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Reviewing Edifier NeoBuds S: A New Level of Sound Experience

Edifier Neobuds S earbuds are a complete package of style, sound quality, and unique features. From their sleek clamshell case to the personalized LED indicators, these earbuds have everything you need for an elevated listening experience.

Written By Ramiz Haider

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Updated Jun 01, 2023

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As a music enthusiast, I always look for earbuds from different accessories brands that provide a high-quality audio experience and are packed with impressive features. My goal is to level up my follower’s listening experience. I had previously reviewed NB2 Pro from Edifier, which proved to be an excellent earbud that provided a pleasant musical experience.

However, when I got my hands on Edifier’s Neobuds S earbuds, I was blown away by the futuristic design, outstanding features, and exceptional sound quality. These earbuds are undoubtedly the best earbuds from Edifier to date, and I  can’t wait to share my thoughts on them.

Futuristic Design of Edifier NeoBuds S

When I unboxed the Neobuds S, I couldn’t help but admire the amazing packaging. It gave me a sense of excitement and anticipation for what awaited inside. Opening the flip-top design of the presentation box, I was greeted with a sight that pleased my eyes. The futuristic clamshell case, with its sleek and modern look, instantly caught my attention.

Let’s Talk About the Case

As I held the charging case in my hands, I noticed the matte texture that not only added a touch of elegance but also made it resistant to stains. It was a relief to see that it didn’t leave any fingerprint marks, ensuring that the case always looked pristine. The smooth and natural feel of the case gave it a premium quality, while the metallic surface added a dynamic element to its overall design.

Earbuds that Look Nothing but Sophisticated

Slipping the earbuds into my ears, I appreciated their in-ear design with short outer stems. They fit comfortably and felt secure,  allowing me to move them freely without any worries. To further add a personalized touch, they come with 7 LED Indicator colors, allowing me to choose a color that resonates most with my personality. It was a small detail, but it made the overall experience feel more tailored to my preferences.

Shielded Against Rain, Sun & Dust

With its IP54 waterproof rating, these earbuds proved to be reliable companions for my everyday activities. Whether I was working out at the gym or caught in a sudden rain shower, I felt confident that the Neobuds S Earbuds could withstand almost everything without compromising their performance. The combination of practicality and style made me appreciate these earbuds even more.

Edifier Neobuds S Earbuds’ Dynamic Features Await

The Neobuds S Earbuds come packed with fantastic features like ambient sound mode, ultra-low latency, personalized sound profiles, and more. The ambient sound mode lets me stay aware of my surroundings while enjoying my favorite music. The gaming mode ensures that the audio and video are perfectly synchronized, creating an immersive gaming experience tailored specifically for me.

These earbuds come with three EQ Mode presets – Dynamic, Pure, and Audiophile – switch to what suits your listening experience through the Edifier App.  You could have your signature EQ Settings with the Audiophile EQ Mode. 

Their MySound feature is hard to miss; you can now tailor your unique sound profile to your likes and dislikes.  With MySound, I can enjoy my favorite music, podcasts, or videos with optimized audio quality that suits my individual hearing capabilities.

Then comes the Edifier Connect App; users can go through a quick and easy setup process to generate a customized sound profile. The app will guide them through a series of audio tests to map their hearing sensitivity across different frequencies. Based on the results, the Neobuds S Earbuds will adjust the audio output to compensate for any hearing deficiencies or preferences, enhancing the overall listening experience.

Edifier Neobuds S Earbuds Deliver a Delightful Audio Journey

The Neobuds S Earbuds met my somewhat high expectations. As it comes equipped with Qualcomm® Snapdragon Sound™ and Qualcomm® aptX™ Adaptive, these accessories brought Hi-Res audio standards right to my ears. Every syllable, every note, and every beat resonated with clarity and precision, creating a truly captivating listening experience.

The hybrid driver, featuring a Knowles balanced armature driver, showcased its skill by delivering excellent mids and lows. The digital crossover technology seamlessly blended the advantages of both drivers, resulting in a harmonious sound profile with balanced highs, mids, and lows.

The Neobuds S Earbuds have impressive sound quality comparable to the top-tier Sony WF-1000XM4 earbuds. However, it’s worth mentioning that the Sony earbuds outperform the Neobuds in ANC. However, for those seeking an enchanting audio journey that captivates the senses, the Neobuds S Earbuds proved to be a worthy companion.

Edifier Neobuds S’ Battery that Can’t Rival the Best but Long-Lasting

With the Neobuds S Earbuds, I never had to worry about running out of battery during my daily activities. The impressive playtime of 5.5 hours + 16 hours with the charging case when ANC is on and 6 hours + 19 hours added on with the case when ANC is turned off; kept me immersed in my music for extended periods. Whether I was traveling, working, or enjoying my leisure time, these earbuds lasted throughout the day.

Moreover, the quick charging time of just 1 hour for both the earbuds and the charging case ensured that I didn’t have to wait long to continue using them. The USB-Type C port made it convenient for me to charge the earbuds using various devices and chargers.


Best for
Gaming & Music

Battery life
16 hours 

About the Brand
Edifier is a leading tech company manufacturing accessories. It is considered as one of the most premium brands.

My Final Thoughts

As I end this review I would say that the Edifier Neobuds S Earbuds are fantastic headphones that provide an exceptional audio experience, packed with impressive features and a futuristic design. They are perfect for music enthusiasts, gamers, and anyone who wants to enjoy a pleasant listening experience.

These earbuds are undoubtedly worth the investment, and I highly recommend them to everyone. And the best part? You can get them from Daraz via savyour and will also get cashback on your purchase. To make your shopping experience even better, visit these electronic stores, where you can have what you want and have cashback in your pocket with it.


Color Black
Weight Lightweight
Dimensions N/A
Water resistance Yes(IP54)
Battery life 5.5 hours; 16 hours (ANC ON)
Connectivity Bluetooth 5.0

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