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C’est Délicieux: A Review of Côte Rôtie

Côte Rôtie is a modern French bistro located in Karachi. It offers an array of classic and global dishes, with an emphasis on using fresh ingredients. The ambience is perfect for a romantic night out.

Updated Jun 15, 2023

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What we don’t like

  • Exorbitant prices, even for simple dishes
  • A 10% service charge is applicable on groups of 4 or more people
  • Limited car parking space at the restaurant

Fair Warning: Yahan ka khana sach mein délicieux hai!

As I stepped into Côte Rôtie, I was instantly transported to the picturesque streets of Paris. The name itself, Côte Rôtie, meaning “roasted side,” perfectly captured the essence of the restaurant – a celebration of the art of roasting and grilling meats. For a Francophile like myself, Côte Rôtie immediately caught my fancy, and I’m still in love with it even now!

In this review, I’ll be sharing my experience at this French bistro in Karachi, detailing the dishes I sampled, the service I received, and the overall ambience of the restaurant. Without further ado, meri favorite dishes ke baare mein janne ke liye parhna jari rakhiye!

Taste: Just Fantastique

The menu at Côte Rôtie was an amalgamation of French classics and global favorites, with a focus on using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Care and precision were put into each dish, ensuring every bite was oh-so-worth-it!

As I perused the menu, my eyes were immediately drawn to their meat dishes. For starters, I opted for the French Cheese Platter with Bresaola. When I first saw it arrive at my table, I couldn’t help but let out a “Wow!” The platter was a sight to behold, with a beautiful selection of cheeses. The Bresaola was thinly sliced and had a delicate taste that paired perfectly with the fresh arugula. I savored each bite, letting the flavors dance on my tongue.

The Sliced Roast Fillet of Beef with Morel Sauce was a true indulgence – simply délicieux! The beef was a perfect medium-rare – juicy and tender, with just the right amount of pink in the center. The delicate basic seasoning enhanced the natural flavors of the meat, making it simply irresistible.

But what really elevated this dish to the next level was the Morel Sauce. The rich, earthy flavor of the morels blended flawlessly with the zesty meat. It was creamy, velvety, and utterly phenomenal – every spoonful was a true delight.

As a coffee lover, I couldn’t resist ordering the Caramel Macchiato to round off my meal. The drink arrived in a tall glass with layers of creamy milk, rich espresso, and a drizzle of sweet caramel. The bitterness of the espresso contrasted with the sweetness of the caramel. 

It was the perfect way to end my meal on a high note. I left Côte Rôtie feeling satisfied and utterly delighted.

Price: (Exorbitantly!) High 

Even with how masterclass the food was, nothing could justify the exorbitant prices. I found myself cringing at my bill, as even a simple dish like the French Cheese Platter came at a hefty PKR 4200! Similarly, the Sliced Roast Fillet of Beef with Morel Sauce also cost an outrageous PKR 3800. The Caramel Macchiato, while tasty, was also expensive at PKR 600.

Additionally, a service charge of 10% is applicable on groups of four or more people, while an SST (Sales Service Tax) of 13% is applicable on all prices.

Service: Bonjour Monsieur, Bonjour Madame

But it wasn’t just the food that impressed me – the service at Côte Rôtie was also impeccable. The waitstaff was well-versed in the menu, offering excellent recommendations and ensuring that my dining experience was nothing short of perfect. My food arrived quickly, with fresh ingredients and a quality presentation. 

Any requests I made during my visit were attended to promptly. What’s more, the restaurant also offers food delivery through FoodPanda. This means that you can enjoy Côte Rôtie’s delicious dishes without having to leave your home!

Ambience: Parisian Paradise

Located on the grounds of Alliance Française de Karachi in Block 8, Clifton, Côte Rôtie is a modern bistro with a touch of Parisian flair. As I sat down at my table, I couldn’t help but admire the minimalist yet chic décor of the place – seamlessly blending the classic French elements with modern touches. 

The plush seating and soft lighting set the mood for a perfect evening. The soft chatter of fellow diners and the occasional clinking of glasses added to the charm of the place. The restaurant also has an outdoor seating area, but be aware that car parking can be limited, so it’s best to make a reservation prior to your visit.

No matter you’re looking for a romantic dinner with your special someone or a fun night out with friends, Côte Rôtie caters to all.

Honorable Mentions: A Trip to the Wild Side

Suppose the dishes I mentioned earlier don’t quite pique your interest, fear not! I would highly recommend trying the Wild Mushroom Linguine at Côte Rôtie. For those of you who are unaware of linguine, it’s a type of pasta.

I was struck by the beautiful presentation – perfectly cooked linguine generously coated in a creamy, fragrant sauce. An array of wild mushrooms adorned the dish, each one sautéed to bring out its unique flavor.

As I twirled my fork around the pasta, I couldn’t wait to taste the first bite. The first mouthful was nothing short of heavenly. The earthy flavors of the mushrooms mingled beautifully with the creamy sauce – simply divine! 

With each bite, I found myself more and more impressed with this dish. The mushrooms brought a rich, savory note to the dish, while the sauce added a luscious, creamy texture that I just couldn’t get enough of. It was clear that the chefs at Côte Rôtie had put a great deal of care into every aspect of this dish, and it showed.

Final Verdict

As a Pakistani, it is truly a delight to experience French cuisine in the heart of Karachi. Côte Rôtie is a testament to the cultural diversity and culinary prowess of our city and a true gem that deserves to be appreciated more. But its exorbitant prices mean that it’s not suitable for regular dining trips – save it for special occasions instead!

So if you’re in the mood for a classy yet pricey dining experience with a touch of French flair, then Côte Rôtie is the perfect destination. Allez-y! (Let’s go!)

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