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Experience California In Karachi: Review On California Pizza

Looking for a variety of flavors and types of pizzas at one place? Look no further than California Pizza. With a beautiful ambiance and great service, they try to make you satisfied. Why wait, head towards this spot today.

Written By Hafsa Sheikh

Hafsa Sheikh

Food Critic

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Updated Sep 18, 2023

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  • In peak hours, finding parking will be hard.

Ever wish to travel to California? But your pocket would allow you? You’ll start beaming if I tell you that your dream can come true without burdening your pocket. You can explore the essence of California in Karachi, and the solution is simple the California Pizza. 

When you hear the word California, what comes to your mind? Party? Yes, you are right. A California Pizza, you will experience the party environment every time you visit that place. They come with new innovations in their pizzas from time to time.

California Pizza was started in 2012 and spread around different cities in Pakistan. They have 10 Branches in Karachi in various areas of Karachi. 

Karachi is known as the “city of lights,” and the lights and parties always stand side by side. So how can you not try California Pizza when you live in Karachi? Make a plan now, visit their branch or order their treats and experience the flavors that remind you of sitting in California and partying.


California pizza offers various flavors, and with every flavor, your tongue will thank you for a great experience. From traditional to modern tastes, they offer many innovative flavors. They also provide a blend of both. So no one is left behind if someone wants to experience both.

They have a Cheese Lover Pizza loaded with cheese for people who adore cheese. For vegetarians, California Pizza offers Veggie Lover Pizza which is topped with a lot of vegetables. For something traditional, they offer Seekh Kebab Pizza. And if you want something creamy, they provide Creamy Tikka Pizza and Ranch Pizza. So as I said earlier, no one will be left behind at California Pizza.

They also provide an innovative “Kebab Popper Pizza,” which looks like a flower with petals packed with kebabs. And the center is like a typical pizza. It also comes in a variety of flavors which are named after cities. 

They offer 4 different types of pizzas: deep pan, crunchy thin, stuffed crust, and kebab popper. So choose what suits you. California Pizza offers a variety of flavors with different toppings, which desire you to return for more. 

As a meat lover, my favorite options are Maryland Delight, topped with Jamaican chicken, capsicum, red jalapenos, Chaska sauce, and cheese. Meanwhile, both Florida Feast and Chicken Fajita are topped with onions, black olives, Ranch sauce, and cheese. They both are a little creamy because of the sauces on the top. And I prefer stuffed crust. 

Let me tell you if you don’t know how to eat a pizza. Dip it in the Dip sauce and dig it into your mouth. And for a perfect combination, have a cold drink with it. 


Disclaimer: The prices quoted below are subject to change.

I went there with my 3 friends at their Gulshan e Iqbal branch. We ordered their  Large deal which contain One Large Pizza, 2 Pieces of Garlic Bread, Mini lasagna, Dip Sauce, and One Large Drink, which cost us 2098 Rs. this deal was enough for four of us. In my opinion, this deal provides more and the cost wouldn’t break your bank.


In my experience, The service of California Pizza needs appreciation. The waitstaff was attentive and friendly. They are good at what they do; they guide you with all the current deals and most loved flavors. The cleanliness and neatness of the place show how much they value hygiene. 

The staff is well trained and knows all the information to help their customers. They try to attend to their customers’ queries until they are satisfied. The arrangement of dips, tissues, napkins and red pepper flakes was already made before the customer arrived. They try their best so that their customers will not complain.

And if you are feeling to leave your house, then you can order their food too. They are also on food panda too.


The ambiance was excellent. The decoration, the structure, the colors, the texture, and the lighting each thing complement each other. The chairs and tables were arranged at every corner, and the space was not compromised. The walls were covered with wallpapers giving the vibe of bricks, and some walls were covered with wooden work. 

Your kids will love to visit there too because while considering the kids’ happiness, they provide a play area too. So you can spend quality time there while leaving your children in the play area without worrying. 

The atmosphere was relaxing. The music was playing in the room to create a party vibe. So why wait? Plan a lunch or dinner at California Pizza and while leaving, leave your worries behind there too.

The Gulshan branch was located at Main Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani Road of Block 4.

Honorable Mentions: 

Other than pizzas, they also offer additional items for people who don’t want to eat Pizza. They offer pasta, fries, lasagna, chicken wings, garlic bread, cheese sticks, chicken wraps, and sandwiches. You can enjoy these things, too, if you are not in the mood for Pizza. 

That’s not the end; for something sweet, they offer brownies and lava cake. So you can satisfy your sweet tooth too. 

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for top pizzas in Karachi, then California will be counted among those. Unquestionably they provide the best flavors and filling meals. That’s why this place is some people’s favorite too. They offer a relaxing environment and excellent service, so there will be no room for complaints. 

And the food will not break the bank too. If you are still unsatisfied, you can also celebrate small events there. So party hard and enjoy at California Pizza.

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