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A Culinary Heaven: My Review of Bumbai Koyla Karahi

Bumbai Koyla Karahi is an excellent restaurant for friends, with fantastic food and reasonable prices. The ambiance could be better service-wise, but it's a hot spot for a fun meal out. There are better places to bring your family, though.

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Updated Mar 13, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • The service could be better
  • It's not the best place for families

Is your stomach rumbling for some delicious Pakistani cuisine? Bumbai Koyla Karahi is the place to go! 

Their dishes are flavorful and spicy also; they don’t cost you an arm and a leg. Whether you want a hearty meal or something small to tide you over, they have just what you’re looking for.

Cooking this dish means using the freshest ingredients available to ensure maximum flavor in every bite. So if you’re craving Beef Boti or Lamb Karahi, come on down – I guarantee you’ll love it and leave feeling satisfied.

And since the restaurant has such a cozy and inviting ambiance, it’s great for enjoying meals with family or friends.

So next time you find yourself in the Gulberg area, be sure to stop by Bumbai Koyla Karahi!

Food: Authentic In Its Presentation

If you want an authentic desi dining experience, look no further than Bumbai Koyla Karahi.

Bumbai Koyla Karahi’s White Chicken Handi was a fantastic dish that left my taste buds wanting more. The cream was cooked beautifully in a rich tomato gravy and garnished with fresh cilantro leaves. It’s the perfect hearty meal for any occasion! 

The Shahi Karahi at Bumbai is an absolute die-for! The chicken is extremely juicy and is a real treat for the taste buds. The Tandoori Parathas add to the taste and texture of this amazing Karahi – authentic flavor every time.

Price: Plentiful Servings

Disclaimer: The prices quoted below are subject to change. The current prices are dated 18 June 2022. (As per the official FaceBook page).

I went with my brother. Our cumulative order was:

  • White Chicken Handi (Half): PKR 1000
  • Shahi Karahi (Half): PKR 900
  • Tandoori Paratha (4): PKR 80

The price was reasonable and the food was really good. Even the quantity was generous. We had to pack up some of the leftovers for later.

Service: Nothing Worthwhile

The service was okay. It took a little while for our food to come out. The servers were polite and attentive, but the rest was nothing to brag about.

Ambiance: Mostly Male

The ambiance was nice, clean, and well-lit. However, it is not the ideal place to visit with families. You should go with friends, preferably male.

Honorable Mentions: A Great Dish

Wanna try something else?! Try Bumbai Koyla Karahi’s Seekh Kabab. 

It is a dish that is truly fit for a king. The beef is melt-in-your-mouth tender, and the spices used in the marinade give it a truly complex flavor and perfectly balanced flavor. The kababs are grilled to perfection, and the yogurt sauce adds a lovely depth of flavor. 

I cannot recommend this dish enough!

Final Verdict:

If you’re looking for a fantastic Pakistani dining experience, look no further than Bumbai Koyla Karahi. The food is absolutely amazing, and the prices are very reasonable. The ambiance is hot and happening, making it great for meals with friends. 

So next time you find yourself in the Gulberg area, be sure to stop by Bumbai Koyla Karahi! 

I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

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