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Scented Stardust: Estrella Pour Femme by Almirah

Intriguing and versatile, Estrella Pour Femme by Almirah weaves a spell with its captivating blend of fruity and floral notes. With good longevity and a visually appealing presentation, it's a fragrance that adds an enchanting touch to any occasion.

Written By Samara Hasan

Samara Hasan

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Updated Jun 26, 2023

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4,900.00/- PKR

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  • Sillage may be moderate for some

Whimsical whiffs!

The world of fragrances! A magical realm where scents dance on our skin, casting spells of allure and enchantment. Today, dear readers, I bring you a captivating tale of a perfume that has fluttered its way into my heart. Now, I may not have a crown or a fancy title, but I do consider myself a connoisseur of fine fragrances. Call me an olfactory adventurer, if you will!

As I explored the vast expanse of perfume offerings, my curious nose stumbled upon a gem known as Estrella Pour Femme by Almirah. Oh, what a whimsical name! It instantly conjured images of starlit nights and the celestial beauty of the cosmos. Intrigued, I embarked on a fragrant journey, eager to uncover the secrets hidden within this mystical elixir.

Now, my fellow fragrance aficionados, let me tell you, Estrella Pour Femme is no ordinary perfume. It possesses a certain je ne sais quoi, a delightful blend of sophistication and playfulness that sets it apart from the crowd. Imagine a mischievous sprite floating through a garden, sprinkling floral fairy dust as she goes. That’s the essence of Estrella Pour Femme.

Now, you may wonder, how does Estrella Pour Femme fare in the longevity and projection department and is it worth your money? So, my fellow fragrance enthusiasts, let us don our imaginary perfume capes and set forth on an olfactory adventure filled with whimsy and delight. Estrella Pour Femme awaits, ready to sprinkle stardust upon your senses. Are you ready to immerse yourself in its captivating embrace? Then, my friends, let the fragrant tale begin!

Notes that Sparkle

Unveiling the magical world of women’s fragrances with Estrella Pour Femme by Almirah, we are greeted with a symphony of scents that captivate the senses. The top notes of succulent peach and juicy pear dance together, creating an opening act that is irresistibly fruity and fresh. It’s like taking a bite of a ripe, sun-kissed peach while strolling through a fragrant orchard. These notes set the stage for an enchanting olfactory journey that lies ahead.

A Spellbinding Presentation

Prepare to be charmed by the allure of Estrella Pour Femme’s packaging. Housed in a green-tinted vial bottle with a gleaming gold cap, this perfume exudes elegance and sophistication. But the magic doesn’t stop there—the accompanying box, adorned with intricate gold details against a lush green backdrop, adds an extra touch of enchantment. The packaging itself is a visual testament to the exquisite fragrance that awaits within.

A Flirtatious Trail

When it comes to making an impression, Estrella Pour Femme knows how to leave a lasting trail. With a sillage that effortlessly enchants those around you, this fragrance creates an aura of allure wherever you go. Whether you’re entering a room or strolling down a bustling street, prepare for heads to turn and noses to be tantalized by the captivating notes of rose and jasmine, which intertwine gracefully at the heart of this scent.

A Fragrant Odyssey

Ah, the quest for a fragrance that lingers! Estrella Pour Femme embarks on an aromatic odyssey, offering a lasting presence that weaves its way through the day. The dance of amber and vanilla at the base notes ensures that the allure of this perfume doesn’t fade away too quickly. Prepare to be delighted as the hours pass and the fragrance continues to caress your skin, leaving a lingering trail of seduction.

Gentle and Bewitching

Estrella Pour Femme not only bewitches the senses but also treats your skin with kindness. Crafted with care, this fragrance is designed to be gentle on the skin, allowing you to indulge in its spellbinding aura without worry. Its formulation is a testament to Almirah’s commitment to quality and ensuring a delightful experience for all who wear it.

From Day to Night

One of the wonders of Estrella Pour Femme is its versatility. This fragrance effortlessly transitions between different atmospheres, adapting to the whims of your day. In the morning light, it adds a touch of elegance to your professional attire, making you feel poised and confident. As twilight descends, it transforms into a sensual companion for your evening escapades, adding an air of mystery and seduction to your presence.

For the Summer Divas

Picture yourself basking in the summer sun, the warm rays kissing your skin as you radiate beauty and grace. Estrella Pour Femme is the perfect companion for the summer season, exuding a playful and refreshing vibe that complements the joyous spirit of long, sunny days. Its fruity and floral composition blooms under the sun’s caress, making it an ideal fragrance for the summer diva within you.

Quantity: An Abundance of Enchantment

With Estrella Pour Femme, Almirah presents a generous offering of 100 ml of pure enchantment. This ample quantity ensures that you can embark on your fragrant journey without fear of running out too soon. It’s a treasure trove of olfactory delights that will accompany you on many adventures, allowing you to immerse yourself fully in its captivating allure.

Testimonials about Estrella Pour Femme

Don’t just take our word for it; let the voices of others serenade you with their praise for Estrella Pour Femme. Here are some testimonials from those who have embarked on their own fragrant adventures with this delightful perfume:

  • “Estrella Pour Femme is my go-to fragrance for every occasion. Its blend of fruity notes and floral undertones is simply magical.”
  • “I feel like a goddess whenever I wear Estrella Pour Femme. It’s a fragrance that empowers and captivates.”
  • “The longevity of Estrella Pour Femme is incredible. It stays with me from morning till night, leaving a trail of elegance wherever I go.”

Fast Facts

Fragrance for

100 ml


How to Apply
For a prolonged fragrance experience, apply petroleum jelly before spraying perfumes. Spray it onto pulse points (on wrists, behind ears, and on neck).

Best for

Country of Origin

About the Brand
Almirah is a well-known Pakistani fashion brand that offers a wide range of traditional and contemporary clothing for men, women, and children. They are known for their attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and a fusion of modern and traditional aesthetics. While Almirah primarily focuses on clothing, they also offer fragrances as part of their product offerings.

Top Notes
Peach and Pear

Heart Notes
Rose and Jasmine

Base Notes
Amber and Vanilla

Ending Note

Estrella Pour Femme by Almirah is a fragrance that takes you on a whimsical journey through a world of enchantment. With its captivating notes and alluring presence, it casts a spell on all who encounter it. And remember, if you choose to shop from hand-picked fragrance brands through Savyour, you can embrace the magic of cashback on all your beauty and personal care purchases.

So, dear readers, it’s time to let Estrella Pour Femme weave its fragrant spell upon you. Step into a realm of elegance, flirtation, and enchantment, and embark on a scented adventure like no other. Allow this fragrance collection to become a part of your olfactory identity, a signature scent that leaves an indelible mark wherever you go. Are you ready to surrender to the allure of Estrella Pour Femme?

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