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Dancing with Fragrant Delights: Divine by Almirah

Divine is a fragrant marvel that transports you to a captivating wonderland of fruity and floral delights. With its enchanting notes, elegant packaging, and enduring allure, it's a scent that leaves a trail of aromatic bliss wherever you go.

Written By Samara Hasan

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Updated Jun 26, 2023

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Inhale the Divine!

Isn’t it amazing how a simple whiff can transport you to a realm of enchantment and leave you smelling like a bouquet of flowers? Today, dear scent seekers, we embark on a fragrant journey to explore the captivating creation known as Divine by Almirah. Brace yourselves, for I shall be your witty guide through this olfactory escapade!

Now, let me set the stage for you. Picture this: you’re strolling through a garden, surrounded by an abundance of blossoms. The sun casts its warm glow upon you, and the gentle breeze carries the melodious whispers of nature. In the midst of this serene ambience, a fragrance emerges, beckoning you to discover its secrets. That fragrance, my dear readers, is none other than Divine by Almirah.

But enough teasing for now. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the realms of Divine, exploring its longevity, sillage, and overall performance. The journey has just begun, and the enchantment is only getting started!

Notes that Sparkle with Aromatic Brilliance

Imagine a scent that captures the essence of a sun-kissed garden, where luscious fruits and delicate blossoms intertwine in a symphony of olfactory bliss. Ladies, let me introduce you to Divine by Almirah, a floral fruity marvel that will whisk you away to a fragrant wonderland. Prepare to be enchanted as we delve into the enchanting notes that compose this captivating fragrance.

In the top notes, the vibrancy of black currant, the zesty allure of mandarin, and the delicate essence of peach blossom join forces to create a fruity opening that dance upon the senses. It’s as if a burst of sunshine has been bottled, ready to infuse your world with its radiant charm.

As we venture into the heart notes, the floral enchantment unfolds. Jasmine, with its heady and intoxicating aroma, takes center stage, captivating with its alluring presence. Turkish rose adds a touch of sophistication, while davana lends its unique character to the composition. The heart notes of Divine by Almirah transport you to a blooming garden, where each flower whispers its fragrant secrets.

Finally, we reach the base notes, where the fragrance finds its anchor. Vetiver, with its earthy and woody tones, intertwines with musk to create a sensuous and inviting foundation. The warmth of vanilla adds a comforting embrace, while patchouli lends a touch of mystery and depth. Together, these base notes create a harmonious blend that lingers on your skin, leaving an irresistible trail of elegance wherever you go.

Packaging: Unveiling Elegance, One Spritz at a Time

Before we even lift the veil on Divine’s heavenly essence, let’s take a moment to appreciate its presentation. Housed in a round bottle with a green-tinted allure, it beckons you to indulge in its splendor. The gold-colored cap, studded with sparkling stones, adds a touch of opulence that perfectly complements the fragrance’s ethereal nature. As you unwrap the box, adorned with intricate patterns in gold, a sense of anticipation fills the air, making each unveiling a truly magical experience.

Sillage & Intensity: A Scent that Whispers and Roars

Picture this: you enter a room, and heads turn, captivated by an alluring scent. That, my dear fragrance enthusiasts, is the power of Divine’s sillage. It’s one of those women’s perfumes that gracefully trails behind you, leaving a captivating aura wherever you go. Whether you desire a subtle whisper or an intoxicating roar, this fragrance caters to your every mood. It’s like having a secret weapon in your olfactory arsenal, ready to captivate hearts with every spritz.

Lasting: An Enduring Love Affair with the Senses

Now, let’s talk about longevity. We’ve all experienced the disappointment of a fragrance that fades away all too soon, leaving us longing for more. Fear not, for Divine by Almirah is here to mend those broken-heart moments. With its impressive staying power, this fragrance becomes a steadfast companion, accompanying you through the day and lingering in the air long after you’ve left. Prepare to be embraced by a fragrant love affair that endures from morning to night.

