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Reviewing the hearty, tomatoey Curry Genie: Curry Powders

I love using Shan Curry Powder daily on daily basis. It is my pantry staple and given how widely it is available, I do not have to worry about ever stocking it up for the future. The best thing about these masalas is their versatility which adds a touch of restaurant-like taste to even super-ordinary recipes.

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Store Hopper

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Updated Jan 02, 2023

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Curry is a dish that many people love. It has a great combination of multiple ingredients such as meat, tomatoes, onions, and different herbs.

It is healthy as it is full of nutrients and tastes great as well. There are plenty of ways to prepare curry but here I will be talking about the traditional recipe which is easy to cook.

Traditional curry making takes a long time and is an extraneous process and honestly who has the amount of time?

Drumroll, please, enter Curry Masalas.

These pre-packed masala packets make not only scrumptious, finger-licking pots but also save many hours that I would have to spend in the kitchen otherwise. 

However, finding the right balanced mix is not as easy as it might sound. Again, no worries. I have tried and tested the brand available in my nearby supermarket to find the best-suited one for me. 

I have also rated them based on flavor authenticity, availability, preservatives information and packaging so read to find out more about them.

My Top Picks

Shan Curry Powder 

What we don’t like about it

  • No milder variant available

This versatile packet of pre-mixed masala can be used to create many dishes, from aloo gosht to any salan, these come in very handy. It is spicy and makes a delicious pot of curry or salan every time which I love about it.

National Curry Powder

What we don’t like about it

  • No Spicier variant available

This national curry powder is the best bet for people who do not like spicy food. It is mild and makes a delicious pot of pipping hot salans every time. It is widely available everywhere and is also very reasonable. 

Milan Curry Masala

What we don’t like about it

  • Not widely available
  • Sub-par air seal packaging

Milan Curry masala is not widely available and this is why I feel not people have used this spice mix, however, I found it to be equally good as other brands and is also reasonably priced. Although, the air seal is sometimes not well sealed which makes spice lumps in the longer run.

Things I Look for Before Buying My Curry Masala


I tend to buy spice mixes that are packaged nicely, since a well-sealed container helps keep the spices fresh for longer periods of time.


I would never travel great distances just to purchase a spice mix, so it’s important for me that I can buy the spices at my local grocery store.


Is curry from India or Pakistan?

Curry originated from India.

What defines a curry?

A dish seasoned with the pungent blend of spices that is a trademark of Indian cooking.

Brand Ratings

Shan Curry Powder


National Curry Powder


Milan Curry Powder