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A Review of the Luxurious Chief by Edenrobe

Chief is a luxurious and alluring scent that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who experiences it. Its blend of fruity and woodsy notes, combined with the stunning bottle and packaging, make it a must-have for any fragrance lover.

Written By Samara Hasan

Samara Hasan

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Updated Jan 05, 2023

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4,991.00/- PKR

What we don’t like

  • On the pricier side.

Experience a tropical escape with every spritz of Chief by Edenrobe!

I was getting ready for my business trip to Dubai and realized I needed a new perfume. I wanted something that would last all day, no matter the weather. So, I decided to borrow some from my brother and that’s how my admiration for Chief by Edenrobe began.

Enchanting Notes

The first whiff of Chief is a basket full of fruits. There’s something special about fruity scents. They can transport you back in time, to a moment when you were happy and carefree.

For me, that scent is grapefruit. I’m instantly taken back to my childhood summers whenever I smell it. My mom would buy a big grapefruit and we’d share it for breakfast, slicing it up and drizzling honey on top.

Those memories are so precious to me; they remind me of how much fun I used to have as a kid. Every time I smell grapefruit, it brings a smile to my face and takes me back to those simpler times.

Besides the initial sweetness, this perfume is provocative and alluring, a true siren’s call. Luscious fruits tempt with their sweetness, while smoky woods and leather add an air of mystery. The tropical accord is like a sultry escape to a far-flung island, and the fresh citrus note gives the scent a bright, vibrant lift. Musky undertones add an earthy richness, making this scent truly irresistible.

A Bottle That Looks Like A Chief

There’s something about a dark, maroon glass bottle that just exudes mystery and sophistication. And when it comes to the Chief by Edenrobe, that’s exactly the vibe they’re going for. The deep, rich color of the glass is reminiscent of fine wine, while the design on the front adds an air of luxury. But it’s not just the bottle that’s impressive. The packaging is just as striking, with a sleek, brown box that looks like it was made for a high-end fragrance.

Fast Facts

Fragrance for



How to Apply
To prolong this fragrance, Spray Chief by Edenrobe onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears, and on the neck).

Best for
All Seasons

About the Brand
Edenrobe launched its range of fragrances under the name of Edenrobe Beauty in the year of 2018 which caters to the category of both men and women. They ensure that their fragrances are to be the best and long-lasting ones.

Main Accords
Fruity, Sweet, Leather, Woody, Smoky, Tropical, Fresh, Musky, Citrus.

Ending Note

Overall, Chief by Edenrobe is a luxurious and alluring scent that will have heads turning. I highly recommend giving it a try, especially for those who love fruity and woodsy scents. Plus, the packaging is truly stunning – it would make a great gift for anyone in your life. Trust me, they won’t be able to resist its charm. So, why don’t you go and get yours now?

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