Skin-Friendliness: A Gentle Embrace for All

We all cherish fragrances that not only delight our senses but also embrace our skin with tenderness. Divine by Almirah understands this desire and has crafted a formula that embraces all skin types with grace. Whether your skin is sensitive, dry, or oily, this fragrance dances effortlessly upon your skin, leaving behind nothing but blissful memories. Say goodbye to concerns and hello to a fragrant embrace that feels like a soft caress on your skin.

Different Atmospheres: Adapting to Every Moment

Life is a tapestry of moments, each deserving of its own unique fragrance. Divine by Almirah is a versatile companion, gracefully adapting to different atmospheres with ease. Whether you’re attending a sophisticated gala or relishing in a cozy evening by the fire, this fragrance effortlessly harmonizes with the ambience, adding a touch of elegance to every occasion. It’s like having a fragrance chameleon, ensuring you’re perfectly scented for every moment life throws your way.

Unveiling the Perfect Seasonal Companion

Fragrances have a way of evoking memories and capturing the essence of a season. Divine by Almirah, with its floral fruity charm, is a fragrance that transcends the boundaries of time. It’s a versatile companion, perfectly suited for all seasons. In the warmth of spring, its delicate blossoms complement nature’s awakening.

During the sizzling days of summer, its fruity notes offer a refreshing escape. As autumn leaves dance, it adds an alluring touch of warmth. And in the crisp embrace of winter, it becomes a fragrant reminder of cozy nights by the fire. Divine is a fragrance for all seasons, ensuring you’re enveloped in a scented embrace year-round.

Quantity: A Generous Offering of Fragrant Splendor

With 100 ml of pure aromatic delight, Divine by Almirah is an offering that truly indulges your senses. It provides ample opportunity to immerse yourself in its olfactory wonders, ensuring you’re accompanied by its captivating essence for an extended period. It’s like having a wellspring of fragrant splendor at your fingertips, ready to enchant you day after day.

Testimonials about Divine: A Harmonious Chorus of Adoration

Don’t just take my word for it! Divine has garnered a chorus of adoration from fragrance enthusiasts far and wide. With testimonials praising its enchanting notes, its long-lasting allure, and its ability to transport them to a fragrant paradise, it’s clear that Divine has captured the hearts and noses of many. Let the symphony of testimonials guide you on this fragrant journey, affirming the mesmerizing power of Almirah’s fragrance collection.

Fast Facts

Fragrance for

100 ml


How to Apply
For a prolonged fragrance experience, apply petroleum jelly before spraying perfumes. Spray it onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears, and on neck).

Best for
All Seasons

Country of Origin

About the Brand
Almirah is a well-known Pakistani fashion brand that offers a wide range of traditional and contemporary clothing for men, women, and children. They are known for their attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and a fusion of modern and traditional aesthetics. While Almirah primarily focuses on clothing, they also offer fragrances as part of their product offerings.

Top Notes
Black Currant, Mandarin, and Peach Blossom

Heart Notes
Jasmine, Turkish Rose, and Davana

Base Notes
Vetiver, Musk, Vanilla, and Patchouli

Ending Note

As our fragrant journey comes to an end, let me leave you with a fragrant tidbit. If you choose to explore leading fragrance brands, why not consider shopping through Savyour? Not only will you revel in the joy of indulging in beauty and personal care purchases, but you’ll also receive cashback on all your fragrant adventures. Embrace the opportunity to savor both Divine by Almirah and the rewarding scent of savings with Savyour.

In the realm of fragrances, Divine by Almirah reigns supreme. With its tantalizing notes, elegant packaging, and enduring allure, it’s a fragrance that beckons to be experienced. Immerse yourself in its enchantment and let its aromatic dance sweep you off your feet. Divine awaits, ready to leave you captivated and scented with a touch of pure magic.

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