broccoli Pizza & Pasta was not just a one-trick pony.  Sure, their pasta was enough to make my stomach dance the tango, but there were so many other options that I didn’t know where to begin! Do you know it’s also a pizza place?

I contemplated trying the pizza, but then I spotted the salads – oh, the salads! – and I knew I had to have one. Sadly, my stomach could only handle so much! And don’t even get me started on the lasagna and sandwiches

It was like being a kid in a candy store, except the toffees made me growl with hunger instead of giving me a sugar rush. In the end, I went with the Chicken Alfredo Pasta, but I already knew that I’d be back to try everything else on the menu. And soon!

Final Verdict

In conclusion, my visit to Broccoli Pizza & Pasta was an eye-opener, reminding me of the importance of stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things. So the next time you find yourself in a rut, don’t hesitate to give try out something new –  it might just be the game-changer you’ve been looking for! 

And if you happen to be at or around the LuckyOne Mall, be sure to stop by Broccoli Pizza & Pasta and explore their many options of culinary treats. You might just discover your new favorite place!

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