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Fitbit Sense: Helps you to Stay Healthy

The Fitbit Sense is an advanced smartwatch that's packed with features designed to keep you healthy and on track. With its long battery life, attractive design, and powerful monitoring capabilities.

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Updated May 23, 2023

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You wake up feeling rested and energized after a night of deep, restful sleep. As you start your day, your Fitbit Sense tracks your steps and heart rate, helping you stay motivated to hit your fitness goals. You receive reminders to take a deep breath and practice mindfulness throughout the day, helping you stay grounded and manage stress.

And at the end of the day, as you wind down for bed, your Fitbit Sense monitors your sleep quality and provides personalized insights to help you improve your rest. It’s like having a personal wellness coach on your wrist! The Fitbit Sense tracks your fitness and health metrics. It goes beyond that to monitor your stress levels and even your skin temperature. With its sleek design and impressive functionality

In this article, I will discuss the features of Fitbit Sense, why it’s a must-have device for your fitness and wellness journey, and how it can help you reach your goals. I’m sure the Fitbit Sense can help you become healthier and more mindful. Read on to find out more!

Design and Display – Leading Edge

If you’re tired of bulky, uncomfortable smartwatches that weigh your wrist down, you’ll be pleased to know that the Fitbit Sense is soft as a furry band. It is made of stainless steel, and this sleek device is small and light, making it a pleasure to wear all day and night. Compared to different smartwatches, it has a more circular squircle shape that feels modern and stylish. But the Sense’s design isn’t just about aesthetics—it’s also highly functional.

One of the standout features of the Sense’s design is the small touch-sensitive solid-state sensor located on the right side of the case. While it looks unassuming, this button is actually highly responsive and provides a satisfying buzz when pressed. It’s a small detail, but it makes using the watch feel more intuitive and enjoyable. The only downside to the Sense’s design is the silicone Infinity Band strap that comes with it. While it’s comfortable enough to wear, I found it a bit fussy to put on. Fortunately, switching out the bands is a breeze so you can customize your Sense to your heart’s content.

But let’s talk about that display. I’ve seen my fair share of lackluster screens as a tech enthusiast. But the Sense’s AMOLED display blew me away. Despite not having the same high resolution as some of its competitors, it more than makes up for it with its brightness, color vibrancy, and crispness. Even in bright sunlight, I had no trouble reading the screen. Plus, the Sense’s screen has three different brightness settings so that you can tailor it to your preferences.

Features – All you Could Ask for and More

Smartwatches have come a long way from their humble beginnings as glorified pedometers. Today, the best smartwatches are loaded with features that track everything from your daily steps to your heart rate and stress levels. The Fitbit Sense is a smartwatch that’s packed with features designed to keep you healthy and on track.

The Sense comes with an EDA (electrodermal activity) sensor that can measure your stress levels based on your heart rate, sleep, and activity levels. Additionally, you can take an EDA scan and then take a guided meditation session to help you calm down. With this feature, you can take control of your stress levels and take steps to improve your mental health.

The Sense’s skin temperature monitor is another feature that can provide a general sense of your overall health. By wearing the watch while you sleep, it takes three consecutive nights for the watch to get a baseline reading of your skin temperature. A higher or lower skin temperature could mean anything from the onset of an illness to something as simple as your room being warmer or cooler than the night before.

Fitbit Sense is the third smartwatch to receive FDA approval for its ECG app. It can look at your heartbeat to see if there’s any irregular activity or signs of atrial fibrillation. To use the ECG app, you must go through several pages acknowledging that only a doctor can diagnose aFib, that you’re 22 years or older, don’t have a pacemaker, and understand that the assessment isn’t a medical diagnosis.

Lastly, the Sense comes with a SpO2 (blood oxygen) sensor. While the Sense and Apple Watch 6  are less accurate than transmissive sensors, they still shine a light into your skin to look for reflections. Take readings with a grain of salt, as they are not FDA-approved. Nonetheless, the SpO2 sensor has gained much attention in coronavirus, as it can give early warning signs of Covid-19.

Operating System – Ahead of its Time

Staying on top of your fitness goals has always been challenging, thanks to the Fitbit Sense and its user-friendly operating system. The Fitbit app is compatible with the latest smartphone models from the most popular smartwatch brands. To use these innovative wearable features, you must install the Fitbit app on a compatible device that runs either Apple iOS 15 or higher or Android OS 9 or higher.

Once you have downloaded the app, you can easily navigate its intuitive interface to set up your profile and customize your preferences. You can also monitor your fitness data, view your daily activity, track your progress, and even connect with friends for some friendly competition. The app also integrates with many other popular fitness apps, such as Strava, MyFitnessPal, and FitBod, to get a complete picture of your health and wellness.

One of the most exciting features of the Fitbit Sense is its voice assistant capabilities. Powered by Amazon Alexa, you can ask the Sense to perform various tasks, such as setting reminders, answering questions, controlling your smart home devices, and even starting a workout. You can also use Google Assistant if you prefer.

Battery Life – No Compromises

The Fitbit Sense’s battery life is a game-changer for anyone who doesn’t want to be tethered to a charger all day. With an impressive 6-day battery life, this watch is perfect for constantly moving people who don’t want to worry about their mobile accessories dying halfway through the day. Even if you’re using GPS actively, you can still expect the Sense to last for about 12 hours before needing a charge.

After testing the watch for several days, I was blown away by its battery life. With the watch on my wrist all day and night, plus a 30-minute run using GPS, the battery only dropped to 24 percent after four days. This aligns with Fitbit’s claims and is a testament to the Sense’s impressive battery optimization.

When it finally comes time to charge the Sense, the process is quick and easy thanks to its proprietary magnetic USB charger. Simply snap it onto the back of the watch and watch as the battery refuels. In my experience, the watch went from 24 percent to fully charged in less than an hour, making it perfect for anyone who needs to quickly top up their battery before heading out for the day.


Best For:
Health Conscious

Battery Life:
6+ days

About the Brand:
Fitbit is a health and fitness brand with products that help people transform their lives. It enables its customers to feel encouraged and live fulfilling lives.

Final Word

The Fitbit Sense is an impressive device that’s packed with features designed to keep you healthy and on track. From its advanced monitoring capabilities to its sleek design and attractive display, there’s a lot to love about the Sense. The battery life is also top-notch, making it perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to be tied down to a charger all day. If you’re looking for an advanced smartwatch that can help you reach your fitness and wellness goals, the Fitbit Sense is definitely worth a look.

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Dimensions 40.4 x 40.4 x 12.4 mm
Weight 45.9g
Display Type AMOLED
Screen Size 1.58 inches
Screen Resolution 300 x 300 pixels
Bluetooth Bluetooth 5.0
Operating System (OS) Fitbit OS 5.1
Sensors gyro, HR sensor, ECG, EDA, blood oxygen, light, GPS+GLONASS, altimeter, skin temperature
Battery life 6+ days
Available Colors Sage gray, Carbon black, Lunar white

At a Glance:







Operating System






